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Subject: Me Myself and I Campaign - Winter 66 turn 1 rss

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Fred Buchholz
United States
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Winter 66 Turn 1:

Support Phase:
FWA: Note update ARVN morale to 151, I only added 1 for restricted bombing of the North - it should have been 2

ARVN: Replacements at 136
US: Replacements at 31, Air-mobile - 33, Riverine - 3,
Avail air (after Strategic Bombing) 48

NLF: VC replacements at 41, NVA at 40

Special Ops:
FWA: Isolated and threatened capitals all go on Hold missions.
VC: No patrols or holds going for maximum VC only offensive

US Strategic moves:
Woah, looks like a lot of strategic movement to make sure I have mixed stacks for all these attacks coming, I count something like 70 or 72 attacks in the first turn alone,
I'm expecting roughly 8 political sections and there a couple of the VC I can keep from attacking turn 1

VC: Now we attack! Won't go into details unless an epic die roll and or captured capital is involved. I plan on losing between 50% to 70% the battalions in this first turn.
Initial Results:
69 attacks, dropped US replacements to 29, SVN replacements to 124.
NLF lost 43 VC battalions, net 36 VC replacements (down to 5 left),
6 NVA replacements with the one NVA regiment (trying to score a capital capture which failed), Made a couple of attacks and needed to preserve VC replacements for the regimental attacks.
NLF player still has 1 NVA foot regiment, 7 VC regiments, 3 VC HQ, 27 Battalions and 9 Political sections. The Political sections and several Battalions are ZOC roads at this point, remaining Battalions made 2 attacks and survived so I stopped in the hopes of either escaping S&D or incidental attack die rolls as I run away. Failing that(lousy alert rolls) disperse a few battalions to get the Replacement pool back up to keep the VC regiments on the board (some ended up on roads in order to attack.
US: So I get a couple of Battalions via S&D then VC get wise and move the guys siting in Cultivated hexes to Mountains and Hills for better alert rolls while still ZOC roads.
I am trying to set up "Kill Stacks" for security operations (couple of VC on the roads in Free fire areas of Kontum, Phuoc Long) while still clearing as many of these remaining VC as I can. If I can clear the VC here in Winter 66, then come the spring offensive there will be less of them because of the north's commitment increase (38)
Blind calculation figure 10 to supplies, 10 for offensive so only 18 left If I kill enough battalions this season it might
take most if not all of that remaining to put VC on the board.
Clearing the roads for Strategic moves and security operations at beginning of 2nd turn. Will be dispatching the 1/1C to kill that NVA regiment ("We Were Soldiers" anyone?).
NVA regiment attacked by 1/1C: Target 4049 Activate 3rd ARVN HQ, 56/3 ARVN, 155 ARVN in 4454 1C HQ in 3459, 3/1/1C in 3360, 1/1C and 1/1/1C
in 3358, 2/35 155 and 2/1/1C in 3458, Ranger roll = 2 one with ARVN stack other in 3360, 8 air-mobile point to
get US Independent and all ARVN units air-mobile Ranger with ARVN to 4048, other to 3949, ARVN stack to 4148, 2/1/1C to 4150, 2/35, 1C div HQ and 3/1/1C to 3951, 1/1C and 1/1/1C 3 arty from ARVN regiment interdicts
Hex, leaving 37 arty 10 ARVN ground and 3 US ground = 50 to 10 so 5-1 minus 2 for hills net +3 defender on the 44 table, attacker on the 16: modified DR = 7, Defender lose 5(remove regiment) , attacker 1(ARVN) +3 pursuit.
NLF: Well I can't retreat so will save the NVA replacement points, (sigh there goes 3 free commitment).
US: ARVN stack goes to 4451 - ARTY on road and cut off VC in 4453 sort of. 1/1C all plus Div HQ
and 2/35 Arty to 3451 - Arty on road, all elements in position for Security or S&D next turn.
OK now on to mundane ZOC of road clearing
NLF: not so fast time to move some of those dudes
US: More road clearing one of them got away and still has road in ZOC

End Turn 1 of Winter 66 offensive - 70 attacks, VC lost 50 battalions and 5 pol section, NVA lost free regiment.
NLF has Left: 20 VC battalions, 3 VC HQ and 7 VC regiments, VC Replacements up to 14 through dispersing trapped battalions, An incidental attack(the alerted unit would have gotten away without it) got me 1 more attack on turn 1.
If only we could end it here.
Note the 69 attacks cost 43 battalions, and 6 NVA replacements.
The rest of the losses were from US counter attacks.
US lost 3 replacements and ARVN lost 14 replacements.

Was this worth the cost? by doing S&D the US is currently loosing 22 morale. Probably get another 2-5 attacks or maybe more - US could loose closer to 30 morale. The VC cost: virtually all their battalions and political sections a couple or 3 regiments? (depends on turn two dice rolls) - Fortunately the VC have 58 supplies in the supply pool so it will be a function of getting North Commitment for battalion builds (with trail/sea supply at 10/2)NLF could build back 64 battalions but that would leave little in the VC supply pool and NVA replacements low.

Map from VC POV included: Note the "declare offensive" did not seem to stay on between turns
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