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Subject: Let's Play Nice...Cthulhu Horror rss

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Michael Andre-Driussi
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The players are M, A, L, and C again.

We start with a strategy session. "Look, there are 260 points worth of Event cards. If everybody is about even with victory points then there is no reason to set monsters on each other. If each of us can get 45 points, the demon cannot awaken. Then we can whale on each other."

"The lesser monsters can stop a player for one turn, but the greater monsters can stop a player for many turns. So hold off on monsters until the middle game, then start with lesser ones."

"You can't discard event cards in your initial hand, but you can always discard monsters."

Cards are dealt. Initial Ancient Books are revealed.

A has Book of Eibon, L has Nameless Cults and R'leyh Text. Yikes, half the library is out already!

A: draws Event World Earthquakes.

L: draws Event cannibalism at Delapor House.

C: draws Event ghoul grave unearthed.

M: draws Event engraver carves image of Cthulhu. Total at 20 points.

A: uses character Danforth to solve engraving!

L: uses character Aero to solve ghoul grave!

C: draws Event R'leyh rises in Pacific! Total at 50 points.

M: sets character Orendorff on R'leyh case.

A: draws Event Charles Dexter Ward learns secret! Orendorff sent to insane asylum. Total at 60 points.

L: uses character Morton to solve C.D. Ward case.

C: draws Event Herbert West tries to reanimate dead. Total at 60 points.

M: uses character Watkins to solve Herbert West.

A: finds Necronomicon! Gets Orendorff from asylum.

L: discards Mi-Go.

C: sets character Haggard to R'leyh case.

M: sets Sherman to R'leyh case. Halfway done.

A: finds Al Azif!

L: draws Event--zombie rampage! Haggard and Sherman go to asylum!

C: Bruna solves zombie rampage. Reanimator gets Bruna back.

M: discards Hunting Horrors of Nyarlathotep.

A: draws Event Martins Mansion. Total at 60 points.

L: pass.

C: uses Bruna to solve Martins Mansion.

M: sets Dr. Dyer to solve R'leyh.

A: sets Orendorff to solve R'leyh. Halfway done.

L: pass.

C: sets Larso to solve R'leyh.

M: sets Galico to solve R'leyh. So close!

A: finds De Vermiis Mysteries. Sherman and Haggard released from asylum. Haggard goes to L. Sherman tells A the secret identity of the awakening demon, then dies. A considers the information carefully...

L: draws Event Shipwrecked survivors on Dagon's Isle. All four R'leyh agents go mental with no hope of release (since all books have been discovered).

C: discard Mi-Go.

M: discard Dark Young of Shub-Niggurath.

A: plays from hand Event expedition reaches Mountains of Madness! Total stands at 90 points. A seems to be siding with the demon!

L: sets character Lake on Mountains.

C: plays Shantaks on A. This gives A an opportunity to use up an Ancient Book, if she likes. This would be the way to get rid of a "zero-book" (a tome that means you cannot attack the demon).

M: discards shotgun.

A: character Kedney against Shantaks, passes fright test, uses Necronomicon (using it up), wins.

L: draws Event U-boat finds Atlantis. Lake goes insane. Total now 95 points!

C: puts Deep Ones on A.

M: uses Mills to solve U-boat. Uses Reanimator to get Mills back.

A: plays from hand Event Innsmouth crossbreeding! 100 points--Apocalypse! Triggered by act of will, so A is siding with the demon.


L: has the best book, sends Haggard...he fails fright test!

C: has a number of characters but no heavy items--hopeless!

M: has two brawlers (Mills and Updike) and two elder signs, so lots of firepower but weak on intellect. This just might work. Mills...fails fright test! Updike...fails fright test!

A wins with Yog-Sothoth!

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