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Subject: First Confrontations (A two-fer!) rss

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There must have been a moment at the beginning, where we could have said no. Somehow we missed it. Well, we'll know better next time.
Game: Lord of the Rings: The Confrontation (Deluxe Edition)
Location: Gainesville, FL
Players: Myself, Jenne

Game 1 date: 8/18/2007

I received this game as a birthday gift from my father. It’s beautifully produced, with wonderful art, and nice, big cards. The Fellowship characters are appropriately heroic and the Sauron characters are appropriately evil and scary.

I’m glad that the characters look different than the movie; nothing against the movies, but it’s a nice change. After reading the BGG forums, I was expecting relatively flimsy character stands that would tend to teeter over a lot. Nothing of the sort, that was some major nit-picking by some folks! The stands were solid, sturdy and beautifully "carved" with designs; in two games so far, not a single one has fallen down. To set the mood for this session, we put on the Music Inspired by Middle Earth (David Arkenstone) CD , I highly recommend this for a great LOTR experience!

For our first game, I played Fellowship, and started with this position:

Jenne was Sauron, and started with this:

The action was fast and furious. Before I knew it, the Orcs had slain Aragorn, but Gimli avenged his death and defeated them. Then out of nowhere, the Flying Nazgul swooped down and killed Sam! It was then up to Gandalf to escort Frodo through the High Pass, and make their way slowly to Morder. After several exciting battles in the middle of the board, the Balrog descended on the Shire and started enslaving hobbits left and right. The Fellowship was down to a lonely four:

The Balrog was soon joined in the Shire by the Warg. At that point, Gandalf and Saruman met up in Mordor. After a long battle and a retreat, finally Gandalf overpowered Saruman. Shelob was well on her way to the Shire now, however, and it became a race between Shelob and Frodo. Frodo made it to Mordor when Shelob was one step away from the Shire. What a game!

We ended up calling this one a draw, however, because in mid-game we noticed that I had two characters in a mountain region. If it weren’t for that, Shelob might have beaten Frodo in that final race.

Game 2 date: 8/22/2007

A few days later, we decided to do a rematch. We decided to keep the same factions as the first game. My strategy in this game was to have a rapid, fast attack with Gandalf and Aragorn at the frontlines, and then sneak Sam and Frodo into Morder before Sauron realized what was happening. I started with Sam and Frodo pretty far forward, in the Arthedain and Cardolan regions. Merry, Pippen, Leglolas and Gimli stayed behind to defend the Shire. Gandalf was at the front in Eregion, and quickly defeated the Balrog in the Caradhras mountains. Gandalf then proceeded to wreak havoc against Sauron’s forces, I hadn’t predicted just how successful he would be! He defeated 2 or 3 more in rapid succession, and Aragorn helped defeat another. Sauron put up a pretty good fight though, with the Flying Nazgul forcing Gandalf to waste a couple cards by retreating twice.

Meanwhile Sauron sent the Warg on a long route (avoiding Gandalf) towards the Shire. It turns out that Sauron’s strategy was to avoid attacking, and try to get three of her characters to the Shire as fast as possible. It might have worked against me in the first game, but didn’t end up working here.

I snuck Sam and Frodo through the Tunnel of Moria, and Sam sacrificed himself to kill Shelob. Frodo was really vulnerable at this point, I was sure he would be revealed, but it didn’t happen. Finally, Frodo darted past Gandalf and into Mordor, where despite the waiting Cave Troll and Flying Nazgul, he was able to destroy the ring of power!

As this was only our second game, we’re still learning valuable strategy pointers. We could research these online, but I find it a lot more fun to learn them through actual play. This session revealed just *how* strong Gandalf is. Since only the Warg and the Orcs have a fighting chance against Gandalf, Sauron’s best bet seems to be to keep those two hanging back, and once Gandalf is revealed, target him with one of them. I’ve heard this game compared to a sort of “hidden chess,” and I agree, I love that aspect of the game.
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Jennifer Vann
United States
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I'll get you next time!!! You just wait... sauron

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