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Subject: Questions about Interior Locations & Card Trading rss

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Joe Fourhman
United States
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Posted with permission from email:

We played a 4 player game last night. I just had some technical questions.
(That I couldn't find an answer for in the manual.)

1. When a person goes into a house, (laying out the tiles.) I am
assuming that when you do this, you only flip the first (left) room to place
your marker.. The rest are explored (flipped face up) as you explore them..
(Or when you enter a house, you see all the rooms flipped up.)

2a. When someone is in a house, can a second player enter the house?
Logically I would say yes.. but it kind of contradicts my next question..
Since they first player hasn't left the house, the house tiles haven't yet
been discarded. (I couldn't find any explanation in the rules about two
people entering a house.) But since you can both walk on the same tile in
the town, I would assume it would carry over to the inside of the house
too?!? (In which case, the house tiles would not be discarded until there
are no humans in the house.)

2b. I am pretty sure that your answer to my (2a) question will answer
this one too.. But I'll lay it out just in case.. Using my logic theory on a
second person being able to enter a house before another player has left:
The Shine Tile.. If two can enter the shrine tile (and in essence, the same
boss ghost) might affect game balance.. I am wondering that since you have
provided 4 boss ghosts, that perhaps that would be so that each player would
have their own ghost (& their own shrine tile)... (Or you provided 4, for
more game variety.)

3. I can't remember if this question was explained in the manual (so if it
is, I apologize in advance). Can we give/trade/receive cards from our hand
to another human? If it is allowed, I could theorize that they might have
the following rules:
On your turn:
you must be in the same square as receiving player.
You can give 1 card to that player (but that will burn your "Card Use" step
for this turn)

So cards can only be given on your turn.. (and receive on someone else's
turn.) The receiver won't lose their "Card Use" step as it wasn't their
active turn.. (But they would if they gave a card during their turn).

Of these rules/questions I mentioned here, I tried using the following
(since I didn't the definitive answer last night): "House tiles are laid
out, but all face down (except the one that the player lands on when
entering), A player could enter another person's already laid out house,
before the original player leaves it, Except for the shine, where we all had
our "own" shrine & boss ghost. And we didn't implement trading at all."

Phew.. Other than these questions, The game played very well, and everyone
who played really enjoyed it.. (Even those that didn't really know the video
game.) My wife & I probably enjoyed it a bit more, as we could relate the
cards to the story we played through on the Video Game.



1. Interior House Locations are dealt to you faceup. You're right,
this isn't precisely listed in the rules... I'll have to edit that!
Although having to "explore" the interior card path is in theme (and
matches the Exterior Map), it will slow down the game. The benefit to
seeing the entire path as soon as it is dealt is that you can turn
around and walk out on your next turn if you don't like any of those
location cards (especially if that crappy 'discard cards' one shows
up). You could certainly keep facedown Interior cards as a house rule

2. This one is on the rules page... although perhaps not as
explicitly. Players are NEVER on the same Interior Location path. If
player A goes inside a house, and later player B happens to enter
that same house, B deals off a new, personal path of cards. So if you
and your wife have both entered Kurosawa House, you will both have
your own four-card path in front of you. My logic for that is that
the Houses are all larger and twistier than they seem, and that two
people could walk through the same old house and never see each other!

And yes, there are four bosses because each player will receive a
different random boss as they enter the Shrine, should all four
happen to enter it at the same (or nearly the same) time.

3. There are no rules for card trading among players. Could be
another interesting house rule, especially if you want to try a 2 on
2 team game! In which case, I'd also suggest changing what I told you
in question 1, and have team members ALWAYS enter the same Interior
path as their fellow teammate... to allow ganging up on the boss
ghost. I'll have to vet that out sometime... I like the twins angle!

Glad you dig the game! I should work on the expansion more...


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Christopher Muzatko
United States
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Hopefully I will be able to play this again very soon to impliment my trading idea, to see if the logistics of the idea work well for this great game.
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