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Subject: Chapter 4: Random Remains of the Fallen rss

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Jeff Horger
United States
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At the time of the fall of the Kappan Empire, its tentacles had spread out across the entire world, and seemingly overnight, its foreign strongholds surrendered one-by-one. Some willingly joined the alliance against the Empire. Others had to be beaten down. Some were simply forgotten in the fall and confusion.

In the central continent on the western shores, Badari City suddenly closed its gates to the land and to its port. It sealed itself off from everyone and everything. But that did not stop the flow of spice, dye, and exotic woods coming down the great river to the coast. Nor did it stop the arrival of ships from all over the globe seeking those goods. In a short time, New Badari City sprung up on the far side of the river and a great bridge was built over the river connecting the new trade center with the abandoned docks. Three years and three days later, a huge whirlwind appeared inside the old city of a height that was visible from leagues out to sea. After twelve hours of destruction, the whirlwind died down. Soon thereafter a team of brave souls climbed the walls and returned with the most unusual of news, no one living or dead could be found in the city. The great gates were reopened and Badari City was integrated into New Badari City, founding a great metropolis on the edge of the barren desert lands. Trade is the religion of this new Badari but rumors and questions always linger about the fate of those that built the old city.

In the vassal state of Medis, the majority of the lords and knights fought and died in the war. Some fighting for the Necromancer and others trying to overthrow him. Those that remained in their positions were too old or too young to fight effectively. Each petty noble strove to protect and hold their small piece of land or expand it into those vacated by the fallen nobles. In this vacuum, the Shadin School, the largest and most powerful school of magical arts in the world, rose to assert regional power and eventually political power for the entire region. The weak lords could not hold them back and even if they did, the power that the Shadin School could wield soon began to show as a boon for the entire state. Three great houses rose to power during this time. Houses Mokku, Tentai and Seido. These three great houses together with two smaller houses, Valis and Trehorn, formed a great alliance known as the Five Kings. These kings worked with the Shadin School to rule the people, though the Shadin Wizards constantly strove to keep the Kings busy with each other’s treachery and unable to band together into a united front.

The small but strategically-placed island of Saheel, sitting alone in the center of the great sea, was simply lost to time and circumstances. Knowing nothing of the last war, the sea-going trade ships in Saheel sailed out as planned but no new ships returned. With no sea-going ships in port and none arriving, Saheel slipped into irrelevance. Unfortunately for the people of Saheel, only a few of elite in the Kappan Empire knew of the importance of the island, and with their death, any reason to sail to the remote island was lost. For in all the world, Saheel was the only location known to possess truesteel. This bluish metal was harder than any other material known and only the central mountain of the island had veins of it. The mining operation had been set up in secret and the only ships to ever have carried it were personal ships of the Emperor and later the Necromancer. None that traded at the island knew it for anything other than fruits and some common spices, items that could be fetched far easier much closer, but their contracts always called for them to call on this small island as part of their journey. Unfortunately, during the twilight of the Necromancer, many artifacts of evil and necrotic nature were also shipped to Saheel to keep from the hands of his enemies. Since the break with the mainland, the small and dying towns on Saheel have stayed far away from the haunted mines, and sought to cultivate their forests in a hope that one day the trees will be large enough to build a new fleet to carry them off to the mainland.
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