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Carl Parsons
United States
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Mission 10 May 27, 2004 1800 hours

It had to have happened at some point. I finally got fed up. I don't even remember doing it, I only remember doing what they told me... told me... told me. Oh, sorry I had a Queensryche flashback there for a second. Anyway I don't remember the deed I just remember the incredibly good feeling it gave me. They always say revenge is a dish best served cold.

Prior to the mission the briefing room was deathly silent. The tension in the air was palpable. We were told that this was it; the final mission. We knew it would be a bloody one. The aliens were backed into a corner with no possible escape and no reinforcements. They would be fighting back hard. All we had to do was kill the head honcho; old Hoochamagoo himself (or something like that). No easy task I'm sure. The only levity to the entire proceedings was when we were informed that Imperial had been sent home early for gross incompetence. The cheers were genuine even if there was a trace of apprehension in them.

Our initial foray was tentative yet successful. Every doomtrooper pair that entered the Citadel met with small resistance that was dealt with quickly. We knew the aliens had to have a trick up their sleeve. Everybody was incredibly tense; jumping at the slightest sound. Coral Beach, of Cybertronics infame, was so spooked that he ran out before he even took two steps into the place. Oh well, just one more person to stay out of our way.

Team Mishima rushed into the upper levels to scare up him some aliens for frying. I think what they found was a little too big for their skillet. An Ezoghoul, the biggest and baddest one yet, was waiting for him. The only sounds that came from the team was an unmistakable whimper. I knew what that meant.

I teleported Steiner into the upper levels to, once again, bail out my fellow doomtroopers. I took care of the Ezoghoul easy enough. It was the rest of the aliens that caused our Japanese friends trouble. By the time I finished with the Ezoghoul Yojimbo had been cut to shreds. Tatsu was heartbroken and nearly in tears. I felt sorry for him and couldn't help but think of him as an Old Yeller type dog. So I shot him.

I bet he didn't see that one coming. Well, neither did I. As I said earlier I don't really remember doing what I did. At least there was another pair of doomtroopers out of my way. Doctor my tapes again, Tatu.

I heard Attila, from Cybertronics, screaming in my headset something about the nasty Legionnaires surrounding him. Ha, that's like complaining about the nasty earthworms surrounding you when it rains. I guess we can't expect much more from Cybertronics. Another one out of my way.

Then all I had to deal with was Curly and Moe from Capital. They had already gotten into Valerie's way, AGAIN. If I could just get through the mission without killing them I'll be okay. As it turns out Valerie got jumped from behind while waiting for Curly to whittle his name in the doorway. She didn't stand a chance. Of course she was the one carrying the violator sword. Without that we had no way of slicing through the thicket of aliens at the bottom of the stairs. Our only hope was Hunter of Capitol. Imagine my surprise when he started running back towards our exit point. The names I was calling that coward would be inappropriate in this report. If I had a line of fire on him he would have shared the same fate as Tatsu.

We're being shipped home now, something about time of service and all that. I know our team served for a period. It would be a stretch of the definition of the word to call what those other teams did service. I'm just glad to be done and heading back home. I hope that our replacements can find a way to work together and defeat the aliens. I don't want to go through this again on earth.

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