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Pulled out this oldie but a goodie we have both expansions. Random draw for teams worked out to be:

1) Orcs
2) Undead
3) Nurglings
4) Panzy Elves
5) Rats

The listing above was the turn order, orcs being the first first player. No ref or stadiums, only 4 highlights when there is a bowl and 3/5 voted in favor of magic balls.

The Undead appeared to be an early favorite using regeneration, Star Morg'N Thorg and a couple team upgrades to bolster regeneration. The group debated regeneration being overpowered and then...the teams adjusted their strategy to not bop the undead who regenerate!

Nurglings were grabbing fans early and slid under the radar as the other teams jockeyed over stars, staff & team upgrades. Also, they stink so folks want to avoid them :gulp:

The Panzy Elves & Rats seemed gimp sprinting and grabbing magic balls which, often, led to more sprinting. Panzy Elf especially was a master of rolling crap dice. Perhaps both would have fared better if not for the week where the magic balls were cursed :devil:

Morg'N Thorg made his way into the hand of three different teams eventually which led to an interesting sequence. Undead successfully bopped Morg N' Thorg with a little zombie. The zombie might have had the disadvantage dice on the bop... however he had the advantage of being able to use regeneration team upgrades in the event of failure. But the bop was successful TWO BOPS ON THE DICE! However, the Nurgling player had a bop on fall down trick, which he of course used on Morg'N Thorg who rolled "X" ouch injury ha! Undead then put *his* Morg'N Thorg into that same fight--truly a team switch mid highlight :meeple:

But the most exciting moment of the night didn't come from dice rolling or intriguing card game was card placement. In the first round, one of the rats got bopped and rat player turned his card counterclockwise. The counterclockwise turn doesn't line up the downed star stat 'quite right' and the Panzy elf made a big deal out of it. "Don't be so a-retentive about this $#!*" says the Rat. But panzy elf turned the card "right" and all moved on.

Two rounds later--Rat goes down and, once again, the Rat turns the card...counterclockwise...again not quite right. Cue the western music right before the gunfight and I'm pretty sure a tumbleweed rolled across the table. This panzy elf and rat are not strangers and if you go back far enough they might have gone to fisticuffs over a basketball game or a Mighty Empires king making decision.

The Orc is oblivious; he is plotting his next bop and a massive comeback strategy. But Undead sees it and is trying to hold back either laughing or getting up to break up a scrap as he eyes the Rat. The Rat *feels* he is being eyed and then starts ranting "all right all right I'll turn it the other way I see you looking at me PANZY ELF I know I know YOU A-RETENTIVE @$#!#$."

Panzy Elf says "I wasn't going to say anything this time" at which point Nurgling pipes in "well if he didn't make you turn then I WOULD HAVE!"

31 - Nurglings got the early lead, upgraded a little mid game and then farmed just enough flags to win the league.

29 - Rats. Often overlooked because of being so gimp, this player did travel thousands of miles to make the game and *might* have gotten some king maker help at the end. Pig piled every rat and star Minotaur Gnashtooth into the Blood Bowl at the end and lifted the coveted cup when Orc aligned Morg'N Thorg got whistled.

29 - Undead. Lost what looked like a sure win from lots of stars and team upgrades early on. Had his deck stacked for the final turn with strategic sprinting and then drew a free agent he had to take. This led to an unlucky horde of Skellys draw for the final round.

24 - Orcs. Had a master plan all lined up but this player has won the too many leagues with this group. He wasn't going to sneak under the radar this time. The season wasn't all for not though...the team took home the Goblin cup mid-season.

21 - Panzy Elves have been relegated to the dungeon bowl until their bopping skills improve. Or they hire MORG'N THORG!

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Chris G
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Love this game. Still surprised how they managed to turn the board game into a working card game that both pays homage to the original and hitting all the right notes.
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