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Main Expansion - Spooky Ghostwriter Comics

This covers decks based on the totally-real comic book series produced by the totally-real company Spooky Ghostwriter Comics:

* Dressed to Kill, a story about Tsukiko and the Alesia Circus fighting plant monsters. Even though the comic isn't real, you can read this in story form here!
* New Granwall Guardians, a story about the superheroes in New Granwall City


Tsukiko the Magnificent - Fully Complete
Deck Topic - Tabletop Simulator Mod

Name: Tsukiko Tanner
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 120 lbs
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Dark brown
Power Source: Possibly-magic clothing, magic tricks
Group: Alesia Circus
Likes: Making people believe in the impossible, magic tricks, circus food, sleeping
Dislikes: School, plant monsters, anything she deems 'boring'
Powers: Sleight of hand, quick-change, escape artistry, hypnosis, natural charisma, basic swordsmanship and archery, being able to eat mountains of circus food

By the age of 17, Tsukiko was already an expert magician, performing in small local shows with her assistant Galen and her pet snake Gary. Looking to increase her audience, she joined the Alesia Circus, a well-known group of performers who blurred the lines between possible and impossible. However, unbeknownst to the general public, the Alesia Circus was also a band of warriors trying to save the world from vicious plant monsters called dryads. Armed with the Alesia Circus' Religalia - pun-based clothing with special powers - Tsukiko and Galen joined the battle.

Hero Cards:
* Tsukiko The Magnificent - Tsukiko as she appears during her and the Alesia Circus' battle against the dryads. Age 18-ish.
* Tsukiko, The Game is Rigged - Several years in the future, after Tsukiko has left the Alesia Circus and works at a casino. Age 25-ish.
* Dark Carnival Tsukiko - An alternate Universe / gritty reboot. Here, the Alesia Circus is much less bright and happy, and Tsukiko's magic tricks are XTREME-ly dangerous. Age 20-ish.


Escarlata - Early Playtesting
Deck Topic - Tabletop Simulator Mod

Name: "Escarlata" / Cassandra Corazon
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 135 lbs
Hair Colour: Red
Eye Colour: Green
Power Source: Magic, probably
Group: New Granwall Guardians
Likes: Passion, art, dance, self-expression, spicy food
Dislikes: Cold places, laziness
Powers: Pyrokinesis, heat resistance, basic flight via heating the air underneath herself (comic book physics), enhanced physical strength and durability via training

Passionate and stubborn, Cassandra would always rather follow her heart than do what she was told. That's why, when she saw a 'DO NOT TOUCH' sign next to a magnificent phoenix statue at a museum, she immediately touched the phoenix statue. Soon afterwards, Cassandra became sick with a fever that lasted months and couldn't be treated by any known science. When it looked like she was about to die, Cassandra's stubbornness won out once more, and she was able to control the newfound power inside her. One of the few heroes who still hides her identity, Cassandra joined her city's group of heroes - the New Granwall Guardians.


Gold Dragon - Nearly Finished
Deck Topic - Tabletop Simulator Mod

Name: "Gold Dragon" / Tyson Morin
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 220 lbs
Hair Colour: Orange
Eye Colour: Yellow
Power Source: Dragonic abilities, magic orbs
Group: New Granwall Guardians
Likes: His adoring fanbase, flying, JUSTICE, steak and lobster
Dislikes: Criminals, especially those who make knock-off Gold Dragon merch
Powers: While in human form: Can emit bursts of energy from his palms. While in dragon form: can emit destructive energy from his mouth, flight, superhuman durability, strength, sonic attacks via roaring
His energy attacks can be transformed into fire, ice or lightning using his orbs.

Why do so many superheroes act like their powers are a curse? Tyson Morin, AKA Gold Dragon, couldn't be happier with his lot in life. He's famous, he's rich, he's popular, and most importantly, he can transform into a dragon. Fellow New Granwall Guardians describe Gold Dragon as 'a little full of himself, but still a darn good hero'.


Electrogeist - Early Playtesting
Deck Topic

Name: "Electrogeist" / Martin Cypher
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 160 lbs
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Yellow
Power Source: Unknown, he was struck by lightning
Group: New Granwall Guardians
Likes: Robots!
Dislikes: Hard work
Powers: Incredibly precise control over electricity. It's not particularly destructive, but he can control electronics effortlessly.

A hero who lost his passion for heroics after too much grunt work / background jobs, but is quickly regaining it after finally joining the front lines. He credits his newfound fighting abilities to Excalibolt, a super high-tech ghostly robot thing.


La Nocturna - Early Playtesting
Deck Topic - Tabletop Simulator Mod

Name: "La Nocturna" / ???
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 105 lbs
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Red
Power Source: Vampiric abilities, The Shadow Veil
Group: New Granwall Guardians (former)
Likes: Blood, darkness, black clothing
Dislikes: Light, garlic, the weak heroes who won't do what's necessary to truly solve crime
Powers: In addition to normal vampire powers, she can create solid shadow "puppets" in the form of hands or serpents

Once an ordinary vampire, the woman known only as La Nocturna was fortunate enough to find The Shadow Veil. This artifact, once worn by Dracula's bride, gives its wearer complete mastery over darkness. La Nocturna uses these powers to try to clean up New Granwall City's streets, but her methods are too brutal for the other heroes to respect.


The Alesia Circus
Deck Topic

Tsukiko's workplace is a travelling circus full of impossible acts! In addition to her magic show, the circus features a fire-breather, mime, knife-thrower, ghost lion tamer, and grenade juggler, each performing superhuman feats. By completing carnival games, you can earn Tickets to use these shows against the Villain, but the Villain can gain access to these resources as well...

Bonus Challenges

* "Nothing to Wear" - Win a game in which Tsukiko never played a Religalia.
* "Stage Magic > Regular Magic" - Redirect 7 or more Infernal damage with Tsukiko's Smoke and Mirrors in a single game.
* "I. Hate. Plant monsters." - Have Tsukiko land the finishing blow on Akash'buta by using Frantic Attack on either a Primordial Limb or Akash'buta herself.

* "Firebirds" - Destroy 5 or more of Matriarch's Fowl in a single game with Escarlata's Fire Damage.
* "Raging Inferno" - Have 4 or more Tokens on Escarlata's Overburn.
* "Footwork" - Use three copies of Transition Step in a single turn.

* "Dragon vs. Dragon" - Have Gold Dragon destroy The True Form by reducing its HP to 0.
* "Master of the Elements" - Have Gold Dragon deal Fire, Cold and Lightning Damage with a single usage of Shimmering Spread.
* "The Best of the Best" - Win a game against La Nocturna in which all the Criminals arrested were arrested by Gold Dragon.

Other Decks

This is for decks based on other franchises and anything else that doesn't come from a story I wrote or a fake comic book made by Spooky Ghostwriter Comics.

Capupet Trainer - Early Playtesting
Deck Topic - Tabletop Simulator Mod

Do you like Pokemon? Do you like rolling dice? That's basically what Capupet Trainer is.

DIO and The World - Early Playtesting
Deck Topic

It's DIO, the main villain from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, and his Stand [The World].
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