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I like board games more than most people.
United States
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When I die I want people to look at the condition of my games and say, "Man, he really played these alot."
So, after an almost two year hiatus, we've played five games in the last few months.

[Those were games #1 & #2, I was lucky enough to also win #3 prior to these two latest.]

We played games #4 & #5 on Tuesday. We had six players with one new player. As usual, a few people took +2 Driver and +2 Cart with the intention of inflicting maximum carnage. They succeeded.

On about the fourth turn, one of the heavies did a wheel-to-wheel attack inflicting four points of damage. Flip roll = 1 1 - See ya.

On the next turn, the same heavy did five points of damage but suffered three itself. The victim's roll - 1 2 , Attacker's roll 4 6 I got no more use for that guy.

Next turn, he does four points of damage. The victim's roll 1 2 , his 3 4 Adios new player (and wheel killer's brother!)

Three players suffer wheel damage and flip on their first roll which I believe was a first for us.

The wheel killer decided to slow down so as not to have to make any more rolls. He waited on the last straightaway until the remaining two carts lapped him in an attempt to take them out.

On the last turn, a player got a flip result when exceeding the speed of the turn. His driver had 10 hit points so he was still in the race and ahead of me.

As we lapped the wheel killer, he plotted his maximum speed in an attempt to attack us when his luck ran out and he flipped also. Still, three flips to his one is a pretty good ratio.

After the last turn, the dragged driver had three hit points left and enough speed to cross the finish line. I was behind him with enough movement to pass him but not the finish line.

We pulled for turn order and Yellow came up - me! My only chance for a win was to trample the remaining dragged driver which I did. Damage was three points so that was it.

I believe this was the first game where all but one player had DNFs and certainly the most car flips on their first roll (but not the most flips in a game)

Also unusual for us (but due to the early multiple flips), horse carnage was limited to one point.

Game #5 had three players going the +2 Driver +2 Cart route (payback for the previous game.)

That game saw a wheel-to-wheel attack that cause both players to suffer damage, both players to fail their damage rolls, and one chariot to land on the other's team.

Also notable was one player who had a 7447 team exceeding the speed in the 28 lane - pretty rare for us. He was going 29 so had to roll on the Corner Strain Chart. His end result was 14 - double sideslip. Third flip of the game.

Not much of a race after that but at least half the field crossed the finish line.

All in all, some good games.
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Mattias Elfström
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I'm envious of the fun you've had!

I have to try to get our campaign going again.
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