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Subject: Custom Script - When a plan comes together rss

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Tomer Mlynarsky
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I'm working on a custom script. Might try it after it's polished a bit more in the PBF section, so if you might be interested, better not read ahead.

It's a basic tragedy from core set only.

Public info
Spoiler (click to reveal)

Loops 4 with optional 5

5 days

Day 1 - Foul Evil
Day 2 - Spreading
Day 3 - Suicide
Day 4 - Butterfly
Day 5 - Murder

Mastermind Info :
Spoiler (click to reveal)

Main Plot : Murder Plan
Sub Plots : Threads of Fate, Unknown Factor

Patient - Key Person
Alien - Killer
Brain - Shrine Maiden
Factor - Doctor

Boy Student
Rich Man's Daughter
Class Rep
Police Officer
Office Worker

Day 1 - Foul Evil (Class Rep)
Day 2 - Spreading (Shrine Maiden)
Day 3 - Suicide (Patient - Key Person)
Day 4 - Butterfly (Rich Man's Daughter)
Day 5 - Murder (Alien - Killer)

Special Notes on Script:
Spoiler (click to reveal)

The characters are carefully chosen here and I think it might be a good teaching script to remind people who can't go where...
(If I could just find a way to tie in office worker not going into school...)

The Alien (killer and murderer) can't get into the hospital to kill the patient (Key person)

The Shrine Maiden (Brain) can't get into the city to help trigger Factor's ability.

Mastermind Tips:
Spoiler (click to reveal)

There are essentially only 2 realistic conditions to win the loop for you:

1) Trigger the suicide of the patient (key person) on day 3
2) Have the killer (alien) kill the protagonists

Possible but unrealistic conditions:
3) If protagonists use the doctor's ability and release the patient (almost never happens) then you can either try to kill it with Murder incident or the killer's ability.

4) If you can get 2 intrigue on city (without using brain) and 2 paranoia on alien and move the doctor next to her on day 5.
Possible as a last resort, but hard to accomplish.

So the suicide is your main win condition here.

During the first loop, you should try and use the killer to kill the protagonists - cause you're not likely to get this to work a second time.

If you can trigger Butterfly and use the brain ability at once, you're good to go. Getting 2 intrigue on alien should be easy enough.

You should also try and hide the brain's identity with the doctor if you can.

From then on, you're aiming to get the suicide to occur every loop with killer as a possible backup.

The bigger incident here is Spreading. Spreading will allow you to move good will to the patient so you are guaranteed 100% to win next loop.

During the last loop, use spreading to move good will to the doctor and use him to add paranoia (Factor has goodwill refusal) to the patient.

Since Shrine Maiden triggers Spreading and Threads of Fate is in play, don't use her refusal unless you have to - cause you want the protagonists to keep feeding her good will.

Butterfly can also add good will to the patient, but it's after the suicide. So unless you can kill the protagonists or miraculously kill the factor it doesn't help you much.

Foul Evil is just a bluff as is Murder incident.

Here is where I'm thinking there might be problems:

Spoiler (click to reveal)

My main concern is - is it possible that the mastermind will win this script every single loop with the suicide?

If the answer is "yes", then the killer isn't needed and there is no way for protagonists to uncover who it is. Shrine Maiden has refusal.

So the script is unsolvable.

The way I assumed protagonists will win this, is by either preventing Spreading (Officer can easily say who does it) or just not using any good will in the first 2 days to make it useless.

If they can, keep the brain and killer apart, and keep the factor away from key person.

Because factor needs to be in hospital to put paranoia on key person and brain needs to add intrigue to killer that can't get into the hospital, it's reasonable that players will have a shot at final guess - assuming they don't even win the loop itself.

But that's a big if that the mastermind can't manage to hide the killer.

Spoiler (click to reveal)

I don't think the mastermind will win this without exposing the factor, after all, if the players put good will on the doctor and you don't refuse, the suicide isn't going to trigger.

But is it possible the mastermind will win without using the brain?

I don't think it's possible, but if the mastermind doesn't activate her at all or just once in the entire game, it comes down again to a random guess at the last minute.

Spoiler (click to reveal)

Are 9 characters too much?
The 4 active roles are specific to the script.

The 5 persons I picked mostly due to their potential of being helpful:

Class Rep is used to bring back a -1 paranoia if needed.

Police Officer is used to make sure players have a chance to know who does what incident. His secondary ability is pretty useless since it can't save the patient.

Office Worker is on the theme of forbidden movement but maybe I can cut him.

Boy Student can't stop the suicide, but he can stop butterfly and spreading so he is somewhat useful.

I suppose if I slim the number of characters, I could be in less of an issue of final guess.

What do you think?
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Xiao Xu
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How I would play this script:

Spoiler (click to reveal)
So far, I can’t think of any strategy that hides the factor role for Final Guess. I feel like the mastermind just couldn’t last that many loops without the factor, so let’s assume the optimal strategy is hiding the brain.

Loop 1: Try to pull of the killer win condition. This can be done in one specific way without revealing the brain. Place intrigue on girls to bluff for “Sign with Me”, then find a turn to place an intrigue +2 on the Alien before the “Butterfly Effect” incident. Move the Alien and Rich Man’s Daughter to the same location on day 4, then place an intrigue +1 on Alien and hope for the best.

Also, place one intrigue on the shrine just so that players would try to use shrine maiden’s ability, this is required to set up for the spreading incident on the next loop.

Realistically speaking, you probably will use the brain’s ability to achieve this. Let’s say you used it when there are three possible candidates for the brain role. Making the chance to win Final Guess around 66% for now.

Loop 2: Win a 50-50 on city + school, I would personally go for the city and win through the factor death win condition, murder will always trigger as long as you put paranoia +1 on Alien every turn. You will also have to hope that the protagonists don’t try to put goodwill on the doctor, because revealing his role this early would be bad. This is the most difficult one to pull off, but I think it should be done before you go for the patient to leave the protagonists guessing if the doctor is a key person or a factor. Otherwise, you will have to do this on loop 4 and it’s pretty much impossible since the players will know who the key person and factor is by then.

At the same time, trigger the spreading so that the patient gets goodwill. If the players didn’t play any goodwill cards for the first two days, then you have to go for the butterfly effect, and try to add a goodwill on the patient that way. This is the deciding factor for win or loss.

Loop 3: Assume that you successfully pulled off the spreading or butterfly onto the patient, it’s a free win. If not, then you have lost the game pretty much. You could still go for what I described in loop 4 and win, but ultimately you would lose on loop 4 because you have revealed the factor. You either used the Doctor’s passive ability or used factor’s conspiracy theorist ability, the latter case would allow the players to deduce the factor from patient’s death (unless you can kill the patient with two intrigues on the city). Killing the Doctor like you did in loop 2 wouldn’t work either due to this.

Loop 4: Go for the suicide win condition. There are two ways to achieve this, by placing a paranoia +1 on the patient, and if the player goes for a goodwill + 2 on the doctor. If so, you should not hold back and proceed to add another paranoia +1 on the patient. The other way is through factor’s conspiracy theorist ability; you could try to win a 50-50 on city + school, or Alien + school, and the third card probably goes to paranoia +1 on the patient. If you miss this 50-50, and the players only play paranoia -1 on the patients without going for the doctor, then you have pretty much lost.

Assume you have pulled everything off (that’s very impressive to me), you still have the chance of losing in the Final Guess randomly. Man, that would feel bad if you are the mastermind.

Spoiler (click to reveal)

Overall, I think the script is favored for the protagonists. Winning is possible, but would require a dedicated mastermind player to pull it off, with the requirement of winning a lot of 50-50s.

I would recommend testing your script with someone in a real-life session. Usually one player is enough, you could learn a lot about your script through testing.

This is all just my opinion, I could be very wrong and there’s a better strategy that I’m not seeing. Hope this review helps.

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Tomer Mlynarsky
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Of course I'll test it, but I was hoping to do a little bit of theory-crafting before running it.

I also assumed the script is a bit more on the easier side, since I think it can be won during the loop and the mastermind doesn't have a lot of options - if the players realize that.

Your comments are always helpful!
Spoiler (click to reveal)

Interesting that you strategized on using the factor win condition.
I kind of assumed that it would be require so much preparations that it could be a waste of time.

So I take it you think the muted killer isn't a big issue?
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