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Subject: TAC Med Dash AAR - Day One rss

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Randy W
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The first game was played in the Med Dash campaign and here is the after action report...

August 23 – First Attack
• The convoy commodore had arranged the convoy with cargo ships surrounded by fighting ships
o Cargo ships staggered line astern (MVs Brisbane Star, Hope, Ohio, Dorset, Rochester) in the centre.
o Destroyers - front (Tartar), port forward quarter (Nubian), port stern quarter (Ashanti), starboard stern quarter (Wilton)
o Capital Ships – Starboard forward quarter (Battleship Rodney), centre port (cruisier Manchester) and following (Escort Carrier Eagle)
o CAP Martlets stationed port and starboard around centre on convoy
• Incoming enemy single engine aircraft sighted approaching from northeast. Identified as 8 Stuka dive bombers and 4 Bf 109 fighters.
• All ships within range commence AAA flak (Rodney, Tartar, Nubian) to create a flak barrier.
• Eagle ordered to begin launch procedure of the four standby Martlets on flight deck. Priority targets are the Stukas.
• 3 of incoming Bf109s fly seaward of Rodney and around the flak barrier vectoring towards the launching carrier fighters.
• The four carrier launched Martlets avoid offensive action with Bf109s following orders to intersect bombers with haste. This action allowed Bf109s to achieve favourable attack positioning with loses to Martlets.
• Stuka wing and one Bf109 brave the flak between Rodney and Tartar targeting the freighter Brisbane Star. Stuka loses sustained to flak and CAP Martlets (some damage sustained due to Stuka forward and rear gunners as well as friendly fire flak).
• Three Stukas dive bomb attack freighter Brisbane Star – two with single hits and one miss. The Brisbane Star is badly damaged (2/3 damage targets hit). After bombing runs these Stukas attempt to flee south but one is destroyed by flak (from Manchester) and two pursued and ‘splashed’ by Martlets.
• After bombing runs Martlets and Bf109s become embroiled in bitter dog fight over centre of convoy with loss of one of each before Bf109s break of action and escape north.
• Un-noticed while the bombing and dog fighting was taking place over the forward ships of the convoy a lone Stuka makes a dive bomb attack on the freighter Empire Hope. The ship received slight damage (1/3 damage targets hit) and Stukas makes good escape with Bf109s to the north. This is the only bomber to survive this round.
• Loses at the end of Round 1:
o RN – Three irreplaceable Martlets (of total of 12) lost, two freighters damaged (one lightly, one heavily)
o Luftwaffe – Seven Stukas and one Bf109 lost
• RN damage control and outcome for damaged freighters:
o Brisbane Star – (rolled 2) fires out of control, additional damage marker, ship lost
o Empire Hope – (rolled 5) damage repaired, target marker removed, ship at full capability

Incoming enemy sighted!

Stukas forcing the flak barrier while Bf109s pass seaward of Rodney
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James Brown
United States
Fort Worth
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Great, when is day two going to be posted?

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Randy W
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Follow up games will be posted as soon as played. These are large games for TAC and pretty much take up a full evening session. If I cannot line up an opponent I may give it a try as a solo game. Stay tuned...
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