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Subject: Quick Review rss

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Dan Kash
United States
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The goal of the game is to get 7 glory points, you do this by raiding your neighbors and completing trial cards. At the start of the game your receive two trial cards and keep one, these have goals such as, "spend 11 resources in a turn, gain 2 Glory" or "Gather 5 resources in a turn to gain 1 Glory". Once a card is completed you take another two Trial Cards and keep one.

The game is broken into 4 phases

1.Plan Phase
Roll your dice, you start with 3, so everyone can see what you rolled; you then place your dice behind your playersceen onto your faction bored. There are three spaces to attack, one for each opponent, two spaces for defense and a space to gather each resource (Honey, Prayer, and Ore). Also,if you roll doubles you may place both dice on a single space (great for raiding your enemies). Also, in later rounds, you may spend 2 Honey to gain a black Mercenary die that lasts one round and/or spend 2 Prayer to change the value of a die to whatever you wish.

2. Brawl Phase
In this part players reveal there dice placement and combat happens. If two players attack each other they compare dice values, whoever is higher breaks through the line of attackers with the remaining value of his attackers but could still be stopped by a players defenses, if he gets through a player may steal a Glory or 2 resources. A player may also spend 2 Ore to "Empower" (add +1) to a die.

3. Gather Phase
After combat is resolved players gather resources from dice the placed or from Specialists. If you placed a "6" on the Prayer location you may gain 2 Prayer or Lock a Glory, so it can not be stolen.

4. Build Phase
Lastly players may spend resources to upgrade their faction. One of each resource lets you hire a Specialist, this is a tile that counts as having a worker on that space. For 2 of each resource you can get Reinforcements which lets you add another die to your pool, and for three of each resource you can gain a Glory token. There are also three upgrade cards that give you an advantage; Captain Training lets you pair '5' and '6' with any other dice in the attack spaces; Pillaging lets you steal a Glory and steal 2 resources of your choice from an opponent after a raid; and The 2nd Amendment affects all dice in the battlerounds when you use "Empower". After everyone is done buying you start back at phase one, until someone has 7 Glory and wins the game.

The art caught my eye and drew me to this game. Being a small box game there isnt a ton of artwork, but whats here is very charming. The player screens are the most prominent and look great. The art on the cards is also Beary-amusing.

The rules are on a foldout sheet, which I've always hated, but the foldout is fairly small, but with large bold text, and good examples; if this were to be put into a booklet it would probably be 8 pages, but again the print is very large. The best part is the round summary and items you can buy are printed on the back of the player screens, this was so helpful and well done, it more than made up for my dislike of foldout "map" rule sheets.

Gameplay: 4/5
I've played both 2 player and 4 player games and found them to be very similar in play and feel. So in the first game someone is going to win very quickly, its easy for someone to attack all their opponents and then score a Trial card and have 7 points in just a few rounds. Once players know the flow of the game better and also what some of the Trial cards are they are more aware of who is close to winning the game and can take steps to raid them. This is a fast game and my plays have certainly been in the 20 min or less range, this is a dice game so sometimes an opponent cant be stopped (you have bad rolls, they have good rolls). But sometimes you have an exciting back and forth and everyone is getting into it. Honestly for a 20 minute game i was surprised at how many options i had, build up or attack or a combination of both, or should I place my doubles here or there?

Overall: 4/5
If you are looking for a fast dice placement game where you can attack your opponents this is it and at $25 bucks i feel its reasonably priced. I also appreciate the small box not being a "bear" to carry with me to game. I really enjoy this one and think I'll be keeping it for awhile, there simply isn't anything else out on the market that is like this game.

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Julie Ahern
United States
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Thanks for the review!
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