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I pinged the publisher about it via the website yesterday and had an answer waiting for me when I got back to my keyboard today. Thanks to Mike Billings for the rapid response!

The first power does not have an "Always" or any checkboxes. The power is "One of you Scout Ships may move through Unexplored Space at Normal Jump rating."

Here is the answer I got:

That ability is an ‘Always’. It applies each time you have an action that lets you perform a Ship or Fleet movement. The only restriction is that it can only apply to one Scout per action. So if you used the Movement Action “Redeploy Forces” (which lets you move 4 game pieces), you could move 2 scouts, with one of them using the Explorers ability but not the other.
Maybe this was covered somewhere in the updates or comments during the campaign, but that was a long time ago, so apologies if I am repeating a known issue.
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