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Subject: Just out for a stroll... two maps with 80 points per side. rss

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Mike Bourgeois
British Columbia
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The object of the simulation was to have a small infantry force with a tank and a HMG support weapon try to occupy the landing strip at Henderson Field. (0302 for one turn)

Both the US and Japanese forces had approximately 80 points to work with in the field.

US forces
x3 USMC Infantry
x2 HMG support weapon

Japanese forces
x5 LIA troops
x1 Chi Ha (tank)
x1 HMG support weapon

Just so you know, this is a bit of a cheat for me. I did the decision that said... "if you don't attack you can't be seen". It makes more sense to me than saying that I'm in range now so I shoot at this guy who is concealed in thick jungle. It's much easier to shoot at someone you can see for real.

Round 1: movement with no actions
Round 2: Japanese forces move with no actions. Tank moves beyond Jungle hexes and has double assault/ambush from x2 USMC Infantry. Assaults occur one after the other and thus the first one destroys the tank utterly. I'm assuming it's the old "open hatch, in with grenade and BOOM up goes the tank." So now I figure it's a great guess that the Japanese forces know where to find the opponent.
Round 3: Japanese advance cautiously since no one has actual line of sight or range to attack the USMC Infantry. The infantry though decided though that one would fall back and the other would assault the newly moved Japanese HMG. It results in a tie and since the aggressor gets the win... well the HMG sputters and dies.
Round 4: The LIA fire at the semiconcealed HMCS. Since they're firing into Soft Cover the -1 to hit causes all the shots to either be absorbed or miss entirely. The one LIA that chooses to assault though... well he gets lucky... one USMC dies with their boots on but their knives still unbloodied.
Round 5: Once again LIA fire and miss. The remaining USMC group returns fire and causes 2 step points of damage and pins a LIA group.
Round 6: The LIA should check their sights as they miss again. And shifting aim the remaining USMC in the area takes another LIA group down 2 step points. And pins them as well. (low training value hurts the LIA)
Round 7: With the two nearest LIA groups severely depleted the USMC Infantry moves away towards the river. Now, I also decided in the same vein that allows you to fire if you can see someone... well I was in range of one of the USMC HMG sections and seeing the group come out of the jungle... they moved to cover the USMC movement.
Round 8: As the LIA move again they fall into extreme range for the HMG and also within range of the USMC. Since you can't fire and move... well they died under heavy fire.
Round 9: The LIA were really taking it hard and this round the two priorly pinned units came forth to come to grips with the USMC group and their sporadic shots did nothing at all. Very poor draws off the deck. The responding fire of course was nothing short of astounding. Two more LIA die in hot showers of molten lead.
Round 10: Well, the last LIA decided to move up and hid in cover. The HMG held it's ground and the USMC infantry unit moved into the adjacent space for the LIA unit.
Round 11: Fire into soft cover again fouls the shots of the LIA. Knives don't worry about some jungle creepers though and the last LIA falls to a close combat attempt that went well. (actually seven red for USMC and all black for the LIA... I'm sure there are odds on this.)

I enjoyed the battle. I think trying it again I'd bring in more Japanese units. They went down very easily and they are not as proficient at fighting as the USMC units were.
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