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I couldn't find a clear answer to this, but it turns out, Orleans and Altiplano rules differ in an important way. Sorry if this was clear to everyone else, but I thought I might let people know who might have played Altiplano first then discovered Orleans.

In Orleans, if you place a follower onto an action, then on a different turn decide to remove him from that action back to your market, you will draw one less follower from your bag. BUT, if you leave that follower in your market between rounds, the next time you draw followers, you draw your full amount (assuming you have room in your market).

This seems to penalize the act of removing followers from an action and saying it's better to leave followers in your market (again, assuming you have enough room in your market to draw your full amount next turn.)

In Altiplano, regardless if you remove a follower from an action or you leave a follower in your market, they count against your draw power.


Here is the email exchange with DLP and Reiner's reply:
I have a question about Altiplano and Orleans rules.

Altiplano seems to clearly state that you draw followers from your bag to fill your market up to your draw power. So if you have one follower left on your market from the previous turn, you draw one fewer from the bag.

Orleans on the other hand seems to state in the rules that you always draw what it says on the Knight track, UNLESS you remove a follower from a previously placed action back into your market. Then it counts against your draw power. That means if you left a follower in your market from the last turn, you can still draw your maximum draw power (assuming you have room in the market) and end up with more followers in your market than the draw power.

Is this true? Are Altiplano and Orleans different in this regard?



everything is correct. Altiplano and Orléans are actually different in this regard.

Best regards

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