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Subject: Epic Version with new playable characters! (Faster) rss

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Eli Cunningham
United States
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Thank you so much for taking the time to read my hard work! I have created a few things to make Hogwarts Battles the greatest game of all time (this is not something you buy, it's simply something you do yourself at home with my simple printout):

New playable characters

Balance fixes for game 6, 7, and the expansions

Most importantly, A NEW EPIC VERSION OF THE GAME. Better heroes, harder difficulty, more awesomeness!

So, for starters, I will note that I have (clearly) spent far too much time playing Hogwarts Battles. I have beaten each game a double digit number of times, and have played through many times with 2, 3, or 4 players (so I know how different they all are, and feel I have an excellent understanding of the balance of the game). Given that each character uses 7 alohamoras and their pets all have the same effect, I realized that in order to create a new character one only must come up with a power (their passive ability), and 2 items. If you have played to the end of the expansion you know that characters eventually have their own patronus, which is like having your own proficiency. For this reason, I went ahead and gave every character a matching proficiency. These should probably not be used interchangeably.

In order to use my expansion, all you need is the base game Hogwarts battles. You would get out the deck of any character, and you simply must decide which item out of their deck gets which effect (as I have come up with 2 items for each new character). The characters I have created are about as strong as the game 7 versions, or the expansion versions of characters, and so this new expansion should not be used on games before game 6.

Now, if that is all the changes you want in your life, stop reading here. However, if you want to read a few quick and easy rule changes that in my opinion perfect that balance of the game, read on.

I believe that the core of this game is truly phenomenal, but it has a few small problems that can derail the greatness of the game. Here I outline what I believe to be the biggest issues, and their solutions

There are some useless villains/creatures you can leave alive all game with minimal consequences

By the time you are to game 6 or 7, or into the expansions, there are some early game villains who have all but completely lost any effectiveness. Starting with one or two of these can make the entire game a breeze, because you are essentially only fighting one or two villains at a time. So, here is a list of the offenders, and the lore-appropriate solutions I have for them:

Delores Umbridge: She is truly worthless with very minimal impact on your life. If you are playing the expansion, I have changed her effect to make you add a detention to your hand if you buy a card with value 4 or more, instead of losing 1 hp. If you are not playing the expansion, her effect could be: you may not damage other villains until you defeat Delores Umbridge (as she refutes the notions that they exist).

Crab and Goyle: Should honestly be removed from the game, which is what I do, but if you want to keep them, they now make you lose 3 health if you discard, not one, given how rare it is that you discard and their low health.

Draco's new effect is that all heroes lose 2 health when a dark mark is added, although if you are playing with 4 people it is that all heroes lose 1 health.

Lucius, if you are playing the expansion, becomes all villains AND creatures lose 1 damage or 1 coin.

Quirrell becomes lose 1 health and discard 1 coin or lightning bolt that you were given by another hero (so if you have none you don't have to discard)

Death eaters: Copy the effect of the villain/creature next to them. If they are in the middle, copy the one on the left

There are some creatures I modified, but if you have the expansion you need to just play the EPIC version I created, see below

A bad/stagnant shop can be more deadly than any villain

THE ROTATING SHOP: By the time you are playing game 6 or 7, or the boxes, the deck is simply of unholy size. It is too easy to never get the important cards you need. The fix is very simple. Place the shop out as normal. The card in the top right is the 'oldest card.' When a card is bought, rotate all the cards counterclockwise forward to fill its slot, the top right being the newest card. At the end of each turn, you are allowed to remove the oldest card, which is the card in the top right. If you do so, simply move all the cards forward one slot. This will be the card that has been in the shop the longest. Note that this is quite helpful, do not add this without making the villains worse. It will be too easy.

A bad villain/creature start feels unwinnable at times, whereas An easy start feels boringly easy

By buffing the worthless villains, you have an overall harder game. By adding the rotating shop, this equals out.

Now for the Coup de grâce, the EPIC VERSION

When creating new characters, I really wanted to go a little wild, and give them some more OOMPF at level one, without breaking the game wide open. I also wanted to create a slightly faster paced game. In the document with new characters, you will find many characters EPIC versions. You will play with whomever you would like out of the epic versions. For encounters, it is really up to you. A very difficult but fun setup is: First, Full Moon Rises, Second, Students out of Bed, and third, Escape! except that to kill it you must roll 3 lightning bolts, instead of its easy defeat condition. This can be played without the expansion, see the bottom for details.

The villains are (all using the above modifications): Belatrix, Chinese fireball, Lucius (as modified above), Basilisk, 2 Death Eaters, Fenrir, Barty Jr, Draco, Delores, Dementor, Peter, the Werewolf, Ukranian Irontail, and the Hungarian Horntail. For voldemort obviously use box 4. Feel free to play around with this list!

For Locations, use the box 4 locations. HOWEVER!!! This is where it gets epic. At location one and two, you are drawing 2 dark arts cards per turn. At 3 and 4, you must draw 3 cards per turn. Your heroes are strong, the game must be able to match you.

If you do not have the expansion, obviously drop all creatures, replace with a few villains. Use only the harder horcruxes. For locations, pick out 4 locations that get a little longer, and use the dark arts per turn that I layed out. Enjoy!

Also, if anyone knows where a better place for me to get my variant out there would be, please let me know
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