Ryan Abrams
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The Colony
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It's time again to clear out my overflow shelves and regain some focus in my collection. BGG.con Delivery Available! Ends 11/12.

Auction Link! Click here to check it out!

Games Included
⭐ Arcadia Quest (Multiple Lots)
⭐ Gizmos
⭐ Blood Bowl Lot
⭐ The Reckoners
⭐ Small World Designer's Edition
⭐ Charterstone
⭐ Rare ALEA Big and Medium Box Games
⭐ Gloomhaven
⭐ Dune
⭐ Twilight Struggle Collector's Edition
⭐ Expanse
⭐ Hyperborea: Light & Shadow
⭐ Mega Civilization
⭐ Starfarers of Catan
⭐ War of the Ring Collector's Edition
⭐ Tons of Promos & Freebies
.... and many, many more


Auction Ends the evening of 11/11, though some items may run to 11/12.

All of the games have been treated wonderfully, and are in excellent condition, having been kept safely in a climate controlled, clean, smoke-free home. In the rare instance of any box damage, scuffing, etc., I've noted it in the description for the individual game.

Payment expected via paypal, or in person. I'll do a bulk sale through the market to get BGG their commission.

Games can be shipped (buyer pays shipping), or can be picked up in person in 75056 (The Colony, TX in DFW). I can also deliver to BGG.con or Dallas Games Marathon.

Further details available in the auction header.

Thank you for your interest, and Happy Bidding!
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Kevin L. Kitchens
United States
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Snowflakes Melt
Snowflakes Melt
Auction Link: CLOSED - HUGE Game Auction; 350+ games including rarities, big lots, and freebies (Ends 11/12/18; BGG.con Delivery Available)

Index of Items

3 to 4 Headed Monster - (Auction Link)
3 to 4 Headed Monster - (Auction Link)
4 Gods - (Auction Link)
51st State: Master Set - (Auction Link)
Age of Conan: The Strategy Board Game - (Auction Link)
Age of War - (Auction Link)
Alea Iacta Est - (Auction Link)
Alexandria: Board Game Shelf Promo - (Auction Link)
Alien Artifacts - (Auction Link)
Altiplano - (Auction Link)
Amyitis - (Auction Link)
Amyitis: The Palace - (Auction Link)
Android - (Auction Link)
Antarctica - (Auction Link)
Aqua Romana - (Auction Link)
Arboretum - (Auction Link)
Arcadia Quest - (Auction Link)
Arcadia Quest: Inferno - (Auction Link)
Argent: Summer Break - (Auction Link)
Arkwright: Noblesse Oblige - (Auction Link)
Artus - (Auction Link)
Athlas: Duel for Divinity - (Auction Link)
Attika - (Auction Link)
Augsburg 1520 - (Auction Link)
BANG! - (Auction Link)
BANG! Dodge City - (Auction Link)
Baseball Highlights: 2045 – 7 Card Promo Pack - (Auction Link)
The Battle for Hill 218 - (Auction Link)
The Battle for Sector 219 - (Auction Link)
Battle Merchants - (Auction Link)
BattleCON: Armory - (Auction Link)
Behind the Throne - (Auction Link)
Between Two Cities - (Auction Link)
Biblios - (Auction Link)
Blood Bowl (2016 edition) - (Auction Link)
The Blood of an Englishman - (Auction Link)
Blue Moon City - (Auction Link)
Blue Moon Legends - (Auction Link)
Bora Bora - (Auction Link)
Bottlecap Vikings - (Auction Link)
Bunny Kingdom - (Auction Link)
Burgle Bros. - (Auction Link)
Ca$h 'n Guns (Second Edition) - (Auction Link)
Cacao: Diamante – New Huts - (Auction Link)
The Captain Is Dead - (Auction Link)
Carcassonne - (Auction Link)
Carcassonne: Winter-Edition – Die Kornkreise - (Auction Link)
Castle Panic: Fickle Fortune Promo - (Auction Link)
Castles of Caladale - (Auction Link)
Catacombs (third edition) - (Auction Link)
Catan Scenarios: Santa Claus - (Auction Link)
Catan World Championship Berlin 2014 Special - (Auction Link)
Catan: Traveler – Compact Edition - (Auction Link)
Cavum - (Auction Link)
Caylus Magna Carta: The Favors - (Auction Link)
Century: Spice Road – Bonus Cards - (Auction Link)
The Chameleon - (Auction Link)
Champions of Midgard - (Auction Link)
Chaos Marauders (second edition) - (Auction Link)
Chaosmos - (Auction Link)
Charterstone - (Auction Link)
Charterstone: Recharge Pack - (Auction Link)
Chimera Station - (Auction Link)
Chinatown - (Auction Link)
City Hall - (Auction Link)
Clank! In! Space! - (Auction Link)
Claustrophobia - (Auction Link)
Cleopatra and the Society of Architects - (Auction Link)
Code of Nine - (Auction Link)
Codenames: Authors & Games - (Auction Link)
COGZ - (Auction Link)
Colosseum - (Auction Link)
Columba - (Auction Link)
A Column of Fire: New Advantage Tiles - (Auction Link)
Corinthia: A Conan / Mythic Battles – Pantheon Crossover - (Auction Link)
Cosmic Encounter - (Auction Link)
Cottage Garden - (Auction Link)
Coup: Reformation - (Auction Link)
Coven - (Auction Link)
Cry Havoc - (Auction Link)
Cthulhu Wars: Six to Eight Player Earth Map - (Auction Link)
The Curse of the Black Dice - (Auction Link)
Cyclades: The Manticore - (Auction Link)
Dark Moon - (Auction Link)
Darkest Night (Second edition) - (Auction Link)
Darkrock Ventures - (Auction Link)
Deathwatch: Overkill - (Auction Link)
Descent: Journeys in the Dark - (Auction Link)
Die Dracheninsel - (Auction Link)
Die Glasstraße: Harlekin - (Auction Link)
Die Glasstraße: Oktoberfest - (Auction Link)
Die Siedler von Nürnberg - (Auction Link)
Dinosaur Island - (Auction Link)
Dojo Kun - (Auction Link)
Dreamwell - (Auction Link)
Dumpster Brawl!: Ernie Promo Card - (Auction Link)
Dune - (Auction Link)
Dungeon Hustle - (Auction Link)
Dungeon Scroll - (Auction Link)
Dungeoneer: Tomb of the Lich Lord - (Auction Link)
Dungeoneer: Vault of the Fiends - (Auction Link)
The Dwarves - (Auction Link)
Eggs and Empires - (Auction Link)
Elysium - (Auction Link)
Eminent Domain: Battlecruisers – Heavy Assault - (Auction Link)
Epic Resort - (Auction Link)
Epic Resort - (Auction Link)
Epigo - (Auction Link)
Equinox - (Auction Link)
Ex Libris - (Auction Link)
Exodus Fleet - (Auction Link)
The Expanse Board Game - (Auction Link)
Expedition: Northwest Passage - (Auction Link)
Factory Funner - (Auction Link)
Fantastiqa - (Auction Link)
Fantasy Realms - (Auction Link)
Favelas - (Auction Link)
Favor of the Pharaoh - (Auction Link)
Feudum: Royal Chalice Promotional Card - (Auction Link)
Feudum: Squirrels & Conifers - (Auction Link)
Fifth Avenue - (Auction Link)
Finished! - (Auction Link)
Fire & Axe: A Viking Saga - (Auction Link)
First Class: Call for Tenders - (Auction Link)
Five Tribes: Dhenim - (Auction Link)
Flick 'em Up!: Blacksmith - (Auction Link)
The Flow of History - (Auction Link)
The Fog of War - [listitem=6321656](Auction Link)[/listitem]
Foreclosed! - (Auction Link)
Forge War - (Auction Link)
Forged in Steel - [listitem=6321613](Auction Link)[/listitem]
Francis Drake - (Auction Link)
Freedom: The Underground Railroad - (Auction Link)
Fury of Dracula (third/fourth edition) - (Auction Link)
Gearworld: The Borderlands - (Auction Link)
Genoa - (Auction Link)
Gentes - (Auction Link)
Gizmos - (Auction Link)
Glen More - (Auction Link)
Gloomhaven - (Auction Link)
Glüx - (Auction Link)
Greedy Greedy Goblins - (Auction Link)
Green Deal - (Auction Link)
Greenland - (Auction Link)
Gwent: Monsters and Scoia'tael - (Auction Link)
Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle – Ally: The Dursleys - (Auction Link)
Haru Ichiban - (Auction Link)
Here I Stand - (Auction Link)
HERO versus GUARDIAN: A Game of Dungeon Craft - (Auction Link)
Hoity Toity - (Auction Link)
HOPE - [listitem=6311500](Auction Link)[/listitem]
Hunt for the Ring - (Auction Link)
Hyperborea - (Auction Link)
Hyperborea: Light & Shadow - (Auction Link)
ICECOOL - (Auction Link)
Imperial Settlers - (Auction Link)
In a Bind - (Auction Link)
In A Bind Jr - (Auction Link)
In the Year of the Dragon - (Auction Link)
Incorporated - [listitem=6321636](Auction Link)[/listitem]
Inhabit the Earth - (Auction Link)
Iquazú: Brettspiel Adventskalender 2017 Promo - (Auction Link)
Isla Dorada - (Auction Link)
Istanbul - (Auction Link)
Java - (Auction Link)
Jump Drive - (Auction Link)
Kanagawa - (Auction Link)
Khronos - (Auction Link)
Kill Doctor Lucky - (Auction Link)
The King's Will: Magyar Expansion - (Auction Link)
Kokoro: Avenue of the Kodama - (Auction Link)
Krakatoa - (Auction Link)
Krosmaster Arena 2.0 - (Auction Link)
La Granja - (Auction Link)
La Granja: No Siesta - (Auction Link)
La Isla - (Auction Link)
Las Vegas - (Auction Link)
Las Vegas Boulevard - (Auction Link)
The Last Spike - (Auction Link)
Last Will - (Auction Link)
Lazer Ryderz - (Auction Link)
Leaping Lemmings - (Auction Link)
Legacy: Gears of Time - (Auction Link)
Legacy: The Testament of Duke de Crecy - (Auction Link)
Lemonade Stand - (Auction Link)
Letters from Whitechapel - (Auction Link)
Lifeboats - (Auction Link)
Lorenzo il Magnifico - (Auction Link)
The Lost Expedition - (Auction Link)
Louis XIV - (Auction Link)
Love Letter - (Auction Link)
Löwenherz - (Auction Link)
Luna - (Auction Link)
Magic Maze: Brettspiel Adventskalender 2017 Promo - (Auction Link)
Magna Grecia - (Auction Link)
Majesty: For the Realm - (Auction Link)
Mammoth Hunters - (Auction Link)
Manga Manga - (Auction Link)
The Manhattan Project: Chain Reaction - (Auction Link)
The Manhattan Project: Nations Expansion - (Auction Link)
The Market of Alturien - (Auction Link)
Marvel Dice Masters: Avengers vs. X-Men - Hawkeye: Avengers Disassembled - (Auction Link)
Mascarade - (Auction Link)
Masmorra: Dungeons of Arcadia - (Auction Link)
Medici - (Auction Link)
Medieval Academy - (Auction Link)
Medina (second edition) - (Auction Link)
Mega Civilization - (Auction Link)
Megaland - (Auction Link)
Meteor - (Auction Link)
Mexica - (Auction Link)
MiFuChi - (Auction Link)
Mistfall - (Auction Link)
Mistfall: Winter's Hold - (Auction Link)
Modern Art - (Auction Link)
Mouse Chaos - (Auction Link)
Mykerinos: The Nile - (Auction Link)
Mystic Vale - (Auction Link)
Mythotopia - (Auction Link)
Nantucket - (Auction Link)
Nerdy Inventions - (Auction Link)
Neuroshima: Convoy - (Auction Link)
New Dawn - (Auction Link)
Nomads: Gift Promo Tiles - (Auction Link)
Notre Dame - (Auction Link)
Octopus' Garden: Parrot Fish - (Auction Link)
Odyssey: Wrath of Poseidon - (Auction Link)
Okey Dokey - (Auction Link)
Okey Dokey - (Auction Link)
Okey Dokey - (Auction Link)
Omen: A Reign of War - (Auction Link)
On the Underground - (Auction Link)
Orcs Must Die! The Board Game: Order Edition - (Auction Link)
Orongo - (Auction Link)
The Others - (Auction Link)
Otys - (Auction Link)
Palazzo - (Auction Link)
Pandemic Legacy: Season 1 - (Auction Link)
Pandemic: Iberia - (Auction Link)
Papà Paolo - (Auction Link)
Paperback - (Auction Link)
Path of Light and Shadow - (Auction Link)
Peak Oil - (Auction Link)
Phase - (Auction Link)
Pixel Tactics: Argent University - (Auction Link)
Pixel Tactics: Seven Sisters - (Auction Link)
Pixel Tactics: The Price Of Victory - (Auction Link)
Planet Steam - (Auction Link)
Potion Explosion - (Auction Link)
Potion Explosion: The Fifth Ingredient - (Auction Link)
The Prodigals Club - (Auction Link)
Prophecy - (Auction Link)
Puerto Rico - (Auction Link)
Push Fight - (Auction Link)
Queendomino - (Auction Link)
Ra - (Auction Link)
Railroad Revolution - (Auction Link)
Rajas of the Ganges - (Auction Link)
The Reckoners - (Auction Link)
Regnum Angelica - (Auction Link)
Relic Expedition - (Auction Link)
Relic Runners - (Auction Link)
Rheinländer - (Auction Link)
Rick and Morty: Total Rickall Card Game - (Auction Link)
Rivals for Catan: Deluxe - (Auction Link)
The Ruhr: A Story of Coal Trade - [listitem=6305583](Auction Link)[/listitem]
Rum & Pirates - (Auction Link)
Saint Malo - (Auction Link)
Samurai Spirit - (Auction Link)
San Juan (second edition) - (Auction Link)
San Juan: The New Buildings & The Events - (Auction Link)
Santorini - (Auction Link)
Schöne Sch#!?e: Stroke of Luck - (Auction Link)
Scoville - (Auction Link)
Sekigahara: The Unification of Japan - (Auction Link)
Sentient - (Auction Link)
Serenissima (second edition) - (Auction Link)
The Settlers of Catan: The Great River - (Auction Link)
Shadows of Brimstone: City of the Ancients - [listitem=6514171](Auction Link)[/listitem]
Shadows of Brimstone: Forbidden Fortress - [listitem=6514182](Auction Link)[/listitem]
Shadows of Malice - (Auction Link)
Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective: Jack the Ripper & West End Adventures - (Auction Link)
Siege Storm - (Auction Link)
Simurgh - (Auction Link)
Small World Designer Edition - (Auction Link)
Snowdonia: The North Pole & The Great Bridge Scrapyard Promo Tile - (Auction Link)
Space Freaks - (Auction Link)
Specter Ops - (Auction Link)
Spellcaster - (Auction Link)
Spyfall - (Auction Link)
Spyfall 2 - (Auction Link)
Starfarers of Catan - (Auction Link)
Stay Away! - (Auction Link)
Steam Works - (Auction Link)
Steampunk Rally - (Auction Link)
Stronghold (2nd edition) - (Auction Link)
Student Bodies - (Auction Link)
Super Motherload - (Auction Link)
Swinging Jivecat Voodoo Lounge - (Auction Link)
Sword & Sorcery - (Auction Link)
Sylla: Caveant Consules - (Auction Link)
T.I.M.E Stories: Beacon Promo - (Auction Link)
Taiwan Monsters Brawl - (Auction Link)
Taj Mahal - (Auction Link)
Targi - (Auction Link)
Tatsu - (Auction Link)
Temporal Odyssey - (Auction Link)
Tempus Draconis - (Auction Link)
Terra Mystica - (Auction Link)
Tesla vs. Edison: War of Currents - (Auction Link)
That's a Question! - (Auction Link)
Thief's Market - (Auction Link)
Tikal - (Auction Link)
Titan - (Auction Link)
Tomb Trader - (Auction Link)
Tomorrow - (Auction Link)
Too Many Bones - (Auction Link)
Tournay - (Auction Link)
Tuscany: Expand the World of Viticulture - (Auction Link)
Twilight Struggle - (Auction Link)
Tzolk'in: The Mayan Calendar - (Auction Link)
Unfair - (Auction Link)
Utopia - (Auction Link)
Valeria: Card Kingdoms – Duke Mico the Monster Slayer - (Auction Link)
Valeria: Card Kingdoms – Promo Pack - (Auction Link)
Valeria: Card Kingdoms – The Tower - (Auction Link)
Vast: The Crystal Caverns - (Auction Link)
Venetia - (Auction Link)
Villages of Valeria: Rahdo the Guild Master Promo Card - (Auction Link)
Virgin Queen - (Auction Link)
VivaJava: The Coffee Game - (Auction Link)
VivaJava: The Coffee Game: The Dice Game - (Auction Link)
The Walled City: Londonderry & Borderlands - (Auction Link)
War of the Ring Collector's Edition - (Auction Link)
Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower - (Auction Link)
Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire - (Auction Link)
What's Up - (Auction Link)
Witch's Brew - (Auction Link)
Witch's Brew: The 6th Player & The Amulets & The Magical Abilities - (Auction Link)
Wizard's Academy - (Auction Link)
Word Slam: DSP-Edition - (Auction Link)
World of Warcraft: The Boardgame - (Auction Link)
World's Fair 1893 - (Auction Link)
Wrath of Dragons - (Auction Link)
Xenon Profiteer - (Auction Link)
XenoShyft: Oathkeeper Promo Card - (Auction Link)
Yedo - (Auction Link)
Zimby Mojo - (Auction Link)
Zombicide - (Auction Link)
Zombicide Season 2: Prison Outbreak - (Auction Link)
Zombicide Season 3: Rue Morgue - (Auction Link)
Zombie Tsunami - (Auction Link)
Zooloretto: Skunk - (Auction Link)

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