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Subject: 968th - October 27th, 1942 - Lorient Raids rss

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Zach Edwardson
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Good morning gentleman, today we are striking the Uboat pens at Lorient. We all know the Uboats are giving the Brits fits, and now they are attacking the east coast, so we want to go into a deep strike into Occupied France.

The 968th will be the following planes (all B17Fs)

--Miss 8 Ball
--Texas D'lite
--Electra Angel
--Gillian Anderson
--Empire Maker
--Latin Lass
--Victorious Viscount
– Atlanta
– Lucky Strike Gal
– Harper’s Belle (Tail)

1LT Michael Perry looked over the site. After the first two missions, simple raids just over the channel, this was going to be the first time they didn't have their friends and going deep into France. More worrisome, Intel didn't have a good grasp of were the flak was, and he was sure that the Germans will defend the Uboat pens. He shared that with Major Gill, and the Major just nodded and said "It time we take the war to them."

Takeoff was uneventful, and the group quickly formed, luckily they where high, so they hoped to avoid some of the stronger opposition. Crossing into the channel and hitting the German air defenses, much of the squadron was hit by 109's flying in good formation. Most of it was a quick clatter of guns and then the planes flying off, however Victorious Viscount had a persistent 109 on it that made 3 passes.

Atlanta reported that the heat was out in the nose, so they dropped their bombs and aborted the mission, the Victorious Viscount was more silent, and drifting out of formation when the radio crackled.

"This is MSG Harley Edwards of the Viscount. 1LT Robertson and 2LT Kahn are dead. We are headed home and we might try to land this crate without pilots."

Suddenly, the radio was a bit more quiet as they droned towards the target. Other then a lone 110 that tried to sneak up on the Anderson ( and shot down quickly by the ball gunner) it was quiet till they arrived to the Target.

"Look at that Flak!"

The Flak up ahead also was a warning as waves of German fighters flew to the Squadron. Guns blazed, tracers flying, Suddenly, the Squadron saw 8 parachutists from Empire Maker, as it made a slow, flip over, controls completely unresponsive, a ninth jumper jumped as it spun out, and then the planes started to go into the Flak. Planes shuttered, engines smoked out, and bombs were dropped. Electra Angel was on fire, and while it was put out, it quickly radioed that it was dropping to 10,000 feet. while the Gillian Anderson was rocked by shells after the target, then jumped by a number of 190s. Her engines were sound, but much of her remaining self had more holes then the crew accommodations.

Then the squadron pressed on to home, other then a lone plane making a dive on Texas D'lite, returning home was uneventful, even if the Gillian Anderson ended up overshooting the runway, unable to break.

Only then did the squadron learn the butcher bill.

Empire Maker shot down, one dead, and the rest captured except 2LT Finlay Hughes who was able to return back to base in a month after meeting a resistance cell.

The Victorious Viscount, having both its pilot and co-pilot killed, returned to base after dumping its bombs, and after most of the crew jumped, the Engineer and Navigator tried landing the plane. It was ruined by both survived.

The Gillian Anderson well shot up, and out for some time, but it was decided to return her to duty.

Several engines out on a number of planes.

The butcher bill was the following
Empire Maker - Lost
Victorious Viscount - Cat-E


1LT Robert Robertson

Co Pilot
2LT Spencer Khan

Both of Victorious Viscount

Radio Operator
SGT Taylor Shaw
Empire Maker

Returned home due to Injuries

Tail Gunner
SGT Declan Gallagher

Electra Angel

Long Term injuries

Port Waist
SGT Atticus Farrell (1 month)


2LT Louis Kelly
1LT Archer Bennett
Co Pilot
2LT Bobby Howard
MSG Andrew Pearson
Ball Turret
SGT Oscar Andrews
Port Waist
SGT Harley Butler
Starboard Waist
SGT Colby Pace
Tail Gunner
SGT Atticus Jensen

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Michael Dardia
United States
New York
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That was a rough day. Did they hit anything?
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Zach Edwardson
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Yep, 2 got 30%, one got 20%

It was a bad day.
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