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Subject: Dark Stone Shaman - Darkness Surge question rss

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Mike MacPhee
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Some questions about the intent of the Darkness Surge rules.

"Power level 1 to 4"
"Choose and assign a number of those dice; unassigned dice are wasted"
"When casting a spell, if two or more of the unassigned Casting Dice rolled '1'... draw and play a Darkness card"

Am I able to assign the Magik dice any way I see fit to avoid a Darkness Surge, or are they required to be assigned and used highest to lowest dice values?

a) Cougar Strike [1 Power Level] is cast with two Magik. [1][1].
A Darkness Surge cannot be generated as there cannot be two unassigned dice.

b) Cougar Strike [1 Power Level] is cast with three Magik. [5][1][1]. Is the Shaman required to assign the highest die to the spell?
Cougar Strike is 6+, so the spell will not be successful here, so it makes sense to assign a {1}, and have the unassigned dice be [5][1] and not trigger a Darkness Surge. Is this correct?

c) Cougar Strike [1 Power Level] is cast with three Magik. [6][1][1].
Am I required to assign the highest die to the spell, if that would make the spell successful?
Cougar Strike is 6+, so assigning {6} with unassigned [1][1] creates a successful Cougar strike, with a Darkness Surge.
Are you able to assign a {1} to the spell and leave [6][1] unassigned to have the spell fail and avoid a darkness Surge?

d) Consider Buffalo Charge (3 Power Level) cast using 6 Majik (4 Majik plus Darkstone): [6][5][5][4][1][1]. Can I assign {6}{5}{1} to the spell and leave [5][4][1] unassigned to reduce the effectiveness of Buffalo Charge but avoid a Darkness Surge? Does the Shaman have the option affecting the outcome by the way dice are assigned?
IE: Choice: assign {6}{5}{1}, [5][4][1] unassigned = 4 movement and no Darkness Surge
IE: No choice: (assign dice to spell highest to lowest){6}{5}{5} assigned, [4][1][1] unassigned = 6 movement and a Darkness Surge

If free allocation of dice to spells is permitted, it would seem that the Shaman can almost always avoid a Darkness Surge by assigning the 1's to the spell and having the spell fail (not a great result, but probably better than some Darkness cards).

It seems a Darkness Surge would be quite rare if the Shaman player was crafty in dice assignment and OK with spells failing. The higher the power level of the spell, the less likely a Darkness Surge.

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August W.
United States
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You do not have to assign the highest dice to the spell. Yes, you can choose to fail a spell in order to avoid the Darkness Surge. The Darkness surge becomes risky when assigning several darkstone to get more dice in order to pass a spell.
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