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Jayson Myers
United States
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The Pursuit of Happiness: Community is an expansion to the base game that adds the idea of the Community to the game. The community actions will normally lead to popularity and the ability to do more things. The ideals included in the base game and this expansion are very fun to add to gaming.

For years "Life" was THE game to play if you wanted to have a game with these theme. It also seemed like game publishers didn't think this theme was something people wanted to play. I have to think they were wrong and I hope The Pursuit of Happiness proves them wrong. This is a wonderful theme that brings out so much story telling. I love this theme and I am not tired of it in the least.

The Pursuit of Happiness is one of my favorite games. The theme and the story really come together with fun mechanics. The Community expansion picks up right where the base game stopped and adds a really neat idea called Popularity. You become popular, of course, by interacting with the community. I have to admit I had a lot of fun interacting with the community.

The downside is the game starts to give you a lot more options. This means the AP of some players is going to grow and with 5 players it will become too much. Players have a lot more things to juggle in their mind and with a game at this weight I'm not sure that is going to be desirable. If your group plays fast, then playing with 5 players will not be as painful as it may be for some groups.

The game adds more "stuff" and more to do. You now have more options which adds to more boards, more cards, more options and more players. This could be a recipe for a disaster when it comes to board games, but it doesn't for us. The game runs a tad longer than normal, but it is still fits into the enjoyable category for me.

This is an expansion that I would highly recommend for fans of the base game. I would not recommend adding it the first time you play. Play the base game a few times and then add in this additional content and you will have a great expansion that will stretch out the life of your base game.



The components are really good and match the base game fine. You do get an "extra" board that is placed next to the main board. First, you get more cards to add variety to the base game. This is a much appreciated addition as variety is key to a game like this. Also, if you are wanting to play the game with 5 players this expansion will include everything you need to make that happen.

The newest components you are waiting for is the Community cards. These look great and are the bread and butter of this expansion.

Rule Book:

The rule book is a quick read and explains the game in a good manner. The book is in full color and has plenty of pictures. You can read the rules in about 10-5 minutes and be up and playing. If you have played the base game and know it pretty well, you will be up and moving that much quicker.

Flow of the Game:

This is a small box expansion so there isn't a ton to add to the game. The main mechanism to be added to the game is the Community board. The community board allows you to interact with it to gain popularity. Popularity will help you score points to win the game.

In addition, popularity will also give you additional hourglasses to use and the ability to engage with more cards. This adds a little more complexity to the game, but you are really doing the same sort of thing you do in the base game but more of it.

Should I buy this game?:

Yes, I would highly recommend adding this into the game. It is of course for fans of the original base game, but it doesn't add too much complexity. The newer you are at gaming or the more you like lighter games, I would hold off adding this in. If you have played the base game and liked it, I would recommend getting this expansion as it adds "more".

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