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Subject: The Allies Run Out of Gas rss

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Chris Heap Senhouse
United States
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This game took place on as part of the Paths of
Glory League. I highly recommend anyone who likes Paths of Glory,
Twilight Struggle, or any other CDG to check it out.

I'm a _very_ new Paths of Glory player, having played approximately
7 games, 3 of which were with my wife who is as clueless as I am
about the strategy. (Not to mention, we missed numerous of the small
finnicky rules) While I was 0-3 in the league, Keith was 0-4, but
he's played about 20 games and it was clear that he knew more of the
rules as well as good strategy....

Chris - Allied Powers
Keith - Central Powers

Options: Staislaw/Lutsk corps, +2 VP to CP

August, 1914 - We did not hear from the Guns of August, but he
attacked Liege's fort immediately, as well as Sedan. The Russians
moved onto Tarnopol and Czernowitz. (VP=9) Unfortunately, after
the Russians Entrenched in Przenmsyl, the Serbs could not dig in
at Belgrade twice, and the Austrians were able to roll in and
destroy the fort at the end of the turn. (VP=10)

September, 1914 - Two corps move to Lemberg. (VP=9) While the
Germans start to move towards north Russian, Russian reinfocements
move west to meet them. (Allied WS 3, CP WS 1)

Fall, 1914 - The Reichstag truce moves CP WS to 3, (VP=10) while
British Reinforcements get the Allied Powers to Limited War.
Falkenhyan gets the Cental Powers there as well.

Winter, 1915 - Repositioning around the AH border continues, while
Air Superiority lets the French strike back into Strasbourg. This
forces the Germans forces in North France to move back to fill the
gap created. Turkey joins the war. The Blockade hits the CP! (VP=9)

Spring, 1915 - The MEF force the CP to move a few corps around in
the Near East, Bulgaria joins the war, and the Russians push toward
Budapest. This draws more German reinforcements south to help defend.
The Germans send a corp around to Tarnopol to mess up the Allied
supply lines, but the Russians send a force to circle around. The
combined force in Munkacs hold out.

Summer, 1915 - The Russians continue their push into AH. Salonika
and Lusitania get the Allied WS up to 8, while the CP get to Total
War. Munkas gives out finally, and the Germans strike back in Verdun.

Fall, 1915 - The Russians gain Cluj (VP=8) and Uzhgorod, but the German
armies are starting to appear in Breslau. Lusitania (VP=7), Italy,
and the Great Retreat get the Allied Powers to match the Total War
status of the CP. The Allies had to spend a turn moving the armies
back from the border of Italy. A mistake in planning really hurt
the Allied strategy as I had to repair my mistake by not taking RPs.

Winter, 1916 - Frustration mounts for the Russians as they are not
getting reinforcements in time to keep up with the power of the
arriving Germans. Meanwhile, a desperation attack on Liege causes
Sedan to try to cut them off by attacking Brussels. (VP=8) The
Austrians move successfully into Venice. (VP=9) He cuts me off, and
I'm not going to be able to get RPs again this turn because I need
to repair the damage.

With this, I concede the game, having learned a ton. I pushed too
hard with the Russians, which was similar to a mistake I had made
in France in a previous game. Keith was a gracious and helpful

I learned a few new rules, such as the inability of Russia to SR to
places outside its borders, Turkish automatic entry, and that if the
CP is at Total War, you must play Romania or Italy as events. I think
I knew Turkish entry at one point but have neglected it in a face
to face game against my wife.

The learning curve for Paths of Glory continues to feel as brutal as
World War I - any advice for overcoming this frustration would be

Chris Heap Senhouse
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United States
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I find the CP completely flummoxing to play, I feel like I know less about playing the CP than I did 15-20 games ago.
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Philip Thomas
United Kingdom
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Hmm, it has got a lot easier to play the CPs now we are playing the historical variant. I'm now flummoxed by the Allies: I keep spending ages bashing my head against the Alsace Loraine wall.

Although in my current game as Cps I decided to deploy only 2 German Armies in the East and try to conquer France and that is failing badly...
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