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Subject: Teutonic Orders v. WotR English rss

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Andreas Johansson
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I spent 200 GG and all I got was this lousy overtext!
I spent 200 GG and all I got was this lousy overtext!
To the surprise of absolutely no-one, the English became the defenders. More surprising was the terrain they chose to place: two smallish woods in the centre of the board, and a road along what became their right table edge.

The English deployed three blade and two bow on their left, and two knights, more bow, and the artillery on the right. One bow element was left to guard the camp. The Germans massed all their knights and light horse on their extreme right, the crossbow, auxilia, and psiloi in the centre, with the cavalry and spear forming a refused left flank.

Predictably, the battle began with the mounted on the respective right flanks rushing forward, the Englishmen sped along by the road. The light infantry of the German centre went into the central woods, as did the bow of the English right. The English artillery, laboriously dragged around the wood closer to the English deployment zone only ever managed to inflict a couple inconsequential recoils on the German auxilia. The English foot of the left formed an oblique line to receive the inevitable charge of the German knights,

The German spear and cavalry staying stubbornly close to their camp whereas the English left had wheeled forward, the German knights reached their target before the English ones, despite the laters' advantage of moving along a road. The German's charge was a mixed success, with two elements of English billmen (blades) eliminated, but one element of knights and one of light horse lost the the English bow.

However, with their general far away beyond the woods, the remaining elements of the English left failed to mount an effective counterattack, and in the following German bound the Teutonic knights surrounded and eliminated an element of bow, while a lucky attack by the German auxilia killed one of the English bow elements in the woods. 4-2 to the Teutonic Order. The English mounted never got into combat.

The unusual terrain set-up was potentially quite troublesome for the Teutonic Order, but the English player failed to capitalize on it. The Germans took a grave risk in leaving so little to keep the English knights from the German camp, but the Englishmen very obligingly put their blade out in the open for the German knights to ride down, and to boot sent half their bow into the woods as a column, which was beaten back by a single element of auxilia.
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