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Subject: Wish for themed tile/mission packs rss

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Daniel A
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This game can be greatly expanded upon without having to relase new miniatures, rules or boxes.

A quick idea for mini-expansions would be tile packs. And a easy and fun theme for these would be to base them on the survivors.

Imagine each pack containing two tiles. Each side of the tiles are dedicated to one of the survivors, making it two tiles for two survivors per pack.

Pack 1: Amy And Doug
Two tiles with Amys favorite GRAVEYARD and on the other side two tiles with Dougs OFFICE.

Pack 2: Josh and Ned
Two tiles with Joshs BACK ALLEY and the other side two tiles with Neds BUNKER.

Pack 3: Phil and Wanda
Two tiles with Phils LOCAL STATION and the other side two tiles with Wandas DINER.

Each pack holding a sheet or two with some missions based on the new tiles and tiles/rules/miniatures from the boxes the surviors are from.

A easy way to give the players some new interesting tiles, and expanding upon the existing survivors. And since there are alot of survivors there could be alot of tile-packs with great themes.

This does not exclude other themed tile-packs as I have suggested along with alot of other wishes in this thread:

Happy gaming =)
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Joshua Leslie
United States
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This is a great idea. I would definitely love to get some more specialized tiles with a few missions to go with them.

The other thing that I had really hoped for would be a deck of 60 or 100 search cards that had more options for non-combat items, along the line of the water, rice and canned food. I wish there were cards for lumber, antibiotics, warm clothing and the like, to add more of resource gathering element to missions and to dilute the search deck so that not every car and room had ridiculous amounts of heavy weaponry.
Objective tokens with an X on one side and a specific item on the other would meet this need for me, too.

I know that the new Kickstarter next year is adding more of an RPG element to the game. I'm really hoping that the route their going with that is to make tweaks to the current game to make advancing characters through multiple missions more viable, and maybe disconnect the danger level from experience. I always thought that the danger level advancing from noise tokens would have been a good mechanic.
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