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If the current Monster isn't the Dragon, can you use the Dragon Leash so that way you'll defeat the next Monster? Can you do the same with the Demon Pact without the Demon? Could you then choose to Polymorph that Monster instead of defeating it?

For the purposes of Gelatinous Cube, Mimic, and Shapeshifter, which Equipment should be discarded after use? I would think...

Dragon Spear - When it is used to defeat a Dragon.

Healing Potion - When it is used to come back to life.

Healing Potion - When it is used to come back to life.
Fire Axe - when it is used to defeat a Monster.

Demon Pact - When it is used to Defeat the Demon and the next Monster.
Polymorph - When it is used to replace a Monster.

I only labeled the Dragon Spear as such because of how the Dragon Leash is only a one-use item (despite the fact that if it weren't it could be used twice due to Shapeshifter). If the Dragon Leash and Demon Pact are only one-use because they can defeat the next Monster without the current Monster being the Dragon/Demon, then I would no longer consider the Dragon Spear to be a one-use item.

It makes sense that the Vorpal Sword and Vorpal Dagger are capable of targeting and defeating the Fairy, Ally, Gelatinous Cube, and Mimic, but can they target The Count, Shapeshifter, and Easter Egg?

If The Count is a Vampire, and you chose for the Vorpal weapon to defeat Vampires, then obviously it's defeated (same thing with Shapeshifter and corresponding Monsters). However, the rules state, "The Count becomes a Vampire with strength 4 if you don’t have a Success card. However, he loses his Vampire identity and gains a strength of 8 if you already have a Success card." The way this is worded seems to indicate that whether it has a strength of 4 or 8, no matter what he loses his identity of The Count, replacing it with either a Vampire identity or no identity. This is probably just a bunch of stupid rulebook shenanigans and he should be treated as having a Vampire identity or The Count identity, never both and never neither.

Shapeshifter's ability takes effect before it can be defeated (otherwise it would be almost impossible to defeat). What this says to me is that it never spends any time as a Shapeshifter when you're facing it (or afterwards, so it isn't a Shapeshifter with regard to Omnipotence either). Even if it doesn't take on the identity of another Monster (by being the 8th or 10th+ Monster), the rules state that it will have no identity. Therefor, it seems like Shapeshifter can't be defeated by a Vorpal weapon before transforming.

Easter Egg has the same problem as Shapeshifter. Does it swap with the top card of the draw deck before you have the chance to defeat it, or afterwards? If it's after, then it could be defeated by a Vorpal weapon (or Fire Axe, Demonic Pact, etc.).

Would Shapeshifter (and Easter Egg if it swaps before it can be defeated) still be a legal target for a Vorpal weapon, even if it can't be targeted (or if any special Monster is completely confirmed to not be in the game)? I know this is getting pretty stupid asking that, but there's probably some Healing Potion-Ring of Power-Vorpal Dagger combo that could result in a Success only if a Monster that isn't in the Dungeon is targeted, and a guaranteed way to do that is by targeting a Special Monster that is in fact an identity but has no longer has any chance of being encountered or defeated by the Vorpal Weapon.

If that were the case, would Monsters you're not playing with at all (ex. when 2 random Special Monsters were chosen, you didn't use Easter Egg because you don't own it, or if you just weren't using any Special Monsters) be a legal choice?

Can Possession Scroll be used to defeat Ally, Gelatinous Cube, and Easter Egg? No matter if you use the English or French version of the Possession Scroll, you run into the issue of not being able to add their strength to your HP or making your new HP equal to the Monster's strength value. For these purposes, should these Monsters be considered to have a Strength of 0, or should the secondary effects of the Possession Scroll be completely ignored (which is important for determining if the French version instantly kills you, as it would against the Fairy).

Does the Elvish Harp cause the Fairy to deal 2 damage, even though it wouldn't do any damage otherwise? I would imagine not, since other Equipment are optional to use, so the player could choose to not use the Elvish Harp against the Fairy. Could the Family Crown and Charming Flute's reduced damage also be ignored (ex. to put you in range of the Elvish Harp)? If so, could the Charming Flute's reduced damage be only partially ignored (ex. if you've defeated 2 Goblins, you reduce the damage by only 1 as to put you in range of the Elvish Harp)?

And finally (I have typed "finally" and deleted it at least 6 times at this point), when Ally is encountered, does the player have to choose then if the next Monster is ignored before they see it, or afterwards? This is particularly relevant for Equipment like Ring of Power and Bloody Wand.

Thanks in advance if you even bothered to read through my giant mass of mostly-unimportant questions.
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