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Subject: Some questions rss

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Guido Dierdorf
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after playing the game two times, I have a couple of questions. I checked the forum but couldn't find the right answers (I hope I haven't overlooked something):

1) Are heroes able to attack diagonally (I assume they cannot)?

2)When will the heroes buy new weapons or items? I assume every time during their activation phase...

3) Will all heroes of player A be activated first and then the heroes of player B? Or will one hero of player A be activated, then one hero of player B, next hero of player A and so on?

4) Will creeps in the forrest defend themself after being attacked by a hero or will they be played like the other Creeps in the lane (without defending)?

5) If one hero attacks another hero with "6", "6", "4" (assuming he is successfull with "3+"), and the attacked hero defends with "4", "4", "4": will he get 2 damages (because he can defend the attack of the "4") or must he first defend the highest number ("6")? In ths case he would have 3 damages...

6) How long does a hero suffer from an effect (like blind? His whole lifetime (until he is killed)? Or will it disappear after the next round?

Thanks for your help!
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Michael V.

North Carolina
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I just got back from playing this tonight. I'll see what I can answer

1. Heros cannot attack diagonally unless they have a range of 2. Like movement, range counts adjacent spaces, so a range of 1 can only his adjacent spaces.

2. Heros can buy items at any point during their activation, beginning, middle, end, doesn't matter and can buy as much as they want as long as they have gold for it, but just keep in mind the one item per hero rule.

3. Correct. All of chaos heros will activate first, then the Atlantis player will activate all their heros. (My group actually tried a variant where each side activated one hero at a time and it was fun as well.)

4. Our group does not roll defense against attacks for forest creeps unless the card says otherwise.

5. this one I'm unsure of what you mean. Defensive abilities and items either tell you how many strikes you ignore or tell you how many dice to roll and the success you need, similar to an attack.
For instance, Heavy Plate item from the shop says 5 dice on 5+. In your example, with an attack that hits on a 3+ and results of "6" "6" "4" it would be 3 strikes. If you decide to use Heavy Plate to defend, lets say you roll 6,5,3,2,2 making 2 successes. In this instance, your 2 would negate 2 of your opponent's strikes and you would take 1 damage (Does not matter the number on the dice, a success is a success).

6. Hero's status effects last until the end of that hero's activation (So if you get hit by one on your turn, from a jungle creep for instance, it will go away at the end of that activation).

I hope this has been helpful!
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