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Subject: 2 Player Eclipse-as-a-Wargame rss

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Brandon Hurd
South Africa
Tokai, Cape Town
Western Cape
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- Requires the Rise of the Ancients expansion set
- Both sides play Humans
- Tiles laid out as per plan (No center tile, no GCDS)
- As shown in the second pic, some of the tiles are covered with another face-down tile (each such tile then requires an explore action to reveal.) They can be examined at any time but they require an explore action to move there.
- Discovery tiles are setup as follows:
--- The 6 x ancient ship parts are separated, shuffled and each placed under one of the double ancients / ancient homeworld hexes.
--- The remaining discovery tiles are randomly allocated to the remaining discovery tile hexes.
- New "Espionage" (Research) action: If the opposing player has researched a technology that you do not have, and that tech tile is not available (i.e. only one such tile was drawn) you may play a research action to have that tile added to the available tech's. You may then research that tech on a later research action.
- VP's are ignored and there is no turn limit (first player to capture the opponent's home system, wins.)
- Remaining rules are as per base game standard rules (only expansion rules used are ancient homeworlds.)
- The monolith tech is removed from the game.

Principles of the 2-player game:
- There are four routes of access.
- The ancients are mostly at the periphery, i.e. they mostly do not block access routes.
- Each player has almost exactly equal access to planets, tiles & ancients.
- Much of the randomness is mitigated, e.g. on tile draws & unequal tech availability.
- There is still randomness in the random allocation of discovery tiles, random placement of ancient cruisers, random draw of tech's (having first access to a tech could still be important.)
- Should be a fun wargame
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luis dlc
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Very interesting. How many times have you played this?
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