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Subject: Various Alliance mode bosses + Magic shop rss

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Aster Aster
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It becomes a bit boring to always fight Malaphyas, so I came with idea to have some other bosses replace him You may choose one of them before the game or draw random boss token as soon as one of heroes gets to the 3rd floor

They havent been playtested yet, so curious what you think about them

Bosses (optional rule: as they are not as powerful as Malaphyous, heroes don’t lose if one of them dies – only if timer ends or all heroes die)

Rhodus Mk1

Throne Room. Replace Cultists with 2 Gargoyles and 2 Iron Knights. They don’t move

Impenetrable: Rhodus is immune to Magic while Knights are alive and immune to Sword while Gargoyles are alive

Hurl Monster: at the start of every turn of fight roll random monster dice (1st turn - minor dice, next turn - major, then minor again and so on) from Rhodus to nearest heroes across the board. It inflicts 1 wound to all heroes whom it touches and then remains on the board where it stopped as a monster

Hurl Hero: heroes damaged by Rhodus payback get moved in 1 random next room instantly


Throne Room. Replace Cultists with 2 Goblins and 2 Orcs. They move as usually. Goblins are considered to be Orcs for Gorka`s special ability, as well as Gorka himself

Green horde: unused Orc and Goblin dices will arrive on level 3 entrance room in groups of 2 at the end of every turn of fight starting with 3rd turn of fight

Waagh! Whenever Orc or Goblin dies, closest Orc or Goblin moves 1 room towards hero who killed him

Intimidate: draws extra Evil card at the first round of fight


Throne Room. Replace Cultist in Treasure room with 2 Young Dragons. They don’t move

Precious treasures: Mortiferous gains +1 hp for each unopened treasure chest. One chest gets respawned at the end of every turn

Burn em all: at the end of every turn place burn token in random room. Any hero who starts its activation at the room with burn token receives 2 damage (+1 damage for each extra burn token) which cannot be blocked

Gold is Mine! If there are heroes in the same room with Mortiferous at the end of turn, they lose their gold and Mortiferous moves to random room


Throne Room.
Replace cultists with random Undead monsters, spawn major undead monster in central room.

Darkness grabs you: at the end of every turn all heroes have to move 1 space towards bottomless pit. Heroes who are in that room already receive 4 damage each

Curse of immortality: killed heroes keep fighting on Cun-Ha side, now considered undead-class monsters. They no longer receive experience and treasures but otherwise fight as heroes

Dead rising: at the end of every turn roll action dice and resurrect one killed monster in every affected room

Aunty Bitsy

Sewers. Replace bosses with Spiders. Bitsy will spawn on a blue side after their defeat

Giant Web: heroes have to use 1 more move symbol than usual to move

Vile Curse = the same

Endless swarm: spiders don’t count as monsters for rooms limits

Ancient Hydra

Sewers. Replace bosses with young hydra, and major monster with medusa. Ancient hydra will spawn on a blue side together with young hydra after defeat of first hydra and medusa.

Toxic Miasma = the same

Regeneration: young hydra and medusa reborn at the end of turn unless both were killed in one turn. Blue ancient hydra and second young hydra share the same bond

Lord Blinkerton

Sewers. Place 2 dark watchers in Malaphyas room, 1 in left and 1 in right room.

Guess who? When one of 4 watchers dies, roll action dice: if Magic or Heal, replace that watcher with Blinkerton on the red side (if not, draw extra Evil card). Otherwise heroes have to kill 3 watchers and then last one gets replaced with Blinkerton on blue side

Chaos power: every turn Blinkerton gains special power of random major monster


Magic Shop

You will need some coloured tokens for different potions and one for shop (I personally used shop token from Descent)

Choose one of revealed 2nd floor tiles and place shop there. Heroes who are there can do the following (once per turn):
- Sell any Treasure card for 4 coins
- Buy one of potions (can be used anytime):
a) health potion (5 coins, heals 1 wound)
b) mana potion (1 coin, generates 1 magic symbol)
c) energy potion (2 coins, generates 1 action dice for one turn) (coloured dice)
d) doom elixir (4 coins, deals 2 damage to non-boss monster in the same room)
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