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Subject: A good game, with a few costly mistakes. rss

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Michael Turner
United States
Mountain View
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Game #102686 from Yucata.

I played black, Molnar played white. Comments between moves prefixed with 'white:' or 'black:' were in game chat. Longer comments on the move were post game analysis. The notation includes some punctuation that is found in chess games. Pointing out good moves, mistakes and blunders that I have missed will be appreciated.

1 c4,g8 e7,f7 - no swap
3 g7,g6 f5,g3
5 f6,d4 d5,e5 - 1,0
7 h3,h4 e3,f3

black: Not sure if this move is good or bad, but I"m not sure I have an option there to have any chance of not wasteing that tile.

White's original thoughts here was to play f4,g4 instead of h3,h4. This would have lead to the response of f3,h4 by black which would have essentialy wasted the move by white. Another option was f3,f4; however this would have left black on the 'outside with more room to move around. The choice of h3,h4 ultimately lead to holding black back from being able to do signficant development in the southeast.

9 g6-h4 f5-f3

white: don't like to play a bridge that early, but you could have played g5, i5.

black: that was indeed my mistake, though if you were to play c5,c6 it would have been even worse for me.

white: but I wouldnt have got my bridge.

11 c6,d6 c5,a5 - 1,1

If black didn't play c5, a bridge from c6-c4 would have relegated 2.5 moves to a connecting sandbar. Additionaly, the move a5 was necessary to take the initative for a bridge from a5-c5. Failing this, white's move of b4,b6 (later played with move 15) would have allowed white to enclose black's long central island.

13 d6-f6 a6,a7

Black: Of note, I have to play to develo a5 or lose it. Likewise, a4,a6 would have let you play a3,a7. I have to play two up or two down.

15 b4,b6 a5-c5
17 h2,h1 d7,f8 - 3,2

I didn't want to play d7,b7 - that would force a response of c7 and might make connecting those two harder later. Without making the threat immediate, might have a chance to fork it later. Additionaly, given a c7 play, might play something else so that I have more manuverability - the bridge at a5 caps the end of that island, a play at a4 gives additional bridging options in the southwest.

19 c7,e10 d10,f10 - 6,2

With a threat of not being able to link to the east side from white g8-e10, f8-d10 makes that tile worthless - and forces the bridge now. This bridge is inevitable and likely would have been played as soon as a threat is made on it. The key point in black forcing the move is that delay would allow white to develop e10 more.

21 g8-e10 d9,b7 - 6,4

Give the option of linking the central island through b7-d9 and f8-d10.

23 e9,c9 g10,h10
25 e2,f2 d3,b1! - 6,7

white: hey, that specific move is something I think you should comet on in the guide. b1,d3 prevents me from getting both bridges.

This gives black the setup for forks. Also note the safe tiles of g1,f1,e1 and space for d1 - an island without threat.

27 c2,d2? b3,g1 - 7,7

white: c2, d2 was a terible move for me - c2 is redundant, really.

Black is now set up to certainly a link around the outside. A better move for white would have been to remove the possibility of that run around with d2,d1 or a smilar move. A play at d1 would have been especialy good in removing the ability for black to build an island of d1,e1,f1,g1 (which ultimately is done)

29 h2-f2 b3-d3 - 10,7
31 b9,a1 b2,a1 - 10,11
33 b10,i8 h9,h7! - 10,12

The move at h7 blocks the ability for white to connect to i8. The only remaining bridges to the j row are from h3 and h1.

35 c9-c7 h6,i6
37 i9,j5 h9,h7
39 j3,j6 j4,i7 - 10,14

j4 blocks the forming island and also prevents an island by white in the southeast. i7 is necessary to prevent either a bridge or a tile by white at i7 making that island impossible for black.

41 h3-j5 c10,d1??

white: I could have done that better. c10,j10 would have killed one of those

If black had played at j10 instead of d1, either the northwest or the northeast island would have been an impossibility. This mistake by black is worth at least 5 points for white, and ultimately the game.

43 a9,j8 e1,f1 - 15,15
45 e4,j9 i2,j2 - 17,15
47 j6-j8 i1,j1 - 22,16
49 e8,a2 b1,d1 - 22,20
51 --,-- --,--

several years later edit: Fixed move 13 from d6-e6 to d6-f6
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Martin Ebel
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WOW! What a dramatic description.
Molnar is realy quit good finding the mistakes of his opponent.
i can say
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Jim Cote
United States
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I tried to play this out. I think the annotation is wrong. d6 is shown twice (moves 11 and 13) and e6 (move 13) is illegal.
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David Molnar
United States
New Jersey
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Move 13 was a bridge d6-f6. There was never a tile placed at e6.
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