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Subject: Action limit, additional/„additional” actions rss

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1) RR 402.3 says: „Game effects might allow you to perform actions
during other phases or „additional” actions. Such actions are performed as normal and do not count against the two actions you can perform on your turn during the action phase.”

2) There are bunch of cards which say „Action: Any kind of effect” (Spell cards, special abilities, etc.)

3) There are some texts (e.g. on an Ally card) allowing you to perform an additional action. (The word: „Additional” is written on the card.)

The question is: After my two basic actions, can I perform any number of Actions mentioned in 2), because 1) is justifying it, or 1) is referring only to cards noted in 3)?

Bonus (spoiler) question:
Spoiler (click to reveal)
In the Approach of Azathoth scenario, does revealing a marker count as an action?
The codex card is the same type of card what I was trying to explain in 2).

Sorry if it was too tangled, but I couldn't define it better.
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Jorgen Peddersen
New South Wales
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Cards that have actions on them are examples of Component Actions. They require you to spend an action just like any other action type. 402.3 doesn't allow you to take any type of actions without spending an action; it is instead making it clear that if you are granted an additional action, then that spending that additional action is separate to spending your other two actions.

It might seem weird that it has to be stated, but it is required to show you can perform more than two actions during your turn, but only if you are granted additional actions to spend (either during your turn or during a different player's turn).

Example 1: Marie takes her turn first and grants another investigator an additional action via her Smoky Velvet ability. The other investigator performs this action during Marie's turn. When the other investigator has their turn, they still have two actions to spend.

Example 2: An investigator with the Pocket Watch is allowed to take one additional action each turn. Thus, when they take their turn, they may take three actions instead of two.

Also note that in both examples, all three actions must be different as you usually cannot take the same action twice during the same round.

In your spoiled question, indeed, that is another type of component action. An investigator must spend an action to perform the action on the card mentioned.
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