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Subject: Bankrupting nations for fun and profit rss

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Filip W.
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Euros are better with dice!
Monday night – game night here in Linkeboda – and six people gathered around a copy of Imperial. Four of us had played before, two were newbies. The parties involved were:

Me – a man of opportunity
Bjorn – a shrewd player whose only fault is letting his heart get the best of him in games
Jacob – a noob
Andreas – a Swede by birth but a true German by game preference
Daniel – a man who has an uncanny ability to convince others to do his bidding
Patrik – a savant: sometimes brilliant, sometimes ludicrous, an Imperial noob

I'm straddled with Austria and a minor in Germany. Having learned from countless sessions of 1830 I silently repeat my mantra: I'm not my nation, I'm not my nation.

First move: Investor. This got me booed out as a capitalist pig. Great! I set a pact with Bjorn who controls Russia: the Black Sea, Turkey and Romania for him, the rest for me. Jacob plays Italy and gets into a conflict with France right of the bat. Good for him, better for me.

Import, production, maneuver. I "borrow" Romania from Bjorn. He doesn't mind, he's fighting the Brits in Scandinavia. Taxation – woohoo! The Austrians, punch drunk from their conquests slosh my pockets with billions.

I grease their bankers to pressure the Emperor and voila, all the newly acquired money is transferred to my account! Now for a stroke of luck: Patrik, playing France buys out my Austrian position to put pressure on Italian backer Jacob. Without a nation I quickly grab Germany – right before Daniel's first taxation! Ten billions into my pocket.
Curses, curses, oh how I love hearing them!

Now the game goes into a rut. I bounce Germany around taxation and investor with occasional stops to keep the military might flowing. Daniel buys a beat up Italy and Jacob resist the temptation to buy a Germany overflowing with cash. Not because he doesn't want to but because he can't afford it.

Damn and damn again.
I need to get rid of Germany. I've got the money to start purchasing other nations but no investor card to do so with. I could easily gobble up the middle investments in everything but the stupid market won't let me!

During all this Bjorn has expanded Russia and taxed them into poverty but close to victory. I'm sitting on billions of marks and nothing to spend them on. Fortunately, in the final rounds Patrik, having lost France, buys Germany from me and runs it to investor. Fantastic, I grab the highest available Russian bond – a 7 – and score 35 points as Bjorn ends the game with a final Russian taxation in the next second.

Me: 105, of which 15 in cash.
Russian Bjorn: 84
Andreas the conservative Brit: 74
Patrik: 60-something
Jacob and Daniel: less than 20 (mwahahaha!)

Lesson: suck the nation's marrow dry but don't get stuck with the corpse!
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