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Subject: Rules for placing the guild token. rss

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David B
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New Mexico
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I'd like to get clarification on the rules for placing the guild token. Specifically can you pick the same action twice in a row as long as the token moves? For instance you Fortify one region on one turn and then Fortify a different region on your next turn.

From my reading of the rules this seems allowable, but I think it might make it more interesting to require you to choose a different guild action every turn.

Another question here, again reading the rules it seems like you can get a potential double benefit from using the Commendation or Destiny's Fate actions. Most other actions have the language "this turn" on them or are triggered when placing your guild token. These two though seem to allow you to place the token on them, use that effect during your turn, and then use it on your next turn before moving your token somewhere else. This seems a little overpowered. I had asked this question before but didn't get an official Orange Nebula response. Personally I'd like to see this limited to "this turn" or "until your next turn".
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Lars Hobin
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Also looking for clarification on both these issues.
P.38: "-> You may not place your guild token in the same place 2 turns in a row - you must move it.
Read this as you may eg. barricade twice in a row but not in the same spot. Physically move the token and it is ok. Or is it? Perhaps the game designer means Barricading is a place for the token? But nowhere have I seen a rule specifically stating that the guild token effect should not be the same twice in a row.

P.38: "-> The token remains active where it is placed until it is moved.."
So if I placed the token on a companion for Allegiance to return influence instead of adding it when activating said companion, I could benefit from the effect again the next turn before I move the guild token? Then again p.39 under Allegiance:
"..this turn, that companion returns 1 influence.." So, not in the beginning of next turn? These rules contradict each other. Personally I would lean towards the more specific rule (Allegiance's "this turn") overriding the general (active until moved).
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