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I hate when people say they want “authentic” Mexican food, and then go to Taco Bell. I actually know more than a few people who have said something like that. I don’t think that Dorito shelled tacos originated in Mexico. Or Costa Rica, or even Spain for that matter. Nor do I think that the One Dollar Cravings Menu started in Mexico. Lord of the Fries: Las Cabezas Mexican Restaurant is a stand-alone game for the Lord of the Fries games. It’s for two to six players and will take about twenty-five to forty minutes to play.

As anyone who has taken a year of middle school Spanish can tell, the name of the restaurant is in Spanish. And what can one infer from that? That’s right, everybody who didn’t say anything out loud, it’s an authentic Mexican restaurant! There are new ingredients to compensate for that. These include Red Stuff, Rice, Green Stuff, and Chips. These have gotten rid of some of the other ingredients from the original game. The orders have also changed, especially in the Specials section of the menu. Unlike in the original game, the Specials don’t get anything added to them. There is also a rule where you can substitute any kind of meat instead of the required one, but you don’t get any points for that meat. Other than that, the game plays the same to the original.

The set up for the game is the same as the original game. First, shuffle the deck. Don’t let your shady friend shuffle the cards. He might end up stealing them and selling them on the black market. And you won't get your fair share of the money! Next, give each player the required number of cards for the number of players. Put the rest of the deck face down, and choose a player to go first. When you’ve done that, you can begin!

The game also plays the same as the first one. The first player will roll the provided dice twice to see what order they will attempt to make. Roll once to see what section it'll be in, then roll again to see what you make. However, if you have a die that looks like a brain, it would be appropriate to use it for this game. If the person can make the order, they will put down the cards required. There are several types of food card: Cow Meat, Chicken Meat, Fish, Rice, Red Stuff, Green Stuff, and Chips. And since zombies are running the joint, I’d be wary of the Red Stuff. If you don't have the required ingredients, then you have to pass. To pass, you must pass a card to the next player, and they will try to make it. I’d suggest passing a card worth a lot of points. You’ll thank me later. Maybe... If nobody can make the order, then you may Short Order the meal. Short Ordering a meal means you can omit a single ingredient from the order. If a meal is short ordered enough (to the point of being able to be made with no cards) the person on the roller’s, or leader’s, left MUST go. Unless they aren’t playing. Then they are playing now. If you are able to make the order, you’ll place all of the required cards down in front of you for scoring. You can also Call an order if you made the order. Calling an order means you can choose an order without having to roll the dice. However, you are only allowed to make it if nobody else can. After the first player puts down all of his cards, the day ends. Then you will count up the points from the food cards you have put down, and subtract the ones from your hand that you have left over. Yes, it is possible to start with a negative score. You can even end with a negative score if you’d like! After four days, the game ends, and the player with the most points wins. How cliche! Why can't we have a game where you have to have the least points, like golf!

I’m still wondering about the Red Stuff. It makes you wonder, you know. This is one of the many reasons I wouldn’t want zombies to make me food. Anyways, eight outta ten, I enjoyed the game.
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