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Chris Walkley
United Kingdom
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Battle for Endor recreates the famous battle at the end of Return of the Jedi.

Much of the game is similar to Assault on Hoth, so if you have played that, this one will be instantly familiar.

Most of the mechanics are shared between these two games. In each phase of the game, a card is turned over revealing which units can move and/or fire, or if an event takes place. If an event occurs, a second card is drawn from an event deck. These cover such happenings as Imperial reinforcements and Chewbacca capturing a scout walker.

See my Assault on Hoth review for more info on game mechanics:

The primary difference between this and Assault on Hoth, is that Battle for Endor is a solo game, with the player taking the part of the Ewoks and Rebel heroes. The Rebels are attempting to get into the bunker before their space fleet is destroyed. There are five event cards which depict the destruction of a Mon Calamari cruiser, and when all have been drawn, the Rebels lose.

Hero markers are special in that they can take a damage point or two before they are 'captured'.

Imperial actions are dealt with simply. They start of using a certain set of tactics, and this can change as the game progresses. Each set of tactics is essentially a list of options the player looks down for each activated Imperial piece. The first one the counter can carry out is the one it does. Most of the time this works well, although I think the lists tend to be a little too similar.

I think simplicity is often important in solo games and Battle for Endor has rules which ensure the game plays well, without getting the player bogged down in needless detail. The emphasis is definitely on fun.

All in all, this is a good solo game if you want a bit of Star wars action. But unless you are a fan, there may not be too much for you here.
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Jan Horinek
Czech Republic
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Dan Dare, 1950
Stairway scare, Dan Dare, who's there!
I agree. The game is a bit simple to win, especially after you've played it for a few times. Some of the rules should be changed.

Developers' suggestions:
1. definitely remove the Event "Security Code"
2. set up with 1-2 extra AT-STs

My suggestions (after having played 6 times and haven't lost one single game):
1. R2D2/C3-PO character is far too strong. It can be placed(set-up) 5 hexes from the Bunker Entrance and basically start breaching with 4D on the first turn. I suggest this double-hero had just one life point, like a normal unit. On the other hand Imperials should be targeting the human heroes(when the Heroes are the priority) first as a rule.
2. Four imperial tactics is too much. And they are quite close to each other anyway - with exeption of "D.". I guess that "B." can be simply skipped.
3. To forbide units(but catapults) from shooting over hills might be another improvment to the strategy.
4. Entering hills should maybe reduce MPs (down to 3?).
5. Ewok leaders who are by paradox well protected by the Imperial tactics do not have to have the same privileges as heroes and should have just one life-point like the other Ewoks.
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