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Just completed the 2 July 1815 scenario and write-up this morning. Rolling right into the 3 July 1815 game. I learned how fragile units were in the first play of this game. The French were pushed pretty hard and lost two units due to my over aggressiveness early and never fully recovered. The game ended with the French clinging to part of Issy but having lost too many units to claim victory as night fell.

This 3 July 1815 scenario sees the Eagles of the Emperor defending the gates of Paris. There is an artillery battery on the opposite side of La Seine bolstering the French right, Paris is fortified and Vangirard contains the victory points (VPs) need by the Prussians. The French gain VPs for geography and for inflicting casualties, the Prussians only for geography, so the French can spend units much more freely and force the interlopers to dig them out. The French also have cavalry in this scenario, a change from the previous. Prussia has two CAM (combined action markers) for the entire seven turn scenario.

The first two turns are automatic French initiative. I have set up the scenario and am considering:

1. Advancing the French right to make sure the Auteuil battery has maximum chances to play upon the Austrians. Also taking advantage of the one turn advantage the French have in activation markers.

2. Standing fast and using forces to screen Vangirard, where a hole between the two wings of the French army are deployed is located.

3. Retiring the right behind the fortified walls of Paris, one unit per hex and taking the other two units and artillery and defending Vangirard.

4. French cavalry, when it arrives, should have some nice opportunities to wreak havoc, the Austrians will be in the open.
For the Austrians it seems straightforward, advance and set up the attack and then go in. Where cavalry may do good depends on if the French right advances. If so, they will be a target, if not there m ay be from in front of the Paris road on the level 1 terrain.

I am trying a more abbreviated type of AAR here. Previously I provided a roll by roll, unit by unit, activation by activation recap. My intent here is to recap each activation and how it played out. I may succeed, I may not…

Turn 1 ( 3 July 1815 0300 hrs) (French Initiative – auto)

We start with two night turns, followed by five day turns. The French need to survive and hold Vangirard unless they slaughter a huge amount of Austrians. However, an automatic Austrian victory occurs if all French formations are demoralized (no extant units in good order).

Night turns: No forced marches, +2mp to enter ZOC, disordered may not enter ZOC, arty fire adjacent only, no cav charges, CT+2, disordered auto rally with no other action, rout RT+3.

Going to advance the French forward, refuse the left and get set for daylight.

Both French units in command, Roder is out of command for the Austrians.

Hulot leads the way, moving forward, advances to a line just short of Javelle.

Pirch skirmishers are set out by I/28.

Vichery joins hands with Hulot singing La Marseillse.

Hulot advances one hex.

Hulot skirmishers are put out by I/50.

Vichery skirmishers are put out by I/76.

Steinmetz skirmishers put out by I/12.

Roder(no orders): Moves to the center of the Austrian line.

Pirch: Moves up the bank of the Seine.

Steinmetz: I/12 forces a CT on I/50e who do likewise. The French fail cohesion and are disordered.

Vichery stays in the cup.

Turn 2 ( 3 July 1815 0430 hrs) (French Initiative – auto)

Hulo:, retrograde one row, refuse the right. I/50e goes into reserve behind the line to help with rally attempt next activation.

Steinmetz: Refusing right, setting up for daylight.

Steinmetz: extends the right.

Pirch: sets up the left, a solid line, Roder will have to find a spot for cavalry as the battle develops.

Hulot: Stands fast, I/50 auto rallies.

Roder(no orders): moves to the far right, Zeithen moves to where he can command all three elements.

Vichery: Retrograde one row, refuse the left.

Steinmetz skirmishers feel out from III/1.

Vichery: Stands fast.

Pirch III/28 throws out skirmishers

Pirch skirmishers force II/9 to make a cohesion check, which they pass.

Vichery I/69 throw out skirmishers on the far left.

Hulot skirmishers stay in cup, unavailable next turn.

Turn 3 ( 3 July 1815 0600 hrs) (Prussian 2+1= 3 to 2)

Dawn breaks. CAM not used this turn. Roder no orders.

Autieul misses rolling a 1.

Pirch: Time to get things started, five turns left to punch through and take Vangirard. The Autieul guns will play upon our rear until we push to the walls of Paris. II/9 is disordered by Pommern and then routed, the French right is being turned.

Berthezene: Fills in behind Vandamme and the center.

Steinmetz skirmishers III/1 throws out voltigeurs.

Hulot: Albert misses, infantry retrogrades towards a line with Maison Blanche.

Vichery skirmishers to the II/69.

Vichery: St Cyr disorders III/1. The infantry stands fast.

Pirch I/2 throws out skirmishers.

Pirch: Second activation. Pommern fires, I/III passes cohesion. i/9 recoils, fails cohesion and routs off map. The right is turned, but one attack recoils.

Berth skirmishers placed.

Roder(no orders): to far to the right.

Vichery: St Cyr misses, the right extends to the redoubt on the far left.

Milhaud: Enters and cannot charge, but do go into shock combat. I/7e rout I/2 in breakthrough combat. The cav arrives in the nick of time, wrecking Pirch’s assault.

Hulot: Albert disorders I/1. The line thins to push back on the right and link with the cavalry. Vandamme moves to command Berth and Hulot next turn.

Roder: Silesein misses. Cavalry lurks on the far Austrian right, wasiting an opportunity.

Steinmetz: Brander disorders II/III. Pirch is vulnerable and where Hulot is thin there is artillery. We will feel link with Pirch, Vandamme will move to command Pirch and Steinmetz next turn. I/1 rallies.

Auteuil fires point blank across the Seine into the routing I/2, missing on a roll of 1.

Steinmetz stays in cup.

French II/44 rallies to disordered and mans the walls of Paris.

Turn 4 ( 3 July 1815 0730 hrs) (Austrian 7+1=8 to 2)

Roder is out of command. Hulot is out of command

A fortunate roll for the Austrians, Pirch is ready to be run down by the heavy cavalry.

Auteuil fires and misses, those guys need to sight their pieces better.

Pirch: Pommern disorders I/50. Rules note, I cannot find whether ZOC is negated by friendly units. However, there is a note that an artillery unit can only enter an enemy ZOC if the hex is already occupied by a friendly unit. Absent finding something else, I will rule that friendly units negate enemy ZOC. This is important because of the crowding on the left and the exposed Austrian infantry. Infantry retrogrades, rallies fail.

Milhaud: Ducet routs II/28Time to find out what kind of damage heavy cavalry can do in this game. Charge! III/28 attempts to form square seeing the charging horsemen approach, succeeding. The charge goes in (no recall attempt) at +0, a 4 disorders the attackers, two of whom rout and two of whom stand fast.

Hulot II/50 throw out skirmishers.

Pirch skirmishers (I made a ruling here that units in square cannot throw out skirmishers, so I/6 does.

Berth: Le Corbiel routs III/1. The infantry is tasked with the defense of Vangirard and files into position.

Steinmetz: Branden hits but cohesion passes. Infantry sidles right and strikes the apex of Hulot’s line. III/24 shatters I/76, puncturing the French line, supporting attack force a recoil, also.

Hulot: Albert fires into the massed square, missing on a 2. 3 of 4 units rally.

Milhaud: Ducet fires into the square, missing. 1st Cuir rallies.

Steinmetz: Brand hits but I/50 passes cohesion. The rest of the infantry attacks at both sides of tho 0406 gap with III/24 breaking in to Vangirard. II/48 routs, widening the gap, III/24 rips a wider hole in the French and a hex of Vangirard falls. Vichery is split with infantry in the rear.

Berth: Le Corbiel misses. A zero converts to a 3 and the attack on III/24 is thrown back.

Vichery: St Cyr disorders II/24. No attacks. One rally.

Vichery: St Cyr hits, but CT passed by II/24. III/24 is ejected from Vangirard, being disordered and routed.

Roder: Silesien hits II/III who pass cohesion. Cav moves to the center, waiting for an opportunity.

Henkel: Road marches towards the sound of guns.

Steinmetz III/12 throws out skirmishers, II/59 passes cohesion.

Roder: Silesien disorders II/III. Cav holds.

Hulot: Albert hits the square, disordering the defenders. Skirmishers fail to disorder I/1. I/50 rallies.

Vichery skirmishers thrown out by II/59 rout II/24.

Auteuil fires, eliminating the routed II/28.

Pirch stays in cup.

Turn 5 ( 3 July 1815 0900 hrs) (Austrian 5+1=6 to 5)

No orders for Henkel and Roder and for Vichery and Berth. CAM for Steinmetz and Pirch goes in the cup.

Tough decision on who to activate. Steinmetz is in position to endanger the entire French defense, is spread out and can be defeated in detail. Pirch is vulnerable to a cavalry charge. Since Pirch is not near the victory squares, we will activate Steinmetz.

Auteuil hits III/6, who pass cohesion. (Reminds me of the French artillery in “They Shall Not Pass,” untouchable across a river from the Germans rather than the Prussians in this case.

Steinmetz: Branden misses. The 12th and 24th regiments attack Vangirard. The first attack on the hex of Vangirard rolls a one, both attackers disordered both fail CT and recoil. The other assault forces a recoil, but cohesion is passed.

(The French gambled and activated the cavalry, with the repulse at Vangirard, a charge could sweep the Prussian left. Of course, the next activation chit is yet to be pulled…)

Milhaud: Alrighty, then. Ducet routs III/28 and disorders III/2. 4e and 7 e charge III/2 who being disordered cannot form square – rolls a 4+7=11 routing III/2 who pass through two other units who both roll a 1 to pass cohesion. 7e passes cohesion, 4e pursues striking II/2 from the rear at +7-1 (for first pursuit) are forced to recoil becoming disordered also forcing III/28 to make a rout move. 7e continues to charge II/2, this time at 7-2 (+5), an 8 converts to a 13, II/2 routs and pursuit continues. 7e attacks the routed III/2 from behind at 11-3 (+6) a six coverts to a 12 eliminating the routed unit. The pursuit continues, striking the routed II/2 from behind 11-4 (+5) a 9 converts to a 14, eliminating the routed unit. Pursuit continues 7e strikes the routed III/28 in the flank at (Noting here per rule 9.5.2 – last clause - that the end of charge cohesion test is made when the pursuit ends, hence the multiple attacks without cohesion tests) 8-5(+3) a six converts to a 9 forcing a recoil and a CT (which compels a routed unit to perform a rout movement.). Per rule 4e pursues III/28, the cavalry striking from behind 8-6(+2), a 9 converts to an 11, eliminating the routed unit. 4e comes upon the routing I/2 from behind and continues pursuit at 9-7 (+2) a 9 converts to an 11 eliminating the routed unit. Pursuit continues to II/19 and I/19 who attempt to form square and fail. 4e attacks at 2-8 (-6), an 8 converts to a 2, the cavalry is disordered, passes cohesion and does not recoil and passes (barely) the end of pursuit cohesion test. Wow, that did some damage, three units eliminated and the reinforcing units by the seminary delayed. Impressive, indeed. 12e rallies to disordered.
Pirch: What’s left of him. Pommern hits II/III who fail cohesion and rout. Albert counterbattery misses, Albert fails cohesion and is disordered. I and II/6 shock combat the disordered Albert, taking the battery. The photo below shows the heavies at the end of their trek, they started on the far left of the photo at the break in the Prussian lines.

Hulot: Le Corbiel fires point blank into I/24, missing. I and II/44 and I and II/50 attack I and II/6 at +3, a 7 converts to a 10, forcing a disorder and recoil which turns into a rout since retreat is through a ZOC. II/III fails to rally.

CAM (Steinmetz and Pirch): Pommern misses I/44. I/I attacks I/59 in the village at -1, a zero leads to disaster, is disordered failing cohesion and retreating. I/24 attacks St Cyr and II/3 from the flank (no reaction fire) +5 rolling a 2 which converts to a 7, the French recoil, the artillery becoming disordered. II/12 attacks Le Corbiel and I/III. Reaction fire misses (a zero), the attack goes in at +0 rolling a 3. II/12 is disordered and fails cohesion, recoiling. I/24 is all alone in the French line. I and II/6 both rally to disordered, I and II/12 rally to ordered. Attacks did not go well, rallies did.

Pirch skirmishers to III/6.

Steinmetz skirmishers to I/24, disordering II/59, St Cyr passes cohesion.

Vichery skirmishers to I/59 forcing a cohesion check on I/24, who pass, barely, with a 4.

Vichery: (No orderd) I/59 attacks I/24 at +1, a 6 converts to a 7, forcing a recoil through a ZOC disordering I/24 who then fail cohesion and rout, traversing and routing the already disordered I/1. I/48 and I/69 strike the disordered II/24 on the Prussian far right at +5, a 2 converts to a 7, forcing a recoil, failed cohesion and rout. St Cyr and II/59 rally.

Roder: Brand 3 and 5 charge I/48, who form square, the cavalry attempts recall, failing. The charge goes in at +1, a 1 converts to a 2 disordering the cav who pass cohesion and stand fast. West 2 attacks II/50 from behind, passing their ET; the infantry attempt to form square, succeeding; the cav attempts recall succeeding.

Henckel: (no orders): Infantry move around 4e, I/19 remain in place, keeping the cav from being eligible for rally in their next activation.

Henckel (no orders): II and III/19 head towards the sound of battle, I/19 continues to watch the milling cavalry.

Berth(no orders): Units move to defend Vangirard. Rallies fail.

Berth skirmishers are thrown out by II/12 defending Vangirard.

Berth(no orders): Disordered units move into positions in Vangirard.

Milhaud: Ducet hits III/6 and Pommern, both pass cohesion, same with counterbattery. 7e charges the disordered I/28 anchoring the Prussian left on La Seine at +4, a 4 converts to an 8, I/28 recoils, passing cohesion; 7e pursues attacking at +3, a 9 converts to a 12, I/28 routing; pursuit continues at +4, a 3 converts to a 7 forcing a retreat and rout movement; pursuit continues at +3, a 0 converting to a 3, the attackers disordered and forced to retreat, passing pursuit cohesion test with a zero. 1e and 12e rally.

Hulot: Le Corbiel misses West 2. Set up a screen in front of Vangirard.

Vichery (no orders) : I/76 rallies.

Auteuil hits the Prussian left, which passes cohesion, no counterbattery from Pommern due to facing.

Roder remains in cup.

Turn 6 (1030 hrs) (French 4 to 2+1=3):

Okay, with the French initiative, Hulot will go first. Does not need orders, just to fire artillery. Hulot is the first line of defense, with Berth and Vichery behind. Hulot and Milhaud will be without orders. Hulto and Berth skirmishers into cup. For Prussia, Henckel without orders, as well as Roder. Steinmetz and Pirch skirmishers into cup. Saving the second CAM for the last turn.

Auteuil hits the Prussian far left, both units passing cohesion.

Hulot(no orders): St Cyr fires and Branden, disordering the it and is disordered by counterbattery. Le Corbiel fires at West 2 who are hit, fail cohesion and are disordered. Duchet fires at II/6, missing. II/44 and I/50 attempt to attack the disordered Branden arty, I/50 passes ET, taking the guns. II/III rallies in Paris.

Pirch skirmishers to III/6.

Berth: I/56 rallies. Dug in in Vangirard.

Pirch: Pommern and Duchet exchange fire, I/44 is disordered, III/6 attacks from the flank with skirmishers, I/44 routs into Paris, traversing 12e who pass cohesion. Duchet arty is captured. Rallies fail.

Vichery: Reshuffle lines, II/59 contacts III/6, II/76 rallies.

Henckel(no orders): Due to the cav they cannot use march movement, which means they will be barely able to reach Vangirard to attack next turn, if Hulot can be cleared out from his covering positions. Long shot.

Milhaud (no orders): 1e and 12e attempt to engage III/6 in shock combat, 12e refusing to engage. 1e shocks (no charge due to having to come out of the walls of Paris) III/6 at +0, an 8 leading to a recoil. III/6 recoils passing cohesion, 1e occupies the vacated hex. 4e rallies

Milhaud: 1e and 12e attempt to charge III/6, both pass ET. III/6 forms square, both cavalry pass recall and recoil. 4e attempts to charge Pommern and the disordered II/6 from behind, but fail commitment, saving the Prussian left.

Steinmetz skirmishers to III/12 who attempt to disorder I/50, who fail cohesion and are disordered.

Berth skirmishers to II/12.

Vichery: II/59 attacks the squared III/6 at -3 a 3 coverts to a 2, disordering the attackers who pass cohesion standing fast. II/48 rallies.

Roder: All rallies fail.

Hulot: Le Corbiel disorders West 2, who rout. St Cyr fires, disordering I and III/12. I/50 retrogrades. No rallies. I/44 rallies to disordered in Paris.

Hulot skirmishers to II/44.

Steinmetz: Silesian and Le Corbiel exchange fire, Le Corbiel hits disordering II/1. III/12 rallies, III/1 rallies, I/24 rallies. Have to have these units all rallied for a final attempt on Vangirard on the last turn.

Berth: Standing fast, rally fails.

Henckel: Getting into position for next turns assault.

Steinmetz: Silesian and Le Corbiel again exchange fire, the French hit, routing II/1. II/12 rallies, as does II/24.

Pirch: Pommern hits II/50 who fail cohesion, becoming disordered. III/6 come out of square, shocking II/59, an 8 converts to a 13, the French rout through 1e who barely pass cohesion. III/6 breakthrough shocks 1e and 12e, who decline combat, 12 e becoming disordered.

Auteuil hits the Prussian left, routing III/6. Pommern passes cohesion. (not shown in end of turn photo, I forgot to fire Auteuil until after the photo, the routing unitn is in 0910, Pommern arty is alone in 0710)

Roder stays in cup.

Turn 7 (1200 hrs) (Prussia 2+1=3 to 0):

CAM will be Henckel and Steinmetz, as will the skirmishers. Pirch and Roder without orders. For France, Hulot and Milhaud without orders, skirmishers for Berth and Vichery.

Auteuil fires at the Prussian left, missing.

Pirch: Cannot afford to lose any more units due to victory conditions, so time to tidy up the left. I/6 rallies.

Hulot: Time to try to break up the impending assault with artillery. Le Corbiel hits II/12, who pass cohesion. St Cyr misses I and III/12. All rallies fail.

CAM (Henckel and Steinmetz): I would have preferred Steinmetz to go first on his own to try and rally more units, but also had to protect the left. So we will go in at Vangirard now. Low chance of success, but more than no chance of success. II/12 is disordered going by St Cyr. III/1 and III/12 attack I and II/12 in Vangirard (0407) at -1, a 7 converts to a 6, the defenders recoil with I/12 becoming disordered. II and III/19 attack I/69 and I/76 in 0306 at +1 (terrain level) a 7 converts to an 8, the defenders recoiling with I/76 becoming disordered. II/24 rallies.

Hulot: Le Corbien hits on I/6 who pass cohesion. St Cyr routs II/12. I/III and II/44 attempt to attack III/1, II/44 goes in, a 9 recoiling the defenders who fail cohesion and are disordered.

Milhaud (no orders): 4e charges the routing II/1 and charges, passing ET. 0+8 yields a recoil of 1 and a rout movement due to CT. West 2 is in sight and 4e pursues, the Prussian cav is routed and cannot refuse contact with the Cuirassiers 2+7=9 yields a recoil and rout movement. 4 e continues pursuit with I/1 in LOS 3+7=10 eliminating the routed defenders. 4e pursues West 2 who are in LOS and barely in range, 7+5=12 and West 2 is eliminated, no units remain in LOS, pursuit CT is passed by 4e. 1e charges III/6 and Pommern from flank, passing ET. III/6 fails to form square. Attack at 3+7 =10, both units retreating disordered. Pursuit of retreating units at 8+7 = 15. Both routing, 1e changes facing and attacks routing II/6 4+4=8, displacing the defenders who are forced by a CT to rout move. Pursuit is stopped by I/19 in the village hex. Pursuit cohesion test is passed. The Prussian left is demolished . 12e rallies under the walls of Paris.

Berth: Rearranging units I/56 and II/12 attack III/12 in Vangirard (0407) 8+1 = 9, forcing a retreat through II/19 (who passes cohesion) and disorders the defenders.

Steinmetz: Last activation, the CAM is used. Silesien misses II/44. II/24 attacks II/44 2+1=3, the attackers are disordered and recoil. I/24 rallies, II/12 and II/1 rally to disordered.

Steinmetz skirmishers to II/24 the only unit in good order.

Vichery: I and II/69 and I/48 attack III/19 attempting to reclaim the rest of Vangirard (0304), 6+4=10, disordering the defenders who recoil through ZOC and rout, traversing the disordered III/12, who fail cohesion, routing. II/59 rallies in Paris.

Roder: Rallies fail.

Berth skirmishers to I/56 who attempt to disorder II/19, who fail cohesion and are disordered. (Last unit which could have taken a hex of Vangirard, this battle is over.)

Vichery skirmishers to I/69 who assail II/19, who rout.

Henckel skirmishers are thrown out by I/19 who assail 1e cav, who pass cohesion.

Berth: Standing fast, rallies fail.

Milhaud: 1e charges the routing III/6 from behind, eliminating them. Pursuit captures the routing Pommern and the village of Issy blocks further pursuit. Pursuit CT is passed. 12e charges I/6, who fail to form square. 0+4 disorders the attackers, who recoil. 4e shocks the routing I/28, 8+3 eliminates the defenders.

Henckel: I/19 occupies 1109, all rallies fail.

Vichery: II/48 and II/76 leave their redoubt and attack the routing III/19 from behind, 0+4 disorders the attackers, who both stand fast. Rallies fail.

Roder: Brand 5 rallies.

Pirch stays in cup.

Auteuil hits I/6 disordering the infantry.

Intense contest. The Prussians did break into Vangirard, but were ejected. This battle really showed just how deadly heavy cavalry can be. I may have misapplied the follow on pursuits in the case of 4e on the next to last turn.

Victory Points:

France: 4(routed Prussians) + 33(eliminated Prussians) = 37
Prussia: 12(eliminated French) + 7 (geographic non-Vangirard) = 19.
Decisive French victory. Vive Le Empereur!

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