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Carl Parsons
United States
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The three of us then decided to play a game of Tigris and Euphrates. It started innocently enough with each of us choosing to build up our own little kingdom. Benjamin in the north east Joseph in the north west and I staked out my ground in the south west.

Benjamin was the first to start the aggressions by laying waste to a tile in the middle of Joseph's kingdom and sending in a leader to instill peace. This shock and awe campaign worked well as Benjamin was able to gain some cubes for his efforts. Benjamin then declared that the war was over and was a complete success, flying in personally to take credit for the whole thing.

Needless to say the hostilities continued. Joseph and Benjamin continued the struggle for the north side of the board. Joseph was able to claim most of the treasures that were found. I worked peacefully in the south building a nice little kingdom and finding a few treasures of my own. That is until Benjamin butted in. I was minding my own business and he just couldn't stand that there was an autonomous entity enjoying independent wealth and freedom from outside intervention. We welcomed his ambassador, but man was that guy pushy. "Build this here, build that there", this guy was taking over. At least I was able to send an ambassador to his kingdom in return.

It turned out that Benjamin's kingdom was rather nice. There was a fantastic lake that had huge potential for building something monumental. I was instrumental in securing the funds to build a monument on this lake. It was a grand site. Of course I had to send in more leadership to see the construction to completion because the current administration he had in place was, frankly, incompetent. I think the complaints leveled at me for profiting from this endeavor were uncalled for. This monument would not have been completed without my grand vision.

Meanwhile my home kingdom was suffering from the "liberators" of Benjamin's crew. I finally had to flee my own kingdom completely and take refuge in the only place I could feel safe, in my new home near my monument. It turned out to be an interesting turn of events. Benjamin and I had switched kingdoms completely. I could see why he wanted to get out of there and force me out of my home. That pest Joseph and his band of rebels were a pain in my butt. I heard his speeches and his tired rhetoric fell on deaf ears. I tried to live together in peace but he was intent on getting his greedy mitts on my monument. I was able to keep the rabble rousers from causing too much damage and from killing innocent citizens for a brief period. When the casualty rate got too high I felt that it was best for me to concede some control to Joseph. I was hoping for some peace, that's all I ever wanted.

It wasn't to be. Once I showed the slightest weakness Benjamin jumped back into the action. I was forced to find shelter for many of my leaders. Luckily I still had supporters in my original kingdom and found some small solace there. Meanwhile Joseph's greed got the better of him as he stripped the land once too often for a small bit of treasure. This caused the game to end for good. After counting our profits it was discovered that my altruistic and peaceful approach truly was the best strategy. I ended up with a score of 8 to Joseph's 5 and Benjamin's 3. The moral of this story is that it doesn't pay to be greedy.
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