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Issy 1815 C3I – A complete game from Issue #32.

2 July 1815 scenario

Reading the rules this game is a cousin of the Glory! system, of which I just completed two play throughs. The differences I anticipate without yet having shoved pieces around are; cavalry has a definite and perhaps decisive role on these battlefield, artillery is less effective, and command and control are modelled in more detail. It is a Bergy evolution, so lots of DRM’s, which I found to become second nature as I played the Glory games, did not even have to look them up.

I did read the historical notes, so am aware of how this battle played out. Am interested in taking this system for a test run, planning on following up with the 3 July 1815 scenario.

Marking VP hexes with tile spacers. (Part way through I decided this cluttered up the board unnecessarily and ceased the practice.)

Note: I placed the turn marker on the wrong box, so in the first turn photos it will be on 0930 instead of 1330.

Turn 1 ( 2 July 1815 1330 hrs) ( Automatic Prussian initiative)
There is only one CAM available for the Prussians for the entire game, so that will not be used this turn. Also reserving the light companies from both sides until we move closer to contact. Only the Prussians have cavalry, and no heavy cavalry is present. The French dispositions seem straightforward. As the Prussian there is the goal of seizing the VP hexes and causing French casualties while minimizing our own. Threatening the VP hexes which only grant the French points can also force them to defend their right more heavily. Pirch will be without orders as Zeithen only has an orders rating of two. Vandamme has only two subunits, so both will receive orders.

Steinmetz (0-3) activates first and heads towards Chatillon. All units are in a tactical formation and receive orders.

Steinmetz(0-3): Fortunate. Chatillon will be occupied, saving us having to dig the French out.

Roder (0-4): Shore up the center and cover Steinmetz’s flank. Vandamme activates moving towards Chatillon.

Hulot(0-3): The French stir. Albert fires at Brandenberg 5, missing. 50e I/II approach Brand 5, who refuse shock combat and pass cohesion. 44e I/II attack III/24 (poor positioning there, should have kept them on the high ground and had the arty at the apex of Chatillon.) A roll of three converts to a two, disordering the attackers, who fail cohesion and rout. (This is not the Old Guard by any stretch of the imagination, just learned a lesson.) - Also, I think the Prussian and French retreat hexrows are reversed in the rulebook, at least that is how I am playing it. Brutal turn for the tricolor.

Vichery (0-2): Looking at the French forces, they seem more fragile, with lower cohesion ratings. Going to use this turn to set up defensive lines and roll the artillery into place where it can do some good. No attacks. Vandamme co locates in the center.

Roder(0-4):Silesien fires at 50e I/II and Albert, rolls a 1+5=6, missing. All three cavalry units charge. 50e II rolls a 2, forming square. Albert fires at West 2, a 7 converts to an 11, West 5 passes cohesion (I am assuming a 0 is a 0 and not a 10, based on how the CRT results breakdown.) The recall attempt works for both stacks. A successful charge would surely have shattered the French line and carried the routed units and the battle, but forming square made it a lethal bet

Vichery(0-2): Advances the line, Saint Cyr and 69/II move adjacent to the square with Albert.

Pirch(0-3): Moves past Le Val, arty to the high ground.

Pirch (0-3): Forms line, maintains an individual tactical unit and comes within command range of Zeithen.

Hulton(0-3) stays in cup.

Turn 2 ( 2 July 1815 1500 hrs) ( Prussian 7+1=8 to 4)

Not suing the CAM marker again, saving it for a coup de grace attempt. Since there is no difference between activation markers, I will cease recording their ET numbers. Roder will be held out of cup without orders (the arty is in position and the cavalry does not have to charge this turn and they can still refuse contact.) Light company markers go in for all units from both sides, none available for the cav, since this is a solo game, I did not place and initial light company marker for either side. (It has become apparent to me how fragile and how endangered the French are, with two units routed staying viable is not going to be easy).

Steinmetz(under orders) – will activate first, there will be an artillery bombardment and then we will feel for the French, which is hanging in the air. Branden arty fires at IIIe, a 0+1 misses badly. I and II/12 force 9e to recoil and disorder them. 9e I is forced to recoil, passing cohesion by I and II/24. III/24 attacks IIIe I and II, forcing a recoil, both defenders passing cohesion.

Roder: (no orders this turn): Silisien arty fires at the squared 50e I/II and Albert arty, a modified 8 misses the mass of Frenchmen. The horsemen await their moment, standing fast.

Pirch(under orders): Positions for a second activation assault. That French line is looking thin…

Steinmetz Light Company: To II/12, causing a CT for 9e, which fails and routs, traversing 44e I who make a rout movement in response. The French left is turned.

Steinmetz: Time to roll it up. No targets for the arty, a general advance on the knoll on the French left. I/12 hits 44e/I a disorder result eliminates the French. I/I shocks 9e/II, same result, II/I shocks 44e/II, same result. On the knoll 9e is attacked from three sides, 9e is forced to recoil passing cohesion, but is disordered retreating into a ZOC. II and III/24 attack I and II/e, a zero disorders the attackers with II/24 recoiling.

Roder: Silisean fires into the square again, one yields a miss, those Prussian redlegs needs some range time.

Hulot: Albert fires, hitting the cavalry, West 2 fail cohesion. The units in square reform in and relocate, refusing the left. The French line is bent to breaking.

Pirch: Pomern fires at II/48 who fail cohesion and are disordered. Pirch surges forward to attempt to shatter the French front. II/28 attacks I/48, the defenders recoil and are disordered, failing cohesion. II/28 attacks II/76 forcing the defenders, who pass cohesion, to recoil. I/28 shocks I/69 who recoil and are disordered, failing cohesion. II/2 and I/6 attack the disordered II/48. The defenders recoil, passing cohesion.

Vichery: St Cyr blasts II/28 at point blank range, rolls a zero and misses the Prussians. Vandamme moves to the Seminary and has Vichery reform there.

Hulot: Albert fires, disordering II/12. Defenders extract themselves from the vise, defending Issy.

Pirch Light Companies force I/76 to undergo cohesion, who roll a zero and pass.

Hulot Light Company placed on the far left with I/III.

Vichery: That was close, with two chits left pulling Vichery light company would have left St Cyr and II/69 unsupported and open to elimination next hour. Instead Sty Cry fires again at II/28, disordering the Prussians. I and II/76 and I/59 attack II/28, who recoil and are disordered. II/76 performs breakthrough combat on the reeling Prussians, who recoil again, fail cohesion and rout. I/48 manages to rally.

Vichery light company remains in cup and is unavailable on turn 3.

Turn 3 ( 2 July 1815 1630 hrs) ( Prussian 9+1=10 to 0)

The CAM stays out of the cup. Steinmetz is scattered, so will go without orders this turn. Vichery light companies are not available this turn. All French formations are under orders.

Pirch(orders): starts the action, concentrating on the incurson of II/76. The Frenchmen are recoiled and disordered, retreating through a ZOC and routing, disordering I/59 in their transit.

Steinmetz(no orders): Begins reforming, cutting the road to Paris and again endangerin the French left. II/12 rallies.

Roder(orders): Move to the center of the line, West 2 fails to rally.

Roder(orders): Silesien relocates to hex 1710, West 2 railles.

Vichery: St Cyr hits II/1 who pass cohesion. The left extends and faces the Prussians in the Issy hex closest to Paris. II/76 fails to rally.

Steinmetz Light Company forces a cohesion test of I/III on the French far left, who fail cohesion.

Hulot: Albert hits II/1 who fail cohesion.

Pirch Light Company goes on the Prussian far left with I/2.

Vichery: St Cyr hits I/12 who pass cohesion. I/59 rallies, III/28 does not.

Hulot skirmishers force a cohesion on I/12, who fail and are disordered.

Pirch: I/2 skirmishers force a cohesion on I/76, who fail and are disordered. I/28 rallies, III/28 does not.

Hulot: Albert misses. I and II/50 attack the disordered I/12, who recoil, fail cohesion and rout. Both traversed units I and III/1 pass cohesion. The village is clear. Rallies fail.

Steinmetz stays in cup.

Prussian III/28 routs off map.

Turn 4 ( 2 July 1815 1800 hrs) ( Prussian 4+1=5 to 3)
Pirch will go without orders since his units are out of command range since I failed to move Zeithen. Saving the CAM For the last turn.

Roder – Silesian fires at I/59, missing. The cavalry form in the center for a possible charge.

Hulot skirmishers with II/III and Albert.

Hulot: Albert misses the routing I/12. I and II/50 attack I/1 from front and back at Chateau de Vanves (and not through the redoubt hexside). The Prussians recoil failing cohesion and the redoubt is regained as a defensive position. Rallies fail.

Pirch (no orders): Pommern fire at I/59 who fail cohesion and are disordered. I/6 and II/2 attack I/59, but only I/6 passes ET. I/59 recoils, failing cohesion and routing.

Steinmetz: Brandenbrg fires at III/e who are hit and pass cohesion. The line moves up, all rallies fail.

Vichery: St Cyr hits II/12 who pass cohesion. Rallies fail.

Pirch skirmishers force II/48 to check cohesion, who fail and are routed.

Pirch (no orders): moves forward to crush the faltering French right. Most units fail ET, II/2 shocks I/76, who recoil and rout, transiting the already routed I/59 who pass cohesion on a 1. I/28 attacks II/59 and are disordered and forced to recoil by the defenders. The French right is failing.

Steinmetz skirmishers force a CT on I/50, who pass with a zero.

Hulot: St. Cyr misses III/1. II/59, surrounded on four of six sides is forced to attack at 1:3 is disordered and fails cohesion, recoiling into a ZOC and then routing, transiting I/59 and II/76 eliminating the already routed formations. Rallies fail.

Vichery skirmishers force a CT on III/6, who fail and are disordered.

Steinmetz: Braden misses II/III. I/24, II/12 and III/1 attack I/50 across the redoubt, the defenders are forced back, passing cohesion. Chateau de Vanves changes hands again. II/24 rallies. Zeithern relocates

Vichery: St Cyr hits II/1 who pass cohesion. I/76 rallies.

Roder stays in cup.
Rout movement, all rallies fail.

Turn 5 ( 2 July 1815 1930hrs) ( Prussian 5+1=6 to 1)

Last Turn. CAM to cup with Prich and Steinmetz. Roder will be out of orders this turn.

Pirch: Turn the French right, open a path for the cavalry. II/69 attacked by four units is disordered and retreats. II/2 and II/6 follow and breakthrough combat. II/69 recoils and routs, the seminary in surrounded on three sides. Rallies fail.

Combined attack (Pirch and Steinmetz): Brandenberg misses St Cyr, who counterbatteries and hits, but the Prussian redlegs pass cohesion. Pommern misses I/76. I and III/2 shock I/76, the defenders recoiling, failing cohesion and routing. I and II/6, II/2 and II/28 attack I/48 defending in the seminary. The defenders recoil, fail cohesion and are disordered. On the other end of the line, Steinmatch strikes. I/26 attacks II/50 who recoil and are disordered. I/50e, now surrounded by ZOC’s is attacked front and rear by II/12 and III/1, the defending French recoil and are disordered then must retreat through ZOC and rout.

Pirch skirmishers force I/48 to CT, who roll a 1 and pass.

Vichery: St Cyr hits I/24 who fail cohesion and are disordered. No rallies.

Vichery: St Cyr misses I/24. Defense coalesces at Issy, Vandamme relocates. II/69 and II/48 rally.

Vichery skirmishers in Issy.

Roder (no orders): Arty relocates above Issy. Cav positions to charge if the opportunity presents.

Hulot: Albert misses the cav. Defenses set up in Issy. Rally fails.

Roder (no orders): The cav shock Albert and II/III in Issy. All attackers pass ET, Albert fires at Brand 5, missing. A zero converts to a four, disordering the attackers, two of whom fail CT and retreat.

Hulot: I/9 falls back to St Cyr and Vandamme, rallies fail.

Steinmetz skirmishers for I/III CT, who pass.

Hulot skirmishers stay in cup.

Victory point tallies.
French + 1 for routed units, + 3 for eliminated units, +6 geographic = 10 total

Prussian + 3 for routed units, +15 for eliminated units, + 6 geographic = 21 total

Prussian victory.

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