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Chris Kessel
United States
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Here are some questions/answers from email's I traded with the designer:

Question: Does the production die apply to all players or just the active player?
Answer: Just the active player, other players get 1 resource of the type rolled.

Question: Is there any restriction on turn sequence operations? Can I recruit, then attack, then build a fort, then attack somewhere else, etc?
Answer: Yes, you can take your actions in any sequence, intermixing them however you want.

Question: The rune of rust wording is confusing. As it reads now, the results appear to be: 16-20 = -0, 11-15 = -2, 1-10 = -1.
Answer: It’s intended that the worse you fail the worse the penalty. (Since the answer wasn’t entirely clear, my take is that the results should be 0-5 = -2, 6-15 = -1, 16-20 = -0.)

Question: The rules state only the active player can cast spells. Taken literally, this means only the attacker can cast spells in combat. Was this intended?
Answer: No, the defender is allowed to cast spells during their portion of the combat sequence. The defender may not cast spells in the free initial archery phase.

Question: How do you build a fort or town?
Answer: You can build a town or fort anywhere than has a town, fort, or capital adjacent to proposed location.

Question: What are the adjacency rules for placing the original capital and towns?
Answer: The first town can be placed anywhere. The 2nd town must be adjacent to either the first town or the capital.

Question: Can you build a fort in the same location as a town, city, or capital?
Answer: You can build a fort on a town, city, or empty location, but not a capital.

Question: Can you use a structure the same turn it’s built? For example, if I build a storehouse can I then use it’s trading abilities to build another building that same turn?
Answer: Yes

Question: Holy Armor seems powerful for just 2 mana. Is it “good units defense” as in all good units on the side, or “good unit’s defense” as in a single unit?
Answer: It took a couple emails to clarify, but it’s a single good unit, not all good units on the side.

Question: Is the elf’s 2 mana for 1 resource once a turn or as many times as desired?
Answer: As many times as desired, but you can’t exceed mana you can store at any given moment (e.g. can’t create 6 mana to cast a super spell if you can only hold 3, but could create 3, spend them, create more, spend those, etc.) You also can’t use this ability during combat.

Question: Regarding the blood forge. Does its initial build cost allow you to also place it, or must you additionally pay the placement cost before placing it for the first time?
Answer: When built, you get to place the blood forge for free on a unit type. Moving the forge later costs the placement cost.
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