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Subject: The Mummy returns and dies rss

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James Due
United States
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After two weeks of research, Chris(played by Jeff) and Lt. Jameson (played by Tyler) found out that Sosra,a powerful mummy lord they had encountered, had discovered and used a serum that made him immortal. However, they had not found a way to kill him. So they decided that the answers must lie beneath the hole they had found and blocked off by a stone trap the party had ran into last adventure. So they went looking for people they would need: someone who was an explosives expert and a egyptologist to read the hieroglyphs.

The succeeded easily in the recruitment missions. The party recruited John Mack, a metallugical expert and two professors. One of the professors, Dr. Singi, was in India on buisness but he said he would meet them in Cairo. The other was from London and left with the party.

After buying tickets on a steamer and purchasing explosives, the party spent the next week traveling uneventfully to Cairo. In Cairo, they met up with Singi and his assistant, purchased supplies and hired 10 new diggers and headed out accross the dunes. When they arrived, they immediately noticed that sand had blown into the entrance. The diggers began to work clearing the entrance while the rest of the party set up tents for the night.

That night, a mummy sent to guard the tomb by Sosra attacked the party. At first the party had a hard time with this mummy but as soon as the mass of diggers decided to help, the combat was drawn to an early end. The rest if the night passed without incident. In the morning, the party moved in the antechamber of the pyramid. Dr. Singi revealed that the hieroglyphs not only told the story of Sosra's rise to power but that they also contained ancient curses and wards to stop potential grave robbers. The party paid this no heed and continued to the stone block. While they did this, the professors split from the party to continue to study the writings in an another room. The workers began to break the block. John Mack made them tunnel a hole in the center of the block so he could place the explosives to clear the obstacle.

Not to long after, Sosra shows up to ruin the day. Lt. Jameson orders his only man to the front. The soldier is hit and Tyler plays an Adventure card so that the Lt. Jameson can heroically take the hit instead. I award a benny for the cool move. Lt. Jameson is wounded by Sosra. John Mack, noticing that the situation is getting desperate, decides to hurry it up and blow the stone slab prematurely. He sets the wires and prepares the plunger. Sosra connects with his ancient bronze sword, stabbing Lt. Jameson in the leg. This blow knocks the Lt. out of the action and Tyler is glad he picked the hard to kill edge. Mack blows the stone. Chris protects the fallen Lt. as the soldier drags his commander's limp body. Chris goes on the defensive using the defend option to increase his parry score. The rest of the allies use rope and attempt to go down the hole. The diggers hurry too much and eight fall to their death. Mack uses the climbing kit and makes his roll after the expenditure of a benny. One of the professors makes it down using the other climbibg kit.

Meanwhile, Chris holds back Sosra the best he can. He uses his breath weapon and the defend option in an alternating fashion. The allies make it to the bottom and trigger a trap that animates a statue. The minion of Set, the statue's name, attacks with his ancient polearm to no effect. Mack blasts the statue with his musket and just tees off the statue. The remaining two diggers help Mack in the melee. The professors split checking out the rooms. Dr. Singi and his assistant find a relatively modern note in Sosra's library. The other professors finds a tomb that reads: "My beloved Atma". The players are completely against opening it up until they read the note. The note says that Sosra has left a weapon that can harm him in the arms of his beloved. The allies bring the statue down who swings wildly the whole time. Then they prepare themselves to alpha stike Atma.

Chris is getting worn down and Jeff slowly depletes his bennies. Chris goes beserk and thereafter just uses his breath weapon to no real effect. The allies attack Atma but they miss on the suprise round. Atma strikes back unleashing scarabs (the bolt power) that kill the diggers and harm Mack. The soldier notices a ring on the female mummies finger. He decides this is the weapon and rests it from her. Atma doesn't like this and chokes the life out of the hapless extra. Mack, who is badly wounded, grabs the ring and hits. The ring is hollow and contains the antidote to the immortality serum. The front of the ring is shaped like an ibis and beak is actually a needle. The antidote destroys Atma from the inside out.

Mack hands the ring to Dr. Singi and tells him to give it to Chris. Singi hurries up the rope. Singi hurries to Chris but much to his disappointment Chris finally is defeated. Chris took a mighty blow to the chest( I rolled 67 damage) and was put out of commision. A non-combant Singi decides to attack in desperation. Dr. Singi rolls well and destroys Sosra!
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