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Subject: How not to miss out on story with two groups! rss

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Patrick White
United States
Battle Creek
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So, My wife and I are rolling duo team through gloomhaven.

I am also playing two characters in there separate group solo.

This is my way of filling in anything important that my wife might have missed, New items, Prosperity increases, unlocks, story bits

I write some Role play story interactions between our two groups. The following is an example after me playing 2 or 3 games with out her. The following is a quick first draft with many grammer and writing errors but I read it to my wife and throw it away.

This may be helpful for some who don't want to do two separate campaigns, and it can be simple to fill in the gaps.

The following may have some spoilers if you have not gotten past scenarios 6

As you are passing through the market area your hear panic near the docks. You approach while a woman yells invasion as she runs off.

Once you make it pass the run aways and on lookers you see several Lurkers at the edge of the docks, but they are not attacking or even seem aggressive.

Before you have a choice you see a brute and a vermling. The Vermling close to the brute. They walk out onto the docks with out weapons drawn. You are to far away to hear but it would seem that the brute tried talking to them and then they returned to the sea. +2 rep

You Know the two only in passing. There are fellow mercenary for hire. And your pretty sure they also work for Jariahia.

You Approach them both And ask to talk about an agreement Of information that could help each other. they agree.

You are sitting at a table at the sleeping lion inn. Noisy enough no one can over hear you discus information common introductions are made Gornox the brute and Four the vermling. now you think its a good time to ask them about Jariahia.

They look at each other. For two species of gloomhaven to usully not show much emotion in public you can see an uneasy look on there faces.

Gornox leans forward and simply says dont trust that one. Inox encampment had children present the vermling says. She sent us there to kill 10 of them.

You share that she offered the job to you as well.

They both nod and vermling Four says we got it first.

Gornox says I wish we did not. She claims they were thieves and murders but something does not sit right.

He slams a horned helm on the table. I shared these blue prints with the smith you could tell he is eager to change the subject with an uneasyness about them both that someone might be listening. +1 prosperity for completion of senrio 3

Gornox leans forward again and says we were offered another job the diamond mine, vermling says she wants us to do more dirty work of hers but were not going to.

Gornox replays yes, but we were also approched by a city guard named argesise she confirmed our supecsion of this jekesrah. She told us to check out the gloomhaven warehouse to find out her true intentions.

Suddenly there is a disturbance in the inn. Two guards have a young boy. The guard says it simple there are penalties you must pay if you snatch purses.

Gornox approchaes the guards and agrees to pay 10 coins to the guards to let the boy go. Card 70 Event. added

He returns to the table. States he knew the boy, good source of information and now he owes him. The volume of the inn ruptures back into its normal. While he was speaking.

The vermling Four slides a Ring, a very curios one. Ring of Skulls. This are available in the market now he says. Only 2 in the entire world. Summon your own skeleton it will.

Gornox says: After we did the inox encampment job we found a crypt we know is linked someway or another to Jarksahia, There were cultist there that were performing some sort of ritual. We came across papers and notes that lead to two very distinct choices, Four breaks his quite posture and hisses loud enough the half the inn heard him say I took down a earth demon on my own. Part of the inn ruptures in laughter. The other part goes back to what they were doing.

Gornox Nods, he did just that.

You know he is telling the truth, and look at him with new respect you have never knowen to have for a vermling.

They share maps of the ruinous crypt 5 and Decaying Crypt 6.

You all finish talking and eating. And inform them of your direction towards the island off the coast that is hunted they share___----xxx there direction as well.

everyone agrees to talk again later.

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Richard Blight
United Kingdom
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Welcome wolfthatwonders, why not come join us in the Sessions subforum?

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Scott YahNotHappening
United States
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For my group, i created a facebook group and I write up session reports at the end of each session. If someone wants to know what happened during the previous session, then they can read the report.

Here's an example, from a session that someone missed. Spoilers related to mission 69 and 03. Also one minor spoiler from a city event at the very end.

Spoiler (click to reveal)
Todd (Portent) was unable to attend this session. We continued on to the Well of the Unfortunate (69). Legend tells that if you throw something into the well, it will bring good fortune to the owner of the item. Along the way we met a farmer who had a very sick daughter. He requested that we throw his daughter's doll into the well, in hopes of saving her life. He offered us some gold, so we figured we might as well help the guy out. We fought through Vermlings, Forest Imps, and Stone golems and nearly didn't make it out of the first area. When we reached the Well, we found it haunted by living spirits. We quickly threw the doll into the well and got the hell out of there. Meeting back up with the farmer, he let us know that his daughter died anyway. So much for that legend, but at least we got paid.

After returning to Gloomhaven we decided to go deliver Jekserah's justice to the Inox camp that had been raiding her caravans. We were quickly overrun by a seemingly unending stream of Inox Guards. Eventually we were able to fight our way through them into the back cave. We were startled to find Inox children huddled up, scared and crying. At this point, we were already too far in to back out, so we finished killing the adult Inox (and probably some kids, but that part is a vague memory) before returning back to Jekserah. She wasn't really interested in discussing the families that we had just killed, and insisted that we retrieve a diamond for her from the diamond mines as our next mission. As we were departing, a city guard approached us and let us know that Jekserah may not be as she appears. The city guard has been watching her, and they believe she is up to no good. They asked for us to investigate her warehouse in Gloomhaven to confirm their suspicions.

After our encounter with the guard we decided to head to the Sleeping Lion. On the way we stumbled upon a freshly murdered person. Unfortunately a guard walked up right as we approached and made the assumption that we were responsible for the murder. We eventually were able to talk our way out of it, but not before causing quite a bit of suspicion with the townsfolk (-2 reputation).

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