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Subject: Play-Test AAR 10 (A-20) rss

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Magnus K
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This is an old AAR from 2015 which I have copied from the B-17:QOTS BGG forum.

A-20 Mission to Lottinghen, No-Ball

Today I tried the new A-20 Tables. The first A-20 was a variant to B-17: QOTS and you needed the B-17 rules to play. Now, this has all changed. This new A-20 is an Add-On to B-26: The Marauder Strikes! The last time I flew an A-20 mission was in 2006 (or maybe early 2007). Here is the AAR after the first A-20 mission with the new tables:

Crew: 1LT Tyrone Sumner
Plane Name: Sweet Caroline
Mission #: 14(9)
A-20 Play Test Mission #: 1 (#15 in total)
Target Area: Lottinghen
Target: No-Ball
Date: April 15, 1944

Altitude: 10000 feet
Weather: Very Good (changed to Poor)
IP: 4 (Aim Point Mod +1)
Bomb Load: 4x 500 (BR -1/Accuracy Box -1/ Accuracy Flight -1)

Formation Position:
Box 1, Low Flight, #3, Tail Group

Bomb the target: Yes
Bomb Run:
- Box 1: On, 500, 80%, Excellent. (Low Flight: On, 500, 45%, Poor)
- Box 2: On, 500, Poor.

Formation Casulties: Lead: #6

A-20G Fuel Consumption (Total/Used/Remaining): 30/14/16

Aircraft status: The Crew Chief and his team will have Sweet Caroline ready for the next mission.

Aircraft damage:
Superficial damage: tailx2, cock-pit, left wing, mid section.
Left main gear destroyed; Right elevator control cables cut.

Pilot: 1LT Tyrone Sumner
Dorsal Gunner: SGT Mario Gioberti
Gunner: SGT Lawrence Holden

Names & positions of replacement crew members: NA

Enemy A/C Claimed: NA

Medal Recommendations: NA

Mission Description:
During the mission briefing we were told that the weather over the target would be very good, but we would find out later when we reached France that the weather condition had changed considerably.

We took off in fair weather, formation assembly went well. We could not look forward to have any little friends close to our formation today as they would fly area cover. The target was just a few miles from the coast and it was a short trip so we were not too worried. We had also been told that fighter resistance would be light today.

The weather situation had changed. It was now poor. We could tell that already from half-way across the Channel. No fighters attacked, but flak began to fire through the undercast. We had been informed that this target had a very good flak defense (rolled 66 on the Target Table and flak would be +2). We met strong and accurate even though their flak radar was inoperable or the operators were asleep. My ship was hit (4 hits), but we took mostly superficial damage. The left main gear was totally destroyed though. Flak forced me out of formation on the bomb run and that would affect my flight's result.

In poor weather the lead found the aim point! Incredibly good job, and the following two flights did so too. Unfortunately for my low flight, I had been forced out of formation by flak. The result was poor, but with the other two flights hitting the target we got an excellent result.

I was hit again (4 hits) by flak, strong, inaccurate, while trying to get back into my slot at #3. Again mostly superficial damage, but the control cables in the tail to the right elevator were cut.

I got back in formation before we reached the Channel. No fighters attacked.

The weather was very bad over our station so I had to navigate to a field with better conditions. I had fuel left so I could go on a sightseeing tour, although the weather was so poor so we could not see anything, I was also busy looking at my maps. It took me quite some time to find a field were i could land (3 turns) and I had to make a belly landing because of the damaged landing gear. It was a rough landing (landing roll was 3) but we were safe.

1LT Tyrone Sumner, Pilot


See url][/url] for the first ever A-20 play-test mission.


The next mission was to Le Treport, Coastal Defenses. My position now was lead in the high flight of box 2, tail group. I did not make it very far. Mechanical failure at take-off saw the supercharger out of action. Our mission altitude was 11000 feet and because of the supercharger I had to abort. If it doesn't work properly the engines will only be on ½-power. I landed ok in poor weather.


The third mission was scheduled to Arras, MY. It was recalled in Zone 1, bad weather over the target. Random Event #32.


The A-20 missions I fly seem to be hampered by weather or are my dice on the Enemy's side? I've believed that many times. On the last mission, my fourth A-20 mission, I should have good close escort with forward support. RV was not possible in Zone 1, partly because of a Delayed Assembly in Zone 0 (and as I type this, I remember now that I forgot to cross off ½ fuel box in each engine for Delayed Assembly), so I rolled for"Mission Commander's Decision" and the result was to continue into Zone 2. The Little Friends were not there either and I should have returned to base, but I wanted to play-test the A-20 so I continued the mission with fighter cover as briefed.

Fuel Consumption: I flew an A-20J, but tested A-20G fuel consumption on this mission too to see if it could bomb a target in Zone 5 or if that would be too far. I landed the A-20G with one box remaining, it would actually be ½ box remaining in each main tank due to that delayed assembly.

Random Events: I rolled "2" twice in a row on the return. Zone 1, good enemy communication and in Zone 0, "If over enemy territory, flak zone..." During my play-tests I have had very few random events and today I got two!
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