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Subject: The Sentinels face the Ennead rss

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Noah Higgins
United States
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Seek Justice, Love Mercy, Walk Humbly With Your God.
The Sentinels caught wind that the Ennead were holed up in the Tomb of Anubis plotting some devious scheme. Acquiring assistance from the powerful heroes Tempest and Omnitron-X, the Sentinels sought to capture the members of the Ennead and bring them to justice.

As the heroes cautiously walk into the tomb, Omnitron-X detects a human lifeform ahead--playing a harp. As they enter the dusty room, the Argent Adept majestically says, "I see we are all here. Let's get this started." Despite their questions as to how the musical maestro knew of their plan, the heroes readily accept an extra hand in the fight ahead. All except Mainstay, who grumbled something about the ease with which he could crush the Adept's instruments in his hands.

Moving steathily through the ancient corridors (as stealthy as one party can be with a glowing doctor), the heroes spot their target--Atum, Tefnut, Osiris, and Geb. Despite their attempt to gain the first strike, the heroes are spotted and face the wrath of the Ennead, receiving two damage each. Osiris drawed upon the power of the Tomb, forcing the heroes to lose valuable resources and receive damage to their minds.

The Sentinels go to work, pounding on Atum and Osiris. Tempest decides to focus on restoring the bodies of his fellow heroes, bringing a downpour with healing properties. Much to Mainstay's chagrin, the Argent Adept begins to sing, protecting his allies from harm with the words of the song. Omnitron-X powers up, spraying a protective coating on his robotic body.

The Tomb of Anubis has its own deadly properties. An aristocratic mummy watches from the corner of the room, ready to activate the Tomb of Anubis' defenses should a villain become incapacitated. As the Musician walked toward Tempest to gain a better defensive position, he was nearly impaled when a spike rose from the floor. Omnitron-X pushed the Adept out of the way, but lost his plasma cannon in the process. The Adept gave him an appreciative nod.

And the battle went on, with both heroes and villains smacking each other around the chamber. The Idealist brings out her signature move, the Aura of Vision. Dr. Medico follows suit, declaring the Hippocratic Oath. The Argent Adept keeps playing instruments and singing ballads. Mainstay glares at him as he rams Osiris' head with an antique urn.
The villains were not without their own surprises. From deeper in the tomb, Isis was summoned from the Shrine of the Ennead. Without warning, the heroes were outnumbered.

With momentous effort, three Sentinels grab Osiris while Mainstay finishes him off with a walloping punch. However, with four villains still active, there is little time to celebrate their victory.
The heroes begin to gain confidence. With just a few scratches between them, along with piles of damage on their enemies, victory seems close at hand. But, just when victory was assured, Nuit joins the fray, bearing protection for her fellow villains.

The battle rages on. But with Mainstay's protection of each hero, along with Tempest's downpour, the outcome of this fight is virtually decided. In fact, Mainstay has actually begun to realize his talent as a drummer, playing the drum the Adept lent him.

In the end, the heroes were successful. The rest of the villains fell in quick succession.

This ended up being my easiest playthrough of Sentinels I have had.
With Mainstay's protection and Tempest's healing each hero of two damage each turn, none of my heroes ever got close to death.

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