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Garcian Smith
United States
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Okay, so I decided to do something. I was at home, playing and getting bored playing WoW with my friends. I decided to head to the card shop.

I had been there yesterday, meeting random people and playing some games.

I had also bought 2 constructed decks that day, a gearsmith and a warlord. GS seemed like they just grow big guys. Warlords... they seem to have lots of damage stuff and have good stats.

Anyway, so when I was there, I wandered around. People were playing a WoW tournament. I saw a couple Naruto players there. It was busy.

I was sporting my Vs. starter deck, hoping someone would show me how to play correctly. I also lugged Shadows Over Camelot, just in case anybody was game.

But then I saw 2 spoils players in the back; I decided to investigate. In the midsts of the chaotic store, these two players were playing calmly and sternly. I asked them a couple questions.

I was informed of a draft tournament for spoils. At first, I hesitated, as I was the new guy. I probably wouldn't win.

But then I said yes in the end. But then we got to choose between sealed and draft. I voted sealed with another. A third was indifferent and the fourth player wanted draft. So we went with sealed.

You get a tournament pack, 2 boosters for $20. I opened my pack. I seperated my cards into the colors. Then I seperated the colors into characters, tactics, locations, gear and items. I took very long time.

I had only played sealed once before and it was for MTG, a 40 card deck. But this time I had to make a 45 card deck. I asked around and got my resources to around 15-16. Then I decided to go with 10 tactics and 20 characters.

I decided I wanted to play a deck with a good curve. I looked at gearsmith. They had pretty strong 7 cost cards and a 9 cost card as well. However, I had no in between cards. So that was removed.

As for my warlord, I only had a few cards for that group as well.

I decided to go with the banker, arcanist and rogue. My rares were billionaire, ghostly auditor, Beatrix Winterbottom, missappropiation machine and ruthless platoon.

I don't know what they do off the top of my head. All I know is that billionaire and machine were ROGUE, Beatrix and ghost were BANKER and platoon was Warlord. Warlord was taken out. Billionaire was also taken out because the threshold was 4 rogue resources.

So I went with beatrix, ghost and machine.

Time was really running out and I had a whole bunch of cards. I decided to think like magic. I picked up removal cards from my set. I found most of them, nearly all, were banker. Then I pushed aside the rest. Then I got my characters. I picked out the situational ones and that was that. My highest curve was 5.

I found that A lot of my low cost characters were arcanist and had the middle to upper cost guys as rogue and banker.

With my 46 card rogue-banker-arcanist deck, I decided to fight my foes.

The first game was slow. I was against Mike. He ran arcanist, banker and warlord. I don't recall the details, because I was too intent on focusing on my guys. All I remember was he did consistent damage to me, driving me towards 12 or so HP. I barely scratched him. I was too focused on figuring out the situation to put out threats. One amazing thing that happened was when I put down an ectological hazard suit on my money changer.

For those that don't know these terms, money changer is a guy who can draw a card by placing a -1/-1 counter on him. Being a 2/2, he would die due to 2 counters. However, the suit gives +1/+1 for each counter on the character it is attached to. That means money changer can use his ability as much as he wants to, yet remain a 2/2.

What happened was I got a draw against Mike as I played slow. He should have won.

The second game was against Ben. He played, I can't recall the trades. Anyway, He had a arcanist that was a 1/1/3. What happens if it dies is that I would discard a card. He then played a warlord guy who does 2 damage the turn he is placed to me, a 2/1/3. Then I remember I tried to get my money combo out, but it never happened. I messed up my play and what happened was we drew, both of us having 15 life.

My third game was against Matt from Fullerton. I was intimidated. He played rogue, arcanist and warlord. The starting turn, I was scared. I threw away expensive cards during my mulligan and ended up with banker stuff.

Right away, he played the most expensive card in the set, heist planner. He costs 3 to play and when he comes into play, he can go through my deck and place them in my discard pile. He placed some removal I think.

The turning point came when he placed a warlord, 6/2/3 Brash Basher on the field. Then came my turn. I then played what changed the game - Summary judgement. What this card does is it destroys a character, unless the opponent allows me to draw a number of cards equal to the strength of the card I picked.

So again, either he loses his 6 attack guy, or he lets me draw 6 cards. 6 cards were drawn. On his turn, I ate 6 damage. Then came my turn. I played a 3 cost impeccable timing. Any character less than 4 life and is depleted is destroyed. Boom.

The rest of the game went smoothly. I had a good deal of removal and got rid of his cards. He played carnival thief or something. He has some 3/3/4 rogue characters, but I removed them.

At the end, I messed up by attacking with 4 guys together while he blocked with 1 guy. I asked if I could take it back and he said no. Jerk.

Well, time was called. I had 2 turns to kill this guy. I was at 16 health, he was at 10. I believe I played a impulsive abductress and attacked with someone. He blocked with 1 of 3 creatures and I destroyed the blocker.

Then I realized both of his remaining characters had covert. I ran into him with my remaining characters and got through the 10 hp like a butter through a knife. I had beaten an experienced player.

So I had a draw, draw and a win. Mike achieved the same result. Ben had gotten 2 losses and a draw. Man. Then Matt had a win, a draw and a loss.

Me and mike tied for 1st place. We rolled a dice, and I won. That means I got the first place prize.

I got 3 boosters - 2 from part 1 and 1 from part 2. Then I got the choice between bladefist doomwing and revivate. I chose the former.

So wow... a total noob that wins! I do feel mike should have been the victor here.

The two plays that made my day - playing summary judgement on his 6 strength brash basher and drawing 6 cards AND the moneychanger+suit infinite combo.
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