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Subject: Hellcannon clarification rss

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markko ghost
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Hello guys!

Yes, I am new to AoS and I have played around 10 battles by now. So, I bought Hellcannon and I need some clarification about how it works (it's really complicated unit for me).

1. Hellcanon and 3 Chaos Dwarf Crew are two different units, so they can move separately. Correct?

2. Ability Cage fury - if I roll less then its in the Crew table (example: with 3 crew i need to roll 2 or more for Hellcanon to stay with a crew) then the Hellcannon move away from Dwarfs. Correct? In warscroll it says "The Hellcanon must move as far as it can towards the closest enemy unit that is visible to it". What means "as far as it can"? Do I need to roll 2D6 (its move characteristics)? Or I just move it for 12"? What if closest target unit is more then 12" away?

3. Ability Doomfire - Doomfire table confuses me. If I have a valid target and Dwarf crew by Hellcannon, I need to roll to hit. How many dices? I believe it is based on Crew models (lets say i have 3 models)so, two dices? Correct?
If Hellcanon didn't move in this turn I add 1 to the hit roll - (I'm confused) do i add 1 to my dice result (lets say 3 -> 4) or do i need to add 1 to "To hit" in table (so To hit is now 5+ and not 4+ anymore). I think that the first option is correct?
The same question arrives later on "and add another 1 if the target unit has 20 or more models". Again - add 1 to dice result or just in table?
Lets move forward. Because Hellcannon inflicts D6 mortal wounds, i don't need to make Wound roll, correct?

Sorry, I am really confused about this unit. Thank you for your help!

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Dominik DerwiƄski
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1st Independent Parachute Brigade
1. Yes, but you want to keep the crew close to the cannon for Caging Fury and be able to shoot.

2. With 3 crew and a roll of 1 the cannon must move 2D6" towards closest visible enemy. I assume it moves alone, but since this happens at the start of your movement phase, you can later move the crew to join the cannon. Sadly, crew moves only 4".

3. With 3 crew near the cannon you roll 2 dice, they hit on 4+. If the cannon didn't move you hit on 3+ (by adding 1 to the hit roll, all your results of 3 become 4, thus they hit). If target unit has 20+ models, you hit on 2+.
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