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Arthur Williams
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Alright, I think I’m ready to try out one of the OblivAeon environments, the Nexus of the Void. I’ve only played it once IRL, but all 15 cards saw play, and it seemed comprehensible enough. It also seemed one of the least dangerous environments ever, suitable for fighting a fairly tough (or at least intimidating) villain. One of the cards absolutely demanded that Absolute Zero see play there, and since he’s something of a mismatch with the villain in question, I’m backing him up with a hero who helps him get more cards into play than can easily be destroyed, along with a hero who relies mostly on one-shots rather than cards that sit in play.

La Capitan [75] vs Prime Wardens Argent Adept [25], Freedom Five Absolute Zero [28], and Sky-Scraper [33] in the Nexus of the Void.

Setup: La Paradoja Magnifica [15] begins in play. Argent draws Eydisar’s Horn, and Vernal Sonata x2 with Xu’s Bell between. Zero gets Coolant Blast, Modular Realignment, Impale and Cryo Chamber. Normal Sky-Scraper starts with Emergency Evac, Rest and Recover, Tectonic Chokeslam, and Neutralizing Resonator.

Villain 1: Captain’s Orders enters play. Cappy shoots Sky-Scraper for 2 projectile [31]. The ship plays Plunder to no effect, then it bonks AA for 2 melee [23].

Argent 1: Plays the Horn and activates Conduct, putting Instrumental Conjuration out. Telamon’s Lyra enters play, and the Adept draws Cedistic Dissonant and Arcane Cadence.

Zero 1: Cryo Chamber sets him up, so Pilot Light deals him only 1 damage [27] as he puts Glacial Structure into play. Draws Thermal Shockwave.

Sky-Scraper 1: Tectonic Chokeslam makes her Huge, and she deals 4 melee and 1 projectile to the ship [10], 1 to Cappy [74], 1 to Argent [22], 1 to AZ [26], and 1 to herself [30]. Concussive Clap adds another 2 damage to La Capitan [72] and the Paradoja [8]. Draws Colossal Left Hook.

Enviro 1: The Nexus’s first card for this game is Phosphor Fen. Every target currently in play has even HP, so nothing happens.

Villain 2: Plunder is shuffled into the deck. The normal card play is Final Breath [11]. Cappy shoots Sky for 2 [28], and the ship plays Walk the Plank, hitting her for 3 more [25] and prohibiting power use on her next turn. Captain’s Orders does 2 damage to AA [20], then Final Breath deals 3 more to him [17].

Argent 2: Arcane Cadence reveals Inspiring Supertonic (to top of deck), Arcane Cadence (to play), Cedistic Dissonant (to trash), Silver Shadow (to hand), and Rhapsody of Vigor (to bottom of deck). Second Cadence puts out the Supertonic (to bottom of deck this time), Vernal Sonata (to trash), Scherzo of Frost and Flame (to hand), Syncopated Onslaught (to play), and Alacritous Subdominant (to top of deck). Conduct puts out the Supertonic and activates its Accompany to heal him [AA 19]. Draws the Subdominant.

Zero 2: Plays Impale on La Capitan. Activates Glacial Structure to drawNull-Point Calibration Unit, Sub-Zero Atmosphere, and Frost-Bound Drain. Also draws Isothermic Transducer.

Sky-Scraper 2: Plays Colossal Left Hook to deal 3 to the ship [5], discard Neutralizing Resonator, and play Rest and Recover, gaining 1 HP [26], drawing Thorathian Monolith and returning Tectonic Chokeslam to her hand. Skips her power and draws Aggression Modulator.

Enviro 2: The Void Slave [9] enters play. Phosphor Fen damages this [8], the ship [4], Final Breath [10], and Argent [18].

Villain 3: Walk the Plank is reshuffled, and All Together Now is played, dealing 2 to Sky-Scraper [24]. She shoots AZ for 2 more [24], plays Walk the Plank again [Sky 21], and deals 2 to Argent [16] before Final Breath deals 3 to him [13].

Argent 3: Silver Shadow activates the Supertonic accompany to heal AA [15], then plays Alacritous Subdominant. Activates Conduct, putting Rhapsody of Vigor into play, and activating the Subdominant accompany. Plays Telamon’s Lyra, activating the Supertonic perform to gain another new power, and the Syncopated accompany to deal 1 damage to the ship [3]. The new power activates Eydisar’s Horn to perform the Rhapsody, healing himself [14], AZ [25], and Sky [22]. The Horn also plays an Accompany, and that could be the not-yet-destroyed Subdominant, but with no more Powers to use, it settles for more Supertonic healing [16]. Finally destroys the Subdominant, then draws Drake’s Pipes.

Zero 3: Impale hits La Capitan for 2 [70]. Plays the Isothermic Transducer, then activates Pilot Light; he deals 1 fire damage to himself [24], and this lets him deal 1 cold damage to Void Slave [7]. I then remember the Void Slave’s effect; this should have discarded Eternal Timbre, destroying the Subdominant and completely changing Argent’s last turn, but I don’t feel like erasing the past, so instead I fudge and have the next environment card have been the Devouring River [6], shuffling the Timbre and another Biome into the deck. Oh and Rhapsody of Vigor would also have triggered Void Slave, so I cheat again and get Slumbering Serpent into play [2]. I’m obviously not being fair to Cappy here by manufacturing such exceptional good luck for the heroes, but at least it doesn’t break the timeline; she can do that herself. Since Pilot Light states in the imperative that you must get the Ongoing (although I suspect there’s a meta-rule saying you’re never forced to find what you search your deck for), I will require Zero to put out an Ongoing and trigger Void Slave yet again, without any cheating this time; he selects Thermal Shockwave, but Void Slave discards Eternal Timbre for real this time and destroys the Shockwave. Draws a second Frost-Bound Drain.

Sky-Scraper 3: Puts an Aggression Modulator on the Devouring River, then draws Cortex Hyperstimulator.

Enviro 3: The Glass Peaks enter play, destroying the Phosphor Fen that I’ve been working around this whole time. The biome shift heals the Serpent twice [4], and Devouring River also triggers, damaging the Paradoja for 3 [X], the Void Slave for 2 [5], and Final Breath for 3 [7] with the Modulator boost. If the Modulator had not boosted the River’s damage, the Paradoja would be left at 1 HP and would crash on the Glass Peaks, but instead they damage Final Breath [6].

Villain 4: Suddenly grounded, Cappy has no start-of-turn effect, and only a single card play, which is Maria Helena’s Revenge. Void Slave triggers, discarding Taiga Burning Bright and dashing Maria Helena’s hopes to accomplish anything this turn. A perfunctory shot at AZ [22], and the usual 5-damage dogpile on AA [11], is all that happens after that.

Argent 4: Having only 1/5 of the HP of the full team offends Drake’s sensibilities, so he plays Vernal Sonata to heal himself to [12] and the others to [23]. He reclaims the Subdominant, AZ takes back Glacial Structure, and Sky recycles Rest and Recover as she normally cannot. Eydisar’s Horn plays the Rhapsody of Supertonic again, and the team regains 5 more HP [AA 15, others 24]; with a couple of extra healy-beams to toss out, Argent also adds 1 HP to the Slumbering Serpent [5]. He is now at five twenty-firsts of the team’s total; this is far more acceptable, and he draws his Subdominant of course.

Zero 4: Impale triggers [LC 68]. Plays Frost-Bound Drain, hitting Void Slave for 3 [2] and himself for 2 [22]; the Transducer puts out 2 more cold damage and he puts this on Final Breath [4]. Then he blows the Cryo Chamber, damaging himself for 4 [18] in order to spit out 4 cold which ends the Ronin. Draws the Glacial Structure from before.

Sky-Scraper 4: Stuck in normal size and not truly desperate to change this (after all, her Huge destruction won’t spare the Serpent, who is a useful ally), Sky puts a Hyperstimulator on Cappy, then draws her Rest and Recover plus Thorathian Monolith and Micro-Assembler.

Enviro 4: Reclusive Keeper [12] enters play, healing the Serpent [6]. Devouring River discards Elemental Awakening, failing to deal damage and Glass Peaks hits AA for 1 [14].

Villain 5: Yet again, La Capitan insists upon Sky-Scraper Walking the Plank [22]. The Hyperstimulator partly spoils her shot, but she takes another one without interference [Sky 20], and then gets shocked [67], and then orders herself to kick Argent while he’s down [12].

Argent 5: Puts down Xu’s Bell, then tweedles the Healing Horn again to gain 3 HP [15], give 1 to each of his allies [AZ 19, SS 21], and speed the Serpent’s awakening [7]. Draws Sarabande of Destruction.

Zero 5: Zaps the Cap [65] and plays the NPCU, then activates Pilot Light, taking 2 fire [17] and putting out 2 cold to destroy the Void Slave. Searches out Sub-Zero Atmosphere, a slightly risky card which he hopes will shut down the Crew as fast as they appear. Draws Onboard Module Activation.

Sky-Scraper 5: Draws Linking Incursion and Undetectable Relinking.

Enviro 5: The Keeper sees two other Spirits in play and ambles off; the Ember Dunes is played, healing the Serpent [9] and activating the River, who targets two heroes but is too Modulated to affect them, so it only deals 3 to LC [62]. The Devouring River then triggers and pulls out Savanna Nocturna, healing the Serpent twice more to get him to his full [10], which means he blasts La Capitan for 4 [58]. Savanna Nocturna gives +2 damage dealt to the two Spirits and the Argent Adept; AZ curses and begins planning to set himself on fire.

Villain 6: Thanks to SZA, Cappy’s shaky shot at Sky [20] and her kicking of Argent in the head [13] happen now, before she finally gets serious and plays Raiding Party, revealing Trueshot [9], discarding Plunder and All Together Now, and playing Chip [8] along with the Amazon. She finally steals a hero card after the Crew arrive, and AZ offers to give up the Calibration Unit rather than force AA to lose a unique Instrument. The chilly new Crew members take no action, but La Capitan takes 1 damage from the Hyperstimulator [57] as the entire End-of-Villain-Turn phase.

Argent 6: With that +2 to damage, the Adept plays Scherzo of Frost and Flame, then plays the Horn to activate it, dealing 3 cold to Trueshot [6], then 3 fire to Zero [14], who deals 5 more to Trueshot and leaves her at [1]. The Horn produces the Supertonic accompany to heal Argent, with a boost from the Savanna [16], and Argent draws Arcane Cadence.

Zero 6: Cappy falls to [55], then OMI draws Focused Apertures, searches out an NPCU, and plays the other Frost-Bound Drain; the two cards played heal Trueshot to [7] thanks to the Savanna boost, but 3 direct cold damage and 3 more from the Transducer all but finish her off anyway, with him dropping to [11]. Pilot Light then drops him to [9], he Transduces that to do her in at last, and he searches out a second Impale. Draws a Transducer.

Sky-Scraper 6: Undetectable Relinking makes a Tiny Sky, returning both Links to her hand, then playing Linking Incursion, getting a new Hyperstimulator for LC and also a Compulsion Canister; she plays this on the Devouring River [4], causing it to deal its +2-boosted damage to La Capitan [51]. The Modulator then comes back on the Slumbering Serpent, and Sneaking plays the first Hyperstimulator back on Cappy and then gives AZ a Micro-Assembler. The Compulsion Canister returns to her hand, and she draws Explosive Reveal.

Enviro 6: Savanna Nocturna’s bonus to the Serpent ends before having any effect; Shifting Biomes enters play, and Devouring River discards Elemental Awakening. The Modulated Serpent deals 8 to La Capitan [43], then Savannah Nocturna retargets to the River (that’s okay), Chip (that’s bad), and AZ (that’s good). Shifting Biomes plays Jade Estuary, and Devouring River triggers, dealing 4 cold to Chip [4], to the unfortunately-NPCU-less AZ [5], and even to AA [12]. The Estuary, with the Savanna bonus, all but undoes the damage to Chip [7], plus healing the River [7]. AA and SS both get powers, and the former goes first; Telamon’s Lyra gives him an additional power and lets him do a Syncopated Onslaught on Chip [6], then he plays the Horn to Rhapsody each hero for Savanna-doubled HP boosts [self 14, AZ 7, SS 22], then Supertonics himself for another 3 [17]. Sky can only Sneak a Compulsion Canister out and then back to her hand; it lands on Chip, dealing him 2 [4] and causing him to do 4 to LC [39] thanks to the Savannah bonus. The Shifting Biomes are destroyed somewhere in there as well, and the Nexus is done.

Villain 7: In the start phase, Cappy tries to shoot Sky, but is too Hyperstimulated to accomplish anything; Captain’s Orders activates Chip to deal 4 to AZ [3], then Chip’s two innates both deal 4 to Sky [14]. Then Plunder is played, destroying AZ’s module and his borrowed Micro-Assembler; Cappy [42] and Chip [7] are healed with a Savanna boost, and the villains are done, except for Cappy seizing up a couple of times [40].

Argent 7: Vernal Sonata has double its normal healing effect [AA 19, AZ 5, SS 16]; Silver Shadow, OMI, and Colossal Left Hook are returned to tops of decks. The Lyra-Horn chain lets the Adept hit Chip for 1 [6], heal all the heroes for 2 more [AA 21, AZ 7, SS 18], and heal himself for 3 [24]. Draws the Silver Shadow and ends his turn.

Zero 7: Aside from his Impales firing [Cappy 36], all he can do is play NPCU to try and save himself, and draw the OMI.

Sky-Scraper 7: Thorathian Monolith enters play; she Claps to deal 2 to Cappy [38], Chip [4], the River [5], and the Serpent [8]. Draws her Left Hook.

Enviro 7: Magma’s Rage [8] enters play, and the Serpent heals to full [10] thanks to the Savanna. The deck is empty, so Devouring River cannot take effect; the Serpent cleans LC’s clock [30], and Chip, the River, and AZ are boosted by the Savanna. The Estuary heals Cappy [32] and Chip [6], and AA and Sky get powers; Concussive Clap damages the River [3], the Serpent [8], the Magma [6 and it gains a token], Chip [4], and Cappy [30], then Argent uses the Lyra-Horn loop, this time selecting Supertonic-Syncopated and Scherzo-Supertonic, to zap Chip for 1 sonic [3], then 1 fire [2], while healing AZ with 1 cold [8] and maxing out AA at [25]. Despite this valiant effort, Chip is still alive; Magma’s Rage then blasts AA for 2, but the Thorathian Monolith intercepts this damage and reduces it to 0, so the Rage presumably does not gain another token.

Villain 8: FLIP! The three stolen cards heal Cappy [33] and Chip [5], and the Captain orders Chip to kick AZ, except that Sky intercepts the hit and reduces it [16]. Chip shoots twice and gets through for 4 to Sky [12]. Another Captain’s Orders enters play, and the Hyperstimulators return both of AZ’s stolen cards.

Argent 8: Plays Alacritous Subdominant, then activates the power of Telamon’s Lyra; AZ persuades him to finally do what I planned on having the Adept do all along, and help him get set up by playing Focused Apertures. The Adept then uses the Onslaught accompany to remove the last stolen card from Cappy; he draws another Silver Shadow and is done.

Zero 8: With Cappy no longer having any protection, the double Impale is boosted by Focused Apertures and the Savanna, totaling 10 damage to LC [23]. OMI draws Cold Snap, gets a backup Transducer, and avoids any question of how Thorathian Monolith short-circuits his efforts by just playing and using Glacial Structure. He ends up drawing Fueled Freeze, Focused Apertures, Modular Realignment and Cryo Chamber.

Sky-Scraper 8: Becomes less Monolithic, and plays Colossal Left Hook for 3 damage to Cappy [20], discards Emergency Evac, plays Compulsion Canister on Chip [3], and deals another 4 to Cappy [16]. She then Claps, dropping Cappy to [14], Chip to [1], the River to [3], the Serpent to [6], and the Magma to [4] with 2 tokens. Draws Proportionist.

Enviro 8: The enviro deck is reshuffled and plays Void Slave [9]. The River plays Phosphor Fen; I think the enter-play triggers may be stacked in any order, so I think that the Serpent heals 2 [8] from the Fen entering play, because the Savanna is still in play, then heals 2 more [10] as the Jade Estuary is destroyed, and only then does the Savanna also go away. The River then kills Chip, heals AZ for 2 [10], and damages Sky [10]. And then the Serpent blasts Cappy for another 8 [6]; this entire time I had not noticed that the Serpent is supposed to hit two targets, so Chip should probably have been dead some time ago. Magma’s Rage blasts Sky since AZ doesn’t have a Transducer up; she takes 3 [7] and it gains a third token. Then the Fen hits Sky [6], AA [24], and the River [2].

Villain 9: At the start of the turn, each villain target regains 0 HP, then Cappy UNFLIPs prematurely because of the cold, shoots ineffectually at AA, and then kicks the crap out of Sky, leaving her at just [2]. Siege-Breaker enters play, but neither this nor anything else will prevent La Capitan from dying at the start of Absolute Zero’s turn.

Besides the goof with the Serpent, I probably made other errors in this complex game, such as perhaps forgetting to have Cappy regain extra HP from the Savanna during her one flipped turn. But it seems clear that the heroes had this one in the bag; one of AZ or Sky might have died if things had gone awry, but almost without question the fully-set-up Argent Adept could have managed the kill with Scherzo and Onslaught in another multi-powers turn fueled by the two Silver Shadows.
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