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Brett M
United States
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Hello all! While this game is very straight forward I have found many small questions arise within my group as we play this and there doesn't seem to be a good centralized FAQ (except a reddit thread which is great but not organized, a little dated, and currently locked). So here is my stab at one. Please note this will only be as good as people make it as I won't be scouring FB/reddit/BGG for questions and answers. That said I will keep this up to date for any questions and answers contained within this thread. So even if it's as simple as "hey I found this question/answer here" and you link me to it... I'll add it. Thanks all!

EDIT: There is now an excellent FB FAQ as well:
Thanks to Robert Alsfelder for making and maintaining it. I have taken many of his responses and added them here as well. /EDIT

And here are the latest rules:

How does this work?

***Well first and foremost... CONTROL F is your friend in this thread... use it....

Also the games creators would really appreciate it if you take the time to rate the game on BGG for them. Much like this thread the more votes it gets the more visible/promoted it will be to others!

The intent of this is mainly for fully vetted answers for the official heroes. It is not my intent to stockpile questions and answers for the prototype/backer heroes as those are still in play testing and subject to change.

***The first post/section is comprised only of CONFIRMED answers from the creator for keywords and other core gameplay elements

***The second post/section is reserved for CONFIRMED answers for Season One Heroes (Barbarian/Moon Elf/Pyromancer/Shadow Thief/Paladin/Monk)

***The third post is reserved for CONFIRMED answers for the upcoming Season Two and/or KS related questions

***The fourth post is reserved for eventual future expansion

***The fifth post is just a placeholder but if people have anything they want included in this thread I can add it here.

Also note the FB group also maintains a FAQ. I won't be closely monitoring it but will try to update for it every once and a while

And with that....


G1) What is the difference between the Champions Edition and the Standard Edition?
The Champions Edition is a KS exclusive version that came with fancier dice and a unique box. That is the only difference. So if you have the retail version you are not missing any characters/components.

Note the KS page (for season one) only lists 4 heroes in the retail version but it is out of date. The retail version has the same 6 heroes as champion edition

Here are the champion edition dice for reference

Source: Original KS (
Note: originally paladin/monk were not going to be in std box as the KS page shows... but they were moved to be included in all sets.

G2) How many future expansions/heroes are planned?
Numerous. During the season 2 KS (which is now out in retail) they said there are 30+ heroes in the works!

G3) Is there a Max CP?
15 is max. Shadow Thief is the only one who typically hits that amount with Paladin being next most likely.

G4) Is there any order in which you have to use cards, abilities and/or tokens when you would receive damage? As an example, let's say I'm a monk with 2 Chi tokens, 1 Evasive token and 1 card that prevents 6 damage. Can I then use these tokens, card and my defensive roll in any order (as long as there is still damage left)?
Yes they can be used in any order.

G5) Can I use my main phase cards in the main phase of my ally?
No. You can only use main phase cards during your own main phase

G6) What do the complexity ratings means?
The higher the number the more complex the character is. So the higher the number the harder they are to play well and should be saved for more veteran players likely. Note this does not mean lower numbers are worse characters. The balance is actually quite good between all the heroes

For example... the barbarian in season 1 is the lowest rating. He only inflicts 2 status effects (stun and concussion) and his abilities are essentially "deal lots of damage" or "heal". Very solid champion, but easier than the Paladin with passive abilities and numerous status effects. Yet both are equally good in actual play

G7) Are you able to heal above your starting health value?
Yes. The max health is always 10 more than the starting health
Source: Rulebook (its tucked away in there)

G8) Hero Upgrade Cards at Level III cost the difference between Level II & III. Why not just list that cost on the Level III card?
Because you don't have to get L2 before L3 (I actually played numerous games before realizing this rule myself). You can upgrade straight to Level III from Level I by paying the full cost, or from Level II to Levell III by paying the difference.
Source: Rulebook

G9) What happens if both players die at the same time (i.e. the defensive roll deals enough damage to also kill the attacker... when the attackers roll also kills the defender)?
It's a draw
Source: Rulebook (currently on pg 4)

G10) Am I missing a card? Some of my abilities have Level III and some don't?
Not all abilities have a L3. Further not all hero decks are the same size. It's part of how they balance the heroes. Forcing them to have the same number of cards and all abilities to have the same # of levels would have made balancing a lot harder and not always fit the characters well

G11) Is season 1 or 2 better? Are they compatible?
The two seasons are the same game just with different heroes. They are fully compatible but each also play fine solo. Think of each hero like a different playable character in a fighting game (or deck of cards in a game like MTG). So each character adds new ways to play the game but the core game is the same.

Note that season 2 has better components than season one but a remastered season one will happen at some point (confirmed to not be until 2020 at the earliest though)

G12) What sleeves are recommended?
Mayday Games Orange sleeves or Fantasy Flight Green Sleeves.

Also this is an amazing thread for all sleeving questions:

G13) I got a promo pack of "So Wild" cards for season one. What do I do with them?
They are just alt art cards so you remove the original “So Wild” from each character deck and replace it with the promo “So Wild”. 1 So Wild Card for each Champion


D1) At what point do you lose your rerolls? For example, If in the Offensive Roll Phase I were to roll a natural large straight on my first roll and declare my intention to use the associated ability, then my opponent used a card to change one of my dice l so that I no longer had the required sequence; am I able to use my second and third rolls to recover, or has the Offensive Roll Phase ended once I have declared which ability I'm using?
You only lose your rerolls once the offensive roll phase has ended and you go to the targeting phase. So in your example you would still be able to do rerolls (but only after resolving the card your opponent played). So there is benefit to taking an early roll as you have more options/rerolls if you opponents try to disrupt it

D2) When am I allowed to change my opponents dice? Only before they declare which ability they are using? (Note refer to D12 for similar question on tokens impacts)
You are allowed to change a players dice at any time during each phase but CANNOT go back and change a previous phases results. To break it down further....

At any point during a players offensive roll phase you can change their dice. Typically it doesn't make sense to do it before they elect to choose a result though as they can just reroll what you changed. That said... you can STILL change the dice once they elect to pick an ability/result. So a player can say "I'm selecting {ability}" and you still have a chance to change their dice. If you do, however, they have the ability to change the ability that they're selecting... use any additional rerolls they may have... or also use cards to change their dice.

The Offensive Roll Phase ONLY ends when BOTH of the following conditions have been met:
1) No player is making changes to the active player's dice;
2) The active player has either chosen an ability to activate, or declared that they are not activating an ability.

Once both are met the offensive roll phase ends and those dice are locked in. They can no longer be changed. So if in multiplayer you become the target of an ability then you can't go back and try to change the result that caused the ability. You CAN change the targeting roll though so it targets someone else (except ultimates as they are a special case... they can't be changed at all once the offensive dice roll phase ends).


D3) Do you get a defensive roll (green ability) if you only received a status effect or in response to defensive damage (for example pyromancers defensive ability)?
No. You only get to use a defensive roll in response to damage received from an offensive roll. Both conditions must be met. So if an offensive roll only deals status effects (and no damage) you do not get a defensive roll as no damage was dealt. Similarly damage from a defensive ability does not trigger it either as it is not from an offensive roll

D4) If on my offensive roll phase I roll a low dmg ability. Am I forced to pick that ability and attack? Can I just choose to not do any ability that way I can avoid his defensive roll?
Yes you can choose not to activate an ability even if you roll the dice required for it. And yes you can opt to do nothing.

D5) Can I choose more than one ability a turn if I have the dice roll for it?
No you may only choose one ability a turn.
(Source: Rulebook)

D6) When a card makes a die "wild", who decides the new value of the die? (For example, can I use "Twice As Wild" or "So Wild" to reset the dice of an opponent?)
The card player always determines the new die result of the die they target with their card.
(Source: Aaron Hine, Dice Throne Community on Facebook)

D7) How does targeting work in free for all as players are eliminated?
In Season one it was done as such:
Targeting rolls progress naturally as player count changes.
With 2 targets, 1-3 is to the left and 4-6 is to the right.
With 3 targets, 1-2 is left, 3-4 is middle and 5-6 is right.
With 4 targets, 1 through 4 are players from left to right and 5-6 are choice.
With 5 targets, 1-5 are players from left to right and 6 is choice.

In Season 2 they added a king of the hill variant (pg 11 of the rulebook). In this variant you may attack whoever you like but if you attacked the person with the highest life total (or tied for it) then you draw a card as well. It is also suggested you do not go above 6 players and instead do small 1v1 tournaments for higher player counts


D8) If my attack does damage and a status effect do I do separate rolls for each portion of the ability or does it all go to the one target? Further if I would negate all the damage do I also negate the status effect?
You only do one targeting roll and it all goes to the one target. The status effect stays even if you manage to negate all the damage with your DEF roll (unless you DEF ability says it prevents an incoming status effect which is rare).

D9) Some action cards say "Play only after attacking an opponent". What is the last point I can play this? Must I play it when I activate an ability, or can I wait until after my opponent has made their defense roll?
In Season 1 this was not inherently clear so people handled this a little differently (my group for example said it had to happen before the actual defensive roll was made).

In season 2 the phases are broken down much clearer (refer to pg 12 and 13 in the rules). So the last chance to play this type of card is step 5 of the defensive roll phase

D10) Is it possible to heal more damage through the defensive roll as damage in the offensive was rolled? For example I got 40 Health, the offensive roll is 2 dmg and the defensive roll is 4. Do I end up with 40 or 42 Health?
Only if it says heal (but yes in that case). If they just prevent/defend than no it just reduces damage to 0

D11) Some abilities seem to have tiered abilities where you only select the highest (Dagger strike and fireball for example) and other have additional effects on upgrade cards (like dagger strike II or fireball). Do you need to assign dice to the tiered abilities and added effects separately?
You only select dice and assign them to an ability when picking an ability to use. Once the ability launches you no longer assign dice and can use them for all triggers. The way they differentiate between the two is the pillbox around the symbols. Take a look at Dagger Strike II (Shadow Thief ability) for a prime example.

The first 3 lines are a tiered ability where each one has pillboxes (for lack of a better term) around the dice symbols. So here you are selecting on ability to do (so you can select to do the 3 dagger version, 4 dagger, or 5 dagger version). Please note this is the same templating used for all the abilities too so it is consistent.

Once you have selected an ability it will fire and all effects are done if the requirement was meant. So say you rolled 3 daggers, 1 shadow, and 1 star card. You would be doing the 3 dagger version. So you deal 4 damage and then you met both triggers so you also inflict poison and draw a card.

As a second example (since the one above would have worked the same even if you assigned the dice) look at Burning Soul 2. It does not have tiered activation but illustrated the second part of this question best.

Burning Soul Results wrote:
On 2 Souls you gain 4 fire mastery and do 2x collateral damage to all opponents

On 3 Souls you inflict burn, gain 6 fire mastery and do 3x collateral damage to all opponents

On 4 souls you inflict burn, increase fire mastery stack by 1, Gain 8 fire mastery, and deal 4x collateral damage to all opponents


D12) Similar to question D2 above... if I accept a dice roll/ability but then my opponent uses a token (like Accuracy or Critical) can I respond to that and change the roll? If so, then what happens to the token?

It all depends on the token and when its spent. The two examples (Accuracy and Critical) showcase this well.

Accuracy says it must be spent at the end of the offensive roll phase. So theoretically you could react to that and change the roll as you are still in the offensive roll phase. By using the token the opponent is acknowledging that the phase is not done so you can respond. However if you do, then the accuracy token is not lost as it never actually went through.

Critical can be done any time you're doing damage due to your ORP. So you would not be able to respond (as you both acknowledged the previous roll was accepted and thus ended that phase and moved on to targeting/defensive roll where it is still legal to use the token). As such, for cases like this (critical token) I often suggest holding the token until after the defensive roll. It helps clear up confusion and you have more information to best determine if you should use the token.

D13) Can you use cards on rolls for tokens? Such as evasive?
Absolutely as long as its in the correct phase. Most roll modifiers are orange cards which can be used for ANY roll in the 3 dice rolling (orange) phases (ORP, targeting phase, and DRP)

D14) The season 2 rules imply you can change the dice roll in the defensive roll phase after you gained some of the benefits (step 4 you gain non damage benefits but then step 5 you have a final chance to play cards). Is this correct?
No this section is not well worded. I would suggest something closer to:

Step 1 and 2 and 3 - Same as current

Step 4 - Cards, tokens, and/or passive abilities may be played to modify dice results (note there are no inherent rerolls for defensive roll phase)

Step 5 - Based on final dice results, once all players have completed step 4, the defender resolves all non-damage effects

Step 6 - There is one last opportunity for any player to play cards or use tokens that modify damage dealt/prevented. Note the dice results cannot be changed in this step (The dice locked in once step 4 was accepted by all players).

Step 7 - Same as the current rules step 6


K1) When using a card that removes all status effects, is it ALL status effects or is it just the "Negative" status effects?
It is ALL effects (positive and negative) as the card says

K2) Does persistent mean that it continues round after round unless it can he removed?"

K3) When can you use an evasive token? Before or after your defensive roll?
Either (or both) although typically it's best to do the defensive roll first and potentially save the evasive token

K4) Are ultimate abilities undefendable?
Yes. Once an ultimate resolves nothing can be changed or defended. No other players can use cards or tokens to prevent/alter it, they cannot impact the targeting roll if playing in free for all, and they cannot use defensive abilities. The only thing that can be done is the damage can be amplified by the current player whether by cards in hand or tokens (like crit).

Note you CAN alter the roll before the ability resolves though to try and prevent the ultimate. But once the die roll is accepted by everyone the other players can no longer do anything about it


K5) What's the difference between "collateral" and "undefendable"?
Collateral damage is a special kind of undefendable damage that cannot be affected by certain status effects. The reference to it being indirect is specifically a flavor reference. Further, unless an attack specifically says "to all opponents" treat collateral as undefendable that you cannot use Sneak Attack, Reload or Crit on.

For example the Pyromancer specifically calls out that she deals it to all opponents. The Shadow Thief's collateral damage is targeted as normal.

Note the last page of the season 2 rulebook does a much better job than season one did of defining these two keywords and the differences between them

(Source: Aaron Hine, Dice Throne Community on Facebook)

K6) In a team game your team shares health so what happens when you do “X Collateral Damage to all opponents?” Is it X damage to the party, or X damage per each hero?
X damage to each hero. Note each hero may then try to avoid their portion of the damage... but collateral damage is undefendable per the rules book (pg 16 of season 2 rules).

K7) When the player who is blinded attack concludes, he must roll a die. (Which one? I choose?) If I dont get a 1 or 2, the attack succeed but do I keep the new result of the die or the old one?
Blind (and other potential similar status effects) only occur AFTER the offensive die result has been accepted and locked in by all. So the offensive roll phase has basically concluded. You then roll a new dice (could be any dice... not even your characters specific dice) to determine if the status impact nullifies the attack. This dice has no impact on the previous offensive roll (much like a targeting roll wouldn't impact it).

Probably simplest to almost consider it a separate phase between the offensive roll phase and the targeting phase

K8)If an ability “steals” a token does that count against the original player’s stack limit? Put another way does it lower their overall token count so they can use it less moving forward?
No. Players are not limited by the number of tokens provided. If a player needs additional status effect tokens it may be proxied by another token or anything else for that matter. Further stealing a token does not impact the players stack limit.

K9) If someone has blind and the dice don’t allow them to do anything on their offensive roll phase, then does Blind still go away at the end of the phase?
Yes because Blind specifically says “Either way, remove this token at the conclusion of the Roll Phase.”

K10) How do multiple tokens/cards stack? Can I interrupt the effect of one with my own?

For example: A Monk inflicts Knockdown. The other player uses Transference to send it back to the Monk. The monk declares they’ll use a Cleanse Token... can the other player use “Buh Bye” to destroy the Cleanse Token before he can activate it?

Instant abilities/cards/tokens fully resolve before anything else can happen. So no you cannot interrupt any of them. That said season 2 introduced a priority order (rules book pg 14).

In the example provided... the other player would have had to use “Buh Bye” before "Transference". Once transference was used, the active player has priority and can use cleanse before you would have a chance to use "Buh Bye".

If in some other similar situation you were the active player then you could use "Buh Bye" before they got a chance to use Cleanse... but it would be hard to argue if you only said that AFTER they tried to use cleanse. In this situation... if I was the one using cleanse I would very clearly make you say you were good before using cleanse... so it could not be argued as us wanting to do an action at the same time. You passed priority to me and then I used cleanse. So cleanse would fully resolve before priority went back to you to use "Buh Bye" (which is now useless so you wouldn't do it).

K11) For the Targeted status effect... When does the +2dmg bonus get added?
It would be immediate. Any cards or tokens are instant effects that immediately resolve.

Further, on future attacks the damage is added before any DEF rolls.

K12) Can you use evasive on an undefendable roll?
Yes you can UNLESS its an ultimate. Evasive (like other tokens) can be used at any time at instant speed. Undefendable just means you do not get a defensive roll

K13) Are the used tokens out of the game? Or do they return to your supply?
They return to your supply. Even if the supply runs empty and you need more, you can just proxy tokens as needed. The only limits on tokens is the max stack listed for them on the leaflets

K14) Can blind prevent an ultimate since it would be on the player already?
No nothing can stop an ultimate once the die roll is accepted. This includes Blind even though it was applied prior to the ultimate being rolled.

K15) Can I use evasive or enter the shadows in response to a defensive ability?
No. Both those tokens state (on the player aids) that they can only be used in response to offensive roll damage. So it would not apply to damage from other sources such as defensive rolls.

K16) If a player is eliminated do the status tokens remain?
Yes. Per the rulebook any status effect inflicted by an eliminated player remains.

K17) Certain tokens/status effects make you roll a die. Can those die rolls be modified even though in the answer to question K10 you said they must fully resolve each one and can't be interrupted? Further, if you don't like the roll result can you then use a card to remove and cancel the status token?
Tokens that have a dice roll attached to them are a bit of a special case. You must fully resolve them before doing any other tokens/effects... but yes you are allowed to modify the roll as long as you have an orange card and the status effect is being done during an orange phase (ORP, targeting, Defensive roll). Note your opponent can also modify the roll.

However you can NOT roll the dice and then cancel the token with cleanse or cards like "Buh Bye" if you don't like the result (for example Blind or Blinding Light tokens). The tokens effect has been locked in and must fully resolve before you could do those actions... at which point it is done. You would need to remove the token prior to it triggering and you rolling the die to see the result.

K18) In question K10 you mention priority and reference the "Timing conflicts and interrupting" portion of the rules (season 2 rules pg 14). Each time an effect clears does priority go back to the active player? Or does it continue in order?

Put another way... is this clockwise tiebreaker check a continual check or does it reset back to active player with each token/card resolved?

So if order of players is A, B, C, D with A being the active player. If A and B do nothing... but C plays a card... does D get first crack to respond or does it go back to A and proceed clockwise towards D again? Either way it seems like all 4 players must then not respond for everything to clear and be accepted.

I am waiting for official confirmation but believe it resets to player A (the active player) each time

When into such specific scenarios though I strongly suggest confirming players are passing priority before playing a card/token so it can't be argued as simultaneous play. It helps clear things up (refer to example in question K10).

Revision Log (only for major updates)
None currently. This is a new version of old FAQ.
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Brett M
United States
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1) If the Barbarian takes fatal damage, but heals in their defensive roll, do they still die (ie. does the healing happen concurrently with the damage or after the damage is done)?
They do not die. The two effects are applied at the same time

2) When performing an ability like the Barbarian’s Overpower can you play Roll Phase Action cards to effect the 3 dice you roll once the ability is confirmed?
Yes you can since you are still in the offensive roll phase. Note so can your opponents!

3) A player is stunned. Once I start my second roll phase can they alter the second Offensive Roll?
Yes because they are no longer stunned once you start the second Offensive Roll Phase. They are only stunned until the start of your new Offensive Roll

4) Does stun activate immediately or after the defense roll? For example, if an opponent has an ability that states they can roll two hearts to prevent an incoming status effect, then would this allow him to block stun, or does stun activate before they can defend?
It comes down to the wording. If the stun is listed BEFORE dealing damage then the stun happens first. If the damage happens and the card says THEN apply stun... then they get their defensive roll and could block it.

For example... Barbarians Crit Bash says inflict stun, deal 5 damage. So the stun happens as the damage is done so you get no defensive roll. You only get the defensive roll an response to damage but you are already stunned which cancels out your defensive roll. The same is true with the Barbarians ultimate ability.

It's an odd nuance though since if it was any other status ailment you could prevent it since it happens at the same time as the damage. Stun is unique in that it prevents the defensive roll so if it happens at the same time (not clearly after) then you don't get the defensive roll.

Just know it's a fringe case and perhaps it is simpler to just think of Stun as the exception that can't be prevented (hopefully MBG just doesn't make any stun abilities that would break this template)

5) If you have Thick Skin II in play ("On (H)(H) you may also prevent 1 incoming status effect.") what happens when you get hit with abilities like Moon Elf's Demising Shot II ("Inflict Targeted. Then deal 6 damage.")?
You can prevent the status effect. Note that Demising Shot II originally was an exception do to the "THEN" wording... but with season 2 the creators confirmed this was not the intent and that it too could be prevented:


Old answer for reference:
Spoiler (click to reveal)
The specific example given is actually the exception. Typically you CAN prevent the effect. However for Demising Shot II uou cannot prevent targetted. You only do a DEF roll in response to damage... and the way Demising Shot is worded the status effect happens and THEN (keyword then) damage is dealt. So the status effect is already in place before the damage is dealt.

Note many attacks this is not true of and you could defend the status effect... but in this case it is very clear the status effects happens first and THEN the damage is dealt. If it happened at the same time you could prevent it


1) For the Combo Strike it states deal 6 dmg and roll 1 die. Then it list what happens with the die result. The last item indicates gain 1 evasive or cleanse for EACH Lotus. But there can only be one since only one die was rolled. Correct?
The upgraded version of Combo strike lets you roll more than one die and the language is the same across all the levels of that ability for consistency.

2) With the monks defense roll, if I am currently at max Chi can I spend it all, then do my Defensive roll, and then spend any new Chi gained to block additional damage?
Yes. Chi can be used instantly whenever you like. The only exception is you can't use newly acquired Chi to deal damage on the same turn it was acquired (this is noted on player leaflet under the description for Chi). It can be used immediately for defense though.

Note: you CAN use your old chi to deal damage before gaining more Chi (for example if you had max chi and rolled a small/large straight)


3) Can Monk use Chi to lessen undefendable damage?"
Undefendable just means the player doesn't get a defense roll. Chi can still be used... UNLESS it was an Ultimate combo that caused it. The defensive player cannot alter anything about an Ultimate once the offensive roll has been accepted.

4) Can I use Chi to prevent damage dealt to my ally or increase damage dealt by my ally?
No. It can only be used on the player with the token (normally this is the Monk but if you got one via a card like transference then you can use it on yourself)

5) Fist of Tranquility states "Gain 2 Chi & Evasive". Is this 2x Chi and 1x Evasive, or 2x Chi and 2x Evasive?
2x Chi and 1x Evasive.

6) I use Fist Strike III but my opponent blocks all the damage. Does he still get Knocked Down (because I rolled 3 of a kind)?
Yes. Just because he nullified the damage it does not mean other parts of the ability (in this case knock down) don't get applied. So he got knocked down but wasn't hurt by it.

7) Can Chi be used to prevent poison/burn damage during upkeep?
Yes. Chi applies to any type of damage (except reducing ultimate abilities)

8) If I use Serenity III and gain Evasion from it, then can I spend it right away to avoid the damage that triggered that defensive roll?
Yes. Status tokens may be used at any time at instant speed. Much like if you had an evasive token before the attack you could still do your defensive roll before deciding whether or not to use the evasive token. (see answer to question K3)

9) If I use Serenity III... and say I roll "zen", "fist", "fist", "palm" and "lotus". I'm unsure if I'm allowed to use the same die multiple times for different abilities on Serenity III.
* One outcome would get me "Gain 1xZen", "Deal 1xFist dmg", "inflict knockdown" and "gain evasive or cleanse" if i'm allowed to use dice multiple times.
* The other outcome would be that I had to choose between the ablilities and could get "Gain 1xZen" and "Deal 1xFist dmg"

Since it is all part of the same ability you get it all if you satisfy the conditions. You don't have to pick one of them like you do when selecting an ability in the offensive roll phase. So in your example you gain one chi, deal two damage, inflict knockdown, AND gain your choice of evasive or cleanse

10) If I use Chi to add damage to an undefendable attack is that added damage also undefendable or could that be defended against?
The added damage maintains the same properties as the original attack it is enhancing. So in this case it would also be undefendable. It increases the damage done by the original ability... not add new damage.

11) When using Lotus Strike, if I have no chi when I activate it, can I spend 2 chi from the chi I just gained by using the ability to make it undefendable? Or do I have to have 2 chi prior to using the ability so that I can make it undefendable?
No you cannot use the Chi you just got to make it undefendable. Nor could you use it to increase the damage you dealt.

When activating an ability you read top to bottom. On this one it specifically says deal 5 damage THEN gain the chi. So you have already dealt the damage when you get the chi

12) When is the latest that I can apply Chi offensively. Should it be at the end of the Offensive Roll phase, end of Targeting roll phase, or after their Defensive roll phase?
In Season 1 this was not inherently clear so people handled this a little differently (my group for example said it had to happen before the actual defensive roll was made).

In season 2 the phases are broken down much clearer (refer to pg 12 and 13 in the rules). So the last chance to play this type of card is step 5 of the defensive roll phase


1) The Moon Elf defense says that 2 feet is half damage, does that mean 4 feet is complete defense or is it half then half of the half?
Neither. If 2 or more feet are rolled the damage is halved. Additional feet (even if 2 additional) do nothing.

The general rule is that if it says "on" it means the minimum number of symbols required, if it says "x" it can be done more than once.


2) For the Targeted status effect... When does the +2dmg bonus get added?
It would be immediate. Any cards or tokens are instant effects that immediately resolve.

Further, on future attacks the damage is added before any DEF rolls.


1) For the Paladins Holy Light ability, do you heal +1 for every heart after the activation cost or the total hearts rolled
The total rolled. In general any ability that is worded "1xsymbol" is one per symbol regardless of ability activation cost. If it would just be one it would only show the symbol not the 1x

2) When I use retribution is it half the incoming damage before or after my defensive roll/prevention effects (like protect)?
It is half the original incoming damage. So you can prevent a bunch of it still after using retribution and end up taking less than you send back at the original attacker!

3) Again on retribution... if I do 9 damage from Retribution and 1 from Defense... is it two separate attacks or one combined for 10? Specifically if someone uses an evasive token would they evade the 9 Retribution Token damage or 10 damage from both the Ret Token and Defensive ability?
It's all combined. So they would avoid all ten if successful with the evade token

4) Can I then use a Protect token after Retribution to take half the damage? Or does that make the retribution also deal less damage?
You can choose the order... so you can do retribution first... let it resolve... then protect yourself and get the best of both effects.

5) For the level one/base defensive ability. Does it mean that if at least 1 (or more) swords are rolled, then deal 1 damage, even if more than 1 sword is rolled?
Yes. The general rule is that if it says "on" it means the minimum number of symbols required, if it says "x" it can be done more than once.

So for the base level ability it doesn't matter how many swords you roll. As long as you roll one you do one damage. You'll note the L2 ability changes this to read 1x (sword) dmg. For this upgraded version you deal one damage per sword rolled


6) A defensive ability gives me a Protect token. May I use that immediately to prevent the same attack that caused the defensive ability?
Yes. Status tokens may be used at any time at instant speed. Much like if you had an evasive token before the attack you could still do your defensive roll before deciding whether or not to use the evasive token. (see answer to question K3)

7) If I deal 6 damage and add critical strike to it... but the opponent then reduces the damage by 2 (for example a Monk spends 2 Chi tokens)... does that make my base damage go to 4 (which is less than 5 and does not activate Critical Strike) or is the critical strike locked in so it reduces the damage to 8 (from ten)?
Season 2 clarifies (on pg 14 of rule book) that damage reduction is always on the cumulative total of damage dealt. So the Critical Strike alters the damage number to be 10 which is then reduced to 8 by the Chi.

8) Can my opponent remove a crit token (for example with the card Buh Bye) after I conclude my Offensive Roll but before I have the chance to use the Crit token?
Yes they can but only if you gained the token from your current Offensive Roll. They can’t prevent you from gaining the token but they do get a chance to use cards such as "Buh Bye" before you can activate the token. So basically they can respond to you gaining the token to clear it before you could then use it. If you already had the token then technically they still beat you to the punch but the proper order of things is they do it before your die roll even resolves.

9) When using Divine Defense III I roll 'Helmet+Helmet+Prayer' so I gain a Protect token. May I use that token BEFORE I prevent the 2 or more damage... or do I have to resolve the dice roll and prevent the damage first?
The reduction from the helmets happens first because it is part of the Defense Roll resolving which gives you the protect token. So it happens at the same time you gain the token.

10) When using Divine Defense it says "Prevent 1x Helmet + 2x Heart Dmg". How does this work with multiples?

Roll the dice.

For each heart, reduce the damage you take by 2.
For each helmet, reduce the damage you take by 1.
(You cannot reduce damage below 0; that is the difference between "Prevent" and "Heal.")

Examples: Let's say you are receiving 5 points of damage from an opponent.
* If you roll 1 sword, 1 heart and 1 helmet, the damage you take is reduced by 3; you take 2.
* If you roll 3 helmets, the damage you take is reduced by 3; you take 2.
* If you roll 3 hearts, the damage you take is reduced by 6; you take no damage (you cannot reduce damage below 0).

11) When you use the DEF ability and roll a prayer can you use the gained CP immediately to play a card that would prevent more incoming damage? Or has the ability fully resolved?
Much like Monks Chi yes you can. You gain the CP/Chi in step 4 of the Defensive Roll Phase (pg 13 of season 2 rule book) and have one final chance to use them in step 5 of the DRP.

12) Tithe II states that ""Whenever you successfully activate an ability during your Offensive Roll Phase that utilizes at least one [HAND], gain 1 CP". Does that only take into account the activation requirement of the offensive ability, or does it include also subsequent rolls that the ability might trigger, like Righteous Combat rolling a [Hand] as part of the text? How about for a straight?
It does not include any subsequent rolls that are part of the ability (like the 2 dice rolled for righteous combat). It very clearly says when you successfully activate the ability... and you have not rolled those additional dice at that point since those extra dice occur AFTER the ability activates.

Regarding straights... the only case it would not apply is if you rolled a small straight with 1,2,3,4 and the 5th die is a 6. Since the 6 is not part of the activation it is thus not utilized when activating it. So you would not get the CP. All other straight rolls would include the 6 in the straight and clearly trigger tithe II

13) Again on Tithe. On a defensive roll if I gain a CP can I use it to immediately reroll a die? The season 2 rules show the CP is gained in step 4 of the Defensive Roll Phase (DRP) and step 5 says you have one final chance to play cards etc
No. Refer to question D14 above. Dice are locked in once step 4 of the DRP occurs. You could use the CP to play a card that modifies damage etc though.


1) What is the deal with Fire Mastery and why does it cool off?
Fire Mastery is a token that allows abilities on her board to do more damage or to fuel cards that she might have. On its own (for example if a different player transferences one to themselves) it would do nothing besides cool off and go away.

If you read the individual abilities on the player board you can see how fire mastery can really add more damage to them (for example combustion is often the finisher for a Pyromancer)

The cooling off is important because she must keep herself running hot. So the important part of Fire Mastery, when viewed in conjunction with her board, is that it powers up abilities. And is a depleting resource that must be regained to stay "hot".


2) If I deal 2 collateral damage to all opponents in a 2v2 game, then would the other team take 4 undefendable damage?
Yes each player takes the damage amount so their shared life pool would see double that. See answer to question K6 above

3) If I use Burning Soul II and roll (4) fiery souls (fives)... do I inflict burn AND increase my max fire mastery?
Yes you get both effects as you satisfied both conditions. To further clarify:
On 2 Souls you gain 4 fire mastery and do 2x collateral damage to all opponents

On 3 Souls you inflict burn, gain 6 fire mastery and do 3x collateral damage to all opponents

On 4 souls you inflict burn, increase fire mastery stack by 1, Gain 8 fire mastery, and deal 4x collateral damage to all opponents

4) The Pyromancers DEF ability does damage to the attacker frequently. Do they get to roll their DEF dice too then?
No. You only get to roll the DEF dice/abilities if you receive damage from an Offensive Roll Phase. The damage can be prevented though by others means (Monks Chi and/or cards for example).
Source: Rulebook

5) On "Molten Armor III" defense card, it says "Deal 1x Flame" damage. Later on, it says "On Flame / Starburst, inflict Burn". Do you count the same "Flame" result twice (same dice causes damage AND combines with another dice to cause Burn), or do you have to choose whether the dice causes damage OR combines with another to cause Burn?

On same card/ability - same symbol provides 1 x Damage and 1 x Fire Mastery. Do you get one of each (per dice), or do you choose which to collect?

If it’s all part of the same ability, then it would count for both. So the flame can count for each part of the ability.

For the second part you get one of each per dice roll (don’t need to pick)


6) Scorch the Earth does 12 damage to one opponent and then 2 collateral damage to all opponents. Does this include the opponent who took 12 already? Do they take 12 or 14?
They are included and take 12 + 2 = 14 damage


1) At what point does enter the shadows end? For example if you enter the shadows as a result of your defensive roll does it end at
It ends once you complete a full turn with the token. So if you receive it mid turn (or someone else's turn via a defensive roll) then it persists until the end of your next turn.

To elaborate:
You can enter the shadows 4 ways.

a- playing a card that immediately makes you enter the shadows.
b- a defensive roll that forces you to enter the shadows.
c- Ultimate ability concludes with the thief entering the shadows.
d- You trigger shadow dance ability.

For each case...

a- It ends at the end of your next turn (even if used during your current turn
b- Ends at the end of your next turn
c- Same as a
d- Same as a


2) Does enter the shadow persist if you don't get a full turn?

3) When in Free for All(or even 2v2+), if the Shadow Thief triggers shadows, shadows then lasts all the way until the end of his next turn. If someone targets him with an ultimate during this, does the shadows effect that had already been triggered by a prior player's damage and is now still active protect him from damage? Ex. Shadow Thief gains shadows, next player targets shadow thief which triggers shadows, player after that rolls ultimate and targets Shadow Thief. What happens?
Ultimates ignore all status effects. Nothing can alter or prevent them once the offensive roll is accepted (with the exception that the person performing the ultimate can enhance them with stuff like a crit token or cards... see question K4 for more detail)

4) If Shadow Thief gains the Shadows token but then happens to not be targeted for an entire turn by anything that would trigger it, does it stay with him beyond the end of his following turn since it was never triggered?
He still loses it. Just by having the token you are considered to be under its effect.

5) For Shadow Thief abilities like Insidious Strike that do damage based on CP, do you spend the CP or does it stay?
It stays

6) Multiple of her skills states "if X was rolled gain Y". Is this on the base roll or do you roll a die after your offensive roll like the Paladin abilities?
The Shadow Thief's abilities tend to be based on your actual offensive roll. Where as the Paladin's abilities you tend to roll another die and see what happens based on that later roll. It's all in the wording

Shadow Thief
"If SYMBOL was rolled then this happens..."

"Deal 5 damage and then roll 2 die..." then it lists what you get for the die results.

7) If I am in the shadows but suffer stun (since it only blocks damage not status effects) do I now take damage until the stun clears?
No you do not as long as you had the enter the shadows before the stun would be applied. Stun does not let you do a defensive roll but enter the shadows is a passive ability so it is still on.

Note this is only true if the damage is from an offensive roll phase (which is typically the case)... and if you already had the token. Enter the Shadows only defends against damage from an Opponents Offensive Roll Phase and you would not be able to gain it if you were already stunned.

Finally, NOTHING stops an ultimate (including enter the shadows). So Barbarians ultimate is still going to stun you (and wreck you).

8) If I trigger Enter the Shadows on a DEF roll... can I regain a new one on my offensive roll? Or since I have a stack limit am I still locked into the old one?
If a token cannot stack, then any new instances gained are lost. So you would still have the old one which clears at end of your turn. You would have to have a card that could remove your own token (or transfer it to another player) to then gain the new one (which you would NOT lose at end of turn since it did not trigger).

9) Can someone steal a Shadows token?
Yes. It is a token like anyone other. This is often the best strategy when facing a Shadow Thief

10) Can you Enter the Shadows as a result of Undefendable Damage?
Yes as long as it was a result of an Offensive Roll Phase. Undefendable damage only means the player gets no Defense Roll. It can still be reduced/prevented by other card/tokens/abilities

That said... NOTHING stops an ultimate (including enter the shadows)

11) How does enter the shadows work with opponents defensive abilities? Like Pyromancers Molten Armor?
You would get hit by the damage. Enter the shadows specifically says "Opponents Offensive Roll Phase"

12) What about Enter the shadows and the Artificers bots?
If the bots do damage outside the offensive roll phase of your opponent, then they get through and you take damage

13) In free for all... do I have a targeting roll for abilities like Pickpocket?
Yes. Any offensive roll result that does not target everyone must have a targeting roll

14) If I roll two 6's while using Shadow Defense, then what happens?
You Enter the Shadows (avoiding incoming damage but NOT status effects) and gain sneak attack

Revision Log (only for major updates)
None currently. This is a new version of old FAQ.
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1) If artificer is hit with a killing blow (e.g. he has 6 hp and hit by 6 dmg), does he get a chance to activate the healing bot before he is killed? The healing bot states heal after being attacked so I assume he's dead by the time he tries to heal.
Much like the barbarian from season 1 yes you can heal and avoid the lethal damage. The healing and damage happen at the same time.

It is worded that way only so that it’s clear you can only heal in response to an attack... not in response to a status effect like burning.

2) When using overclock can you activate heal bot as one of them?
Of course. It can be any bot

3) Can you use dice altering cards on Unstable Attack Bot?
The only cards you can use are the red instant cards (like Tip It) as you activate this bot during the upkeep phase.... which is not a Roll Phase (when you can use orange cards)

4) When my abilities say “…any opponent,” Do I choose my target in a Free For All/Team Match, or do I make a Targeting Roll?
Only Offensive Abilities (from your ORP die rolls) get a Targeting Roll. So for abilities (like the bots) you may choose your target.

5) Can my bots be considered Status Effects? So could they be downgraded and/or removed by cards like “Get That Outta Here,” “What Status Effect?,” or “Buh Bye?”
They are not Status Effects so they cannot be impacted. However the power they require to be used is a Status Effect that may be affected by the above cards

6) For nanites it says "During upkeep, a player rolls 1 die per nanite they are afflicted with: on 6 remove this token". So say you had 3 nanites on an opponent. Do you roll 3 dice once and remove a 6 for each one? Or do you resolve each token separately?

To clarify. Resolving them seperately would look like this with 3 nanite tokens:
Roll 3 dice for first token. Say you get no sixes... so token remains.
Roll 3 dice again for second token as you still have 3. You get one (or more sixes) so you remove this token.
Roll 2 dice for last token since you only have 2 now... and remove it if you get a 6 on either die roll.

This was confirmed by creators on FB that "...nanites as a status effect do not do anything on their own. Because of this they are not resolved like regular status effects. Instead of rolling the instruction for each nanite, you are instructed to roll one time during your upkeep a number of dice equal to the nanites you are inflicted with. This is something that was not clarified well but what's a good catch based on the president set by other similar status effects. To confirm , three nanites, 3 dice, rolled one time, remove a nanite for every 6 you roll"


1) Why is the stack limit on Cursed Doubloon 5/3? What does this mean?
The stack limit on the Cursed Pirate is 5 and on anyone else is 3. You start off collecting them yourself and once you flip to the cursed (bone) form you start handing them out to others.

2) Do I get to choose which side of my board to start on?
No. You always start as the Pirate. Read her passive to see how to flip over to the “Cursed Pirate” side.

3) Does “Get That Outta Here” (Main Phase Action, “Remove one status effect from target player”) affect Doubloons?
Note this was a question from PnP version. I will confirm it is still accurate once I receive my copy of the game.

Doubloons read “These persistent tokens may not be moved or removed from any player except as a result of abilities on the Pirate’s Hero Board” so no the card would not remove Doubloons


Note evasive is a keyword from season one. Refer there (Moon Elf and Monk) for overlap questions. If there are unique ones for Tactician I will update here

1)Bounty adds 1 damage and you gain 1CP regardless of what the opponent does during their defense. Does this mean that 1 damage happens even if the rest of the attack was prevented by the defense roll?
Since all damage/defense is resolved at the end of the DRP, the extra damage from bounty would be included in the amount you are defending. It is not guaranteed though. As long as the total defense rolled is also enough to prevent that extra 1 damage from bounty, then they receive no damage (although you still gain the CP)

The wording was done this way so it wouldn't be confused with targetted. With targetted, if the opponent can prevent all of the original source damage, the extra +2 does not get added. With bounty this is not the case.


1) If I choose Nyra to receive the entire dmg of an attack, then does any excess damage transfer to the Huntress or is it ignored (overkill Nyra)?
All of it goes to Nyra. This is still balanced because Huntress stops getting the +2 bonus to all of her attacks that deal damage when Nyra dies. Without that bonus her attacks are pretty weak so it creates interesting choices/strategy and the Huntress typically wants Nyra alive

2) If someone steals Nyra's token can they share damage to her and/or down her in this manner?
If you read the description on the token carefully, then it is very clear that only the hunteress can share damage. The token is transferable but can not be used by an opponent to share damage with Nyra

3) If the huntress starts the upkeep phase with Nyra downed and only 4 HP, then what happen?
According to Aaron Hine, Community Manager and Rules Guru, Nyra would heal but NOT flip until the beginning of the following upkeep phase.

4) Can Nyra take undefendable damage?
Yes. Undefendable just means you don't get a defensive roll. Nyra can still share this damage

5) If my base attack is undefendable, does Nyras 2 added damage also become undefendable? It's listed as black so does that mean normal damage type and thus defendable?
Typically all damage modifiers are of the same type as the base attack. I don't think Nyra would be an exception so I would say its undefendable if the base attack is.

6) Can Nyra share damage from an ultimate ability? A monk can not use Chi but Nyra is a bit of a unique case
No she cannot. Look at the description on the character leaflet


1) Can I spend Honor I just gained to increase my current attacks strength?
Yes you can.


1) The Seraph component list on the character card says there should be 3 Holy Presence tokens. The Punch board only comes with 2
This is a confirmed typo. There are only 2 tokens. Also note the stack limit on the character reference card lists 2 as well so a 3rd wouldn't be used.

2) Similarly why does it comes with 2 Blessing of Divinity tokens when you only need 1?
So you can replace the smaller one for Paladin from season one if you so desire (and they had room on the punch board so why not)

3) The upgrade for Holy Blade III downgrades the smallest attack from 6 to 5 (compared to Holy Blade II). Is this a typo?
This is not a typo. Aaron Hine stated in the FB Community that this was in the interest of balance (much like the Barbarian's Mighty Blow going from 9 to 8 damage, but it becomes undefendable) because of the damage increase at the 4 and 5 blade level and the addition of a 4 of a kind bonus.

4) Can flight be used to avoid undefendable damage?
Undefendable damage per the rulebook is "Damage which players cannot
activate a Defensive Ability against. However, the damage may still be avoided, reduced, or enhanced by cards and/or Status Effects."

Flight is a status effect/token so it can be used. The defensive phase is not skipped... the opponent simply cannot use a defensive ability from their player board on undefendable damage


Note targeted is a keyword from season one. Refer there (Moon Elf) for overlap questions. If there are unique ones for Tactician I will update here


1) How does Blood Power work with defensive rolls?
You heal the same amount of damage you successfully dealt. This is any damage that was not prevented or avoided... even if it is overkill damage in a multiplayer game.

So if you deal 6 damage to someone with 3 health you still gain 3.

If you deal 6 damage and they prevent 2 of it with cards or defensive rolls, then you gain 4.

If you dealt 8 damage and they then heal 2 of it (say Artificer heal bot) then you still gain 8 even though net impact to opponent is only 6 damage

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Reserved for Season 3 Heroes
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Season 3 SHOULD be early 2019 although no official confirmation has occurred (likely won't until after the new year as they focus on Season 2 fulfillment).

What little we know is that season 3 focuses on a co-op/campaign type mode (in addition to new heroes obviously).

Otherwise it has been confirmed there will be no remaster of season 1 in 2019. So 2020 at the earliest. Season 3 is the priority.

If it helps... here is the FAQ section I made for the season 2 KS. A lot of it should still apply for season 3

1) Will they be updating Season One for the new upgrades in Season Two?
Not at this time. They will consider a remastered season one if there is demand (there is....)
EDIT: Note is how now been confirmed to happen eventually but no current plans and it won't be in 2019.

2) Will the original season one be offered on the KS?
Yes. Currently its just base/retail version but you can champion in the legendary tier (they only have limited champion editions left). The champion edition will not be available separately as and add-on since they only have limited amounts of it left. If any legendary tiers are not claimed they will add the spare ones to the pledge manager on a first come first serve basis

3) Why is it shipping in two waves?
It is to get some new content out there faster. Wave one (projected shipping Nov) will include season one, and 2 out of the 4 season two boxes (gunslinger, samurai, artificer, and cursed pirate). Everything else is in wave 2 which is approx 3 months after wave one. So All add ons like sleeves, mats, the last two season two boxes, and battle chest ship in wave 2

4) Why are all the backs the same now and not character specific art like the original?

For example... if you want to have a thief ability that steals cards... this opens up design space for that. Is also better for tournaments and other potential game modes.

5) Will there be new cards for season one heroes?
Heavily hinted at yes... #staytuned

6) How do the new boxes compare to the original?
Original = 10.2" x 10.4" x 2.6"
2 player boxes = 5.1" x 9.1" x 2.5"
Battle Box Add On = 18.3" x 11.0" x 2.5"

7) Will there be a bigger box than the battle chest for everything?
No. it would pose many logistical concerns. To name two there would be larger shipping costs (bigger box) and they plan to add MANY more heroes. They can’t keep making a bigger and bigger box.

8) Whats the deal with the battle chest and why does it only come with 6 (not 8) trays?
The battle chest was a last minute add to the campaign based on season one backer feedback for one box to hold everything. It comes with 6 trays for the season one heroes since the new trays are slightly different size than the old ones. Note that you can use these trays for season two heroes if you like but the season two boxes already come with trays for them so more than 6 was not needed

9) Why does the battle chest not hold all 14 heroes then?
A few reasons. Shipping a larger box gets a lot pricier, they have over 30 heroes in development so people would just perpetually need bigger boxes (so instead they are just do one large box per season), and also just logistics

10) How do funding quests work?
This will be clarified in an update. For now it seems... keyword seems... they are daily unlocks that are also SG. Think of it like SG that are forced to be spaced out so we don’t burn through them all in a couple days. I would expect to get them all unlocked so don’t worry too much

11) What is a promo pack/card?
There are three different promo packs:
1) The alt-art "So Wild" promo pack for S01. These 6 cards are simply meant to *replace* the "So Wild" cards in every hero's deck with an alternative art style.
2 & 3) All other promo cards are building a new promo card pack for S01 and a separate promo card pack for S02. The cards add a new mechanic to each hero that are high risk, high reward cards.

12) Can I pledge $1 to do PM and upgrade then?
you can but this will only treat you as a Pre-Order backer, it will not lock in KS pricing or access to limited-quantity pledges.

13) Will there be foreign language versions?
They definitely want to do them but have no plans currently. So not at this time

14) If I back for season one will it ship right after the campaign ends?
They have said you can but for additional shipping. What is on the KS is two wave shipping which would have it come in wave one at end of year. So even if you go legendary in a zone with free shipping for that tier... getting season one early will cost you Shipping as the extra wave was not built into the pledge cost
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Here is the last post from the old FAQ post

Okay I took a big pass for the season 2 rules (finally got my game this past weekend!). Updated a bunch of sections. If anyone sees any conflicts, then let me know.

Also hopefully the Dice Throne/Roxley guys can take a pass through this. I know the rules guru really doesn't like BGG but it would be so helpful if someone could do a quick pass through this whole thing. It's nice having it all in one spot/post that theoretically is up to date. As rulings change from time to time it can be tough without something like this as you can get conflicting answers.

A couple things in particular based on my pass today:

1) Question 5 for Barbarian was a new ruling/change. Do you notice or know of any others I need to update for? For example the question right above it has similar THEN wording... is this one also wrong now or was Demising shot just a typo?

Monk question 11 is similar with the THEN wording.

2) This thread is a very important one... I took my best stab at it here (for example question K10 of the FAQ) but still feeling it's a little vague as to whether or not the priority always reset to the active player or not. Feels like it should be wanted it confirmed. Here is a link to the latest post I think sums up the concern.

3) There was a thread (cant find it for some reason) where it was asked if evasive evades the entire attack (and status effects) or just the damage. Thematically it makes sense to avoid it all (and is how I had been playing it) but the ability only says damage (and comparisons were made to defensive rolls per question D8 in the FAQ and other status tokens like enter the shadows)

5) Question 8 in the Paladin section seems wrong now. I left it alone for now... but it seems like the active player will always get priority first and it would be viewed as simultaneously wanting to do the same thing... would you agree?
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Added a couple questions from recent posts (D14, Paladin Tithe question, and first gunslinger question).

If anyone from Roxley reads this I'd still love some input on my post right above this.
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