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Subject: Fallout: Sandbox Scoring and Rules "Fixes" rss

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Andrew Gerlicher
United States
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Like many people, I was a bit frustrated with the Agenda/scoring system in this game. I COMPLETELY understand why it was created this way. In general, I'm a fan of the streamlined and simple way the game presents itself, and I think the scoring was meant to deliver on that front. That being said, I wanted to try something different.

Let me also be clear: my preferred scoring variant and additional rules do NOT make the game simpler or more elegant. It adds a bit more complexity, but it's not over-the-top by any means.

After many plays with these variants, the game feels a bit more sandbox-y and open world. It also relieves a bit of the frustration when someone else completes a quest you just unlocked.

The game ends when a faction gets to the end of the track, OR, when a player reaches the required number of Influence Points (from Agenda cards).

At the end of the game:

1. Each SPECIAL token you have is worth 1 VP
2. Every 7 caps you have is worth 1 VP (include the value of owned items at a -2 CAPs value, minimum 1 CAP)
3. The player who suffered the most RAD gets 2 VP; the player who suffered the second most RAD gets 1 VP
4. Anyone allied to the leading faction gets 2 VP

Additional rules tweaks:

1. Gain 1 Agenda card after defeating your first level 3 enemy
2. Begin the game with 1 SPECIAL token instead of 2
3. When leveling up, choose any SPECIAL token, OR take a Perk for a SPECIAL trait you already have
4. Sale value is -2 CAPs, minimum 1 CAP
5. When a player advances a faction, they may declare loyalty to that faction by placing their unique character SPECIAL token (character side up) on the corresponding side of the faction sheet; if a player advances the opposing faction, they must return to a neutral alignment
6. Magazines may be discarded to add a single success to a matching SPECIAL skill test OR used as normal

New Agenda Deck:

I also printed a new Agenda deck that essentially removes the troublesome Faction scoring issue from the base game. I can attach a printable file if anyone is interested. Just like the base game, each Agenda card is worth 1 Influence Point (VP), but is worth more if you complete the text on the card. When using this deck, I still use the base game Agenda deck for enemy movement between rounds.

Examples of new Agenda cards are:
+1 VP if you gain 5XP or more in a single turn
+1 VP if you advance the Freedom/Security Faction any amount
+1 VP if you defeat a level 3 enemy without taking any damage
+1 VP if you have 2 or more armor
+1 VP if you defeat a Deathclaw
+1 VP if you have 15 or more CAPS
+1 VP if you are Idolized/Villified
+1 VP if you have all 7 SPECIAL traits
+1 VP if you have 3 or more Drug items
+1 VP if there are 1 or fewer unexplored tiles
+1 VP if you did/did NOT trigger the end of the game
+1 VP if you have a unique item
+1 VP if you advance a faction 2 or more in a single turn
+1 VP if you have 3 or more companions
+1 VP if you take 10 or more damage in a single turn

Agenda cards are kept face down when they are gained, and flipped face up when they are completed to indicate that they are worth 2 VP instead of 1. Once they are flipped, the additional VP cannot be lost. Only Agenda cards count toward the required Influence Points to end the game. There is no shared victory in this version unless there is a tie.

Finally, I added a new Perks system. As a long-time Fallout player (New Vegas is probably my favorite), I felt like the build your own character elements were lacking in this game. It worked, but wasn't quite what I wanted it to be. So I changed it! When you level up, you can take a SPECIAL token, OR choose any Perk for a SPECIAL trait you already own. The Perks are:


1. If you are Well Rested, you may ignore the damage from a single hit on one double hit rolled during combat
2. For each double hit applied during combat, gain 1 XP
3. When Camping/resting, do not take Well Rested to recover all HP and 1 RAD


1. Gain +1 CAP when gaining any number of CAPS
2. Once per round, reroll 1 dice with no hits/successes if you are testing a skill for which you have no SPECIAL token
3. You may discard Well Rested to attack an enemy on an adjacent space; do not gain the ranged bonus


1. Do not become addicted to Chems or suffer any related penalties
2. Increase inventory capacity by 4
3. If you begin a fight with fewer than 5 remaining HP, add 1 hit and 1 armor for the remainder of the combat round


1. You may sell items at full value (instead of -2 CAPs)
2. When shopping, roll 2 dice; gain a discount equal to the number of successes
3. Ignore all companion recruit requirements; additionally, you may spend 2 caps to ignore exhaust conditions for the rest of the round


1. Gain 1 XP when you complete a staged Quest or gain an Agenda card
2. If you are Wll Rested when gaining an Agenda card, draw two cards and keep one; place the other card at the bottom of the deck
3. Immediately gain 3 XP


1. Once per round, after defeating an enemy, test A3; if you pass, you may move once space
2. If you have no items in your inventory, gain 1 additional movement point once per round
3. You may choose to ignore aggressive enemies; active enemies do not prevent you from taking actions


1. If you roll no hits or successes in a combat or test, automatically pass the test or win the combat (this must be rolled in a single roll of 3 dice at once)
2. After defeating a level 2 enemy, roll a single dice and gain CAPs or XP equal to the number of successes; after defeating a level 3 enemy, roll two dice and gain CAPs or XP equal to the number of successes
3. Immediately gain 8 CAPs, recover 10 HP and 5 RADs.

The listed Perks are still a work in progress, but after quite a few plays, they are feeling good. The perpetual effects definitely make your character feel unique and more RPG-ish. They also gel nicely with the Agenda cards I added. Some Perks are smarter to take if you want to maximize your Agenda cards. Other are more general.

I can upload prints for anyone interested!

Have fun roaming the Wasteland!

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Mighty BakuDan
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Great work, I like these changes. I would definitely be interested in printable stuff for this variant. Thanks for all your effort.
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Georgiy Trushchalov
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Printing files will be nice, thanks!)
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Andrew Gerlicher
United States
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I keep forgetting to grab these when I'm in my studio... Hopefully uploading tomorrow!
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Pouya Ostadpour
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Actually I've done the same thing as a module in my variant. But it makes the game a bit easier I assume.
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