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Good article, essentially covering the MAIN reason why the Wall will never be built, namely, wealthy Texans that own the private property that would abut the wall. They have deep pockets, strong connections, and the resources to fight Trump for years. There are still lawsuits on eminent domain pending in the courts today, from Bush court cases 12 years ago. AND, assuming the land is taken, the recent rates at which it has been taken, demonstrate that the U.S. government does not have enough money to buy it all. At least, not at a cost that is 20 times the actual cost of the wall.

And these Texans, have demonstrated that they do not want the Wall.

This fact seems to be overlooked by Trump and team, underscoring even more the fact that his Wall is a pipe dream, pushed for political brownie points, to a base that is equally oblivious, about the realities of the Wall. shake

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