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Subject: The Ravens of VGG Day 57 - No Country For Old Mercs! rss

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"The Ravens of VGG - 2016-2019"
United Kingdom
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Today's Active Members:

Boris Heelbeck (Mr Boris)
The Tick (tickmanfan)
Grimwulf (wytefang)
Kristof (Lord_Kristof)
Feggins 'The Shadow Arrow' (MrFeggins)
Singlerage (allenjess11)
Augustus Wheatdust (starfishpaws)
Klovis 'Bloody' Finn (dokmatrix)
Sylvester 'The Sentinel' Ampersand (frumpish)


Warband Status
Warband Rating: 2839 (Enemy 2884/Normal- +5% Damage, +10% HP)
Current Gold: 901
Current Wyrdstone: 697 Weight
Wyrdstone Shipment Request: None

Scenario Summary


The Ravens and The Grimblades have been searching the Noble's Quarter for a large deposit of Wyrdstone reported in the area. The Wyrdstone hoard sounded big enough for TWO gangs, and so in an attempt to remain relatively safe the Ravens and Grimblades have teamed up. Now the two warbands are mixed together and spread out as they scour the ruins.

Our Champion, The Tick, is with a Grimblades Warrior and their Captain, Jaesik Von Falkensberg. They are exploring the Southern area of the district. They cross through another row of ruined houses and in the street beyond stumble upon what we have been searching for. 'The Wyrdstone! We've found it!', the Grimblades Warrior shouts out to Von Falkensberg behind them. 'Great work fellas!', The Tick grins, 'Captain Boris will be overjoyed that we've finally found the stones! I shall go and inform him immediately!'. 'Oh no you won't', Von Falkensberg snarls pointing his Pistols at The Tick and cocking the hammers. 'What!? Oh.. you dirty double crossers!', The Tick gasps, 'I thought we had an alliance?'. The Tick draws his Sword as he realises that he is trapped between the two Grimblades. 'Only until we found the stones', Von Falkensberg grins, 'we don't need the Ravens now, or to divvy up a cut of the treasure to yers!'. Von Falkensberg fires, the shots striking The Tick in the back!

The Grimblades begin their betrayal as The Tick comes under fire from their Captain Von Falkensberg!

The Tick's armour takes most of the volley but the Warrior in front of him adds to the attack by stabbing at his chest as the Captain closes in, trapping The Tick between the two men! 'Ha!', The Tick exclaims triumphantly as he jumps over and parries the two enemy's attacks. He focuses his counter on the Warrior before him, cutting bloody strips out of the man between dodges. 'You fellas picked the wrong boys to betray!', he shouts with a smirk.

The Tick stands and fights, trapped alone on a collapsed roof between two enemies!

Feggins is following a Grimblades Marksman up a ramp into the remains of a large villa when they hear the shots from Von Falkensberg's Pistols. 'Uh oh, sounds like troub-', Feggins starts when the Marksman spins around, raises his Handgun and fires on him! Feggins snap shoots back with an arrow that staggers the Marksman, then takes another more precise shot to deal the damage.

Feggins returns fire when the Grimblades Marksman turns his weapon upon the Ravens!

Feggins whistles warning to Klovis and Sylvester who are already inside the Villa ahead of them.

Klovis and Sylvester spin around at the sound of Feggin's alarm. 'Blast the Gods, what is it!?', growls Klovis. They see the Grimblades Marksman at the opening they entered by getting hit by arrows. 'We're under attack!', Sylvester yells. The two Warriors start back towards the Marksman. They reach his side to see that the enemy attacking us is.. Feggins! 'We've been double-crossed!', Feggins shouts up to them. 'Cheeky bastard!', says Klovis right behind the Marksman as he and Sylvester draw their weapons. The two Warriors cut down the new enemy besides them as Feggins moves up the ramp to their position.

Sylvester smashes the Marksman's shooting arm and incapacitates him.. that Klovis can slash his throat and finish him off!

'We best find the others', Feggins says glumly. 'Those Grimblades are going to be in trouble!', Sylvester responds, shaking his head. 'Those Grimblades are going to be dead!', Klovis barks, 'let's go!'.

Over to the West Boris and several of the other Ravens also hear the gun shots. Boris brakes into a run, charging towards the origin of the noise. He hears fighting and rounds the corner to see The Tick fighting with two of the Grimblades up on a collapsed roof in the middle of the alley. 'What in blazes is going on?!', he shouts. Before he can react there's swift footsteps to his left and Boris spins around to see the Grimblades Warlock bearing down on him, a Warhammer held up high and about to strike him! Boris throws himself out of the way and the Warlock smashes in a barrel that was just by Boris's position! Instinct takes over as Boris attacks back with several hammer blows that leave the Warlock severely wounded.

Boris is attacked by the Grimblades Warlock and defends himself aggressively!

'OY! WAT'S GOIN' ON?', says Kristof marching up to Boris and the Warlock. 'I THOUGHT WE 'AD A PACT?'. 'We've been betrayed!', Boris yells back between blows. 'DEM DIRTY LIL' GNOBLERS!', Kristof growls in disgust.

Singlerage and Augustus have moved up and can now see Boris and the Warlock fighting. Singlerage puts a Crossbow bolt through the face of the Warlock with an incredible shot made through iron railings at a good thirty paces!

A Wolf Priest then rushes from the ruins and charges Boris, smashing him back onto a rubble heap with a heavy swipe of his Great Axe! Our own Wolf Priest, Grimwulf, runs in to lend his support.

As Grimwulf arrives a second Warrior charges out of hiding, a pair of Daggers at the ready. He lunges for Grimwulf who unleashes his wrath upon him, slashing the man back with two brutal blows of his own heavy weapon!

Grimwulf cuts bloody lines across the attacking Warrior!

Augustus also fires on the reeling Warrior, helping to repel him from the combat.

Augustus targets the Warrior attacking Grimwulf!

Feggins can see Boris and the enemy Wolf Priest from his raised position up in the villa. He starts shooting down at the Wolf Priest, trying to give supportive fire to his Captain. Boris and Grimwulf then stand side by side against the attacking Grimblades, holding the position whilst the other Ravens move up.

Boris and Grimwulf hold our front line whilst the other Ravens move closer!

Boris lets out a war cry and attacks the Wolf Priest with a flurry of blows, the last of which incapacitates him with a stunning blow to the skull!

A third Warrior approaches, looking to charge Grimwulf. He is cut off by Kristof who charges into him and strikes him like a boulder, smashing the poor Warrior across the street and crashing into metal railings which collapse in a heap of dust!

Kristof counter charges the enemy Warrior, crushing him effortlessly in a single round of combat!

'YOU GOT 'DIS HUMIE, WOLF MAN?', Kristof asks Grimwulf, indicating the second Warrior. Grimwulf nods, 'By Ulric, help the others!', he snaps. 'OK DEN', shrugs Kristof turning his attention to the enemy Wolf Priest. 'ERE BOSS LET ME AV A GO AT 'IM!' Kristof grins. He hacks at the stunned Wolf Priest, buckling armour plating and cutting into the tough enemy.

Grimwulf parries away the enemy Warrior's attacks and rips the man apart with a cleaving blow that cuts him messily in two!

Grimwulf uses one of his signature attacks Crush The Weak to slay the enemy Warrior!

The Tick weathers another round of blows from his two assailants, tanking the worst of the damage! He then skillfully cuts a few more wounds into the enemy Warrior who is now seriously injured.

Singlerage sneaks around onto the back street. Here he spots the Wyrdstone we've been looking for.

Singlerage spots the Wyrdstone hoard glowing in the mists around the back of a row of buildings!

Only paces away from this area is the Warrior attacking The Tick. Singlerage shoots the man in the back, briefly distracting him from the Ravens Champion!

Rather then collect the Wyrdstone Singlerage focuses on supporting The Tick who is still stuck between two enemies!

Despite having Grimwulf, Boris and even Kristof on him and been mortally wounded the enemy Wolf Priest recovers and rises to his feet once again!

The Ravens surround the stunned Wolf Priest, but he rises back to his feet and attacks despite being hopelessly outnumbered!

He lands a heavy blow on Kristof, shoves back Boris and curses The Tick with Winter's Chill, debuffing The Tick's combat abilities!

The Tick's energy starts to wane as he takes another round of attacks from the Grimblades Captain. He's now badly wounded himself, having survived three rounds of combat on his own and outnumbered whilst the other Ravens fight to reach him!

The Tick parries another blow from the enemy Captain, but he won't last much longer unless we can break the combat soon!

Feggins snipes down the stubborn enemy Wolf Priest with an arrow through the neck, finally slaying him!

Can you see the Wolf Priest? Well Feggins can, and he shoots the stubborn enemy, finally putting him out of action!

Augustus joins Singlerage and the two Ravens shoot the Warrior behind The Tick dead, slaying him before he can do any more damage!

The remaining Ravens then rush to grab as much Wyrdstone as they can, securing much of the hoard before its too late.

Boris collects up the biggest pieces of Wyrdstone as the fight winds down!

Kristof moves into the alleyway behind the Grimblades Captain, only just fitting between the two erect buildings on either side. He moves up behind the Captain who is still engrossed in his duel with The Tick. Kristof holds his huge Axe high over the Captain's head and smashes the handle's butt down on him, grinding the poor man into the rubble!

The collapsed roof puts the Grimblades Captain at very convenient height for being murdered by Kristof!

The force of the blow causes the remaining bit of roof The Tick has been standing on to collapse and he rolls down onto the splattered Grimblades Captain. 'Ewwwww!', he complains as he gets up and tries to shake off the bigger chunks of gore. 'YER WELCOME', Kristof grins.

Decisive Victory!


New Items Acquired:

97x Gold Crowns
Master Great Axe of Venom x1
Master Duelling Pistols of Havoc x1
Master Dagger of Havoc x1
Master Dagger of Surprise x1
Master Shield of Empowering x1
Master Mace of Surprise x1
Master Duelling Pistols of Slaying x1
Master Great Sword of Luck x1
Master Duelling Pistols of Surprise x1

Shield x2
Duelling Pistols x1
Sword x1
Handgun x1
Wyrdstone Fragments x2
Wyrdstone Shards x5
Wyrdstone Cluster x4


Warrior Experience/Progress:

The Ravens of VGG = +2xp!
(2xp For Battleground Victory!)

Boris Heelbeck = E MAXED OUT! (LEVEL 10)!
(0x Enemies Put Out of Action)

The Tick = +2xp! +1 Martial Advancement!
(2xp For Surviving The Mission)

Grimwulf = +3xp!
(2xp For Surviving The Mission)
(1xp For Enemies Put Out of Action)

Kristof = E MAXED OUT! (LEVEL 10)!
(2x Enemies Put Out of Action)

Sylvester Ampersand = E MAXED OUT! (LEVEL 10)!
(0x Enemies Put Out of Action)

Feggins 'The Shadow Arrow' = E MAXED OUT! (LEVEL 10)!
(1x Enemy Put Out of Action)

Singlerage = E MAXED OUT! (LEVEL 10)!
(1x Enemy Put Out of Action)

Augustus Wheatdust = +3xp!
(2xp For Surviving The Mission)
(1xp For Enemies Put Out of Action)

Klovis 'Bloody' Finn = E MAXED OUT! (LEVEL 10)!
(1x Enemies Put Out of Action)


NONE! cool


Our Armoury:

Miscellaneous Items:
Tome of Abilities x2
Tome of Magic x1

Complete Map of Mordheim x1
Master Bugman's Ale x4
Master Poultice x5
Master Draught of Focus x1

Fine Oil Bomb x1
Fine Bugman's Ale x2
Fine Draught of Focus x1
Fine Poultice x1
Fine Sticky Sludge x5

Shredded Mordheim Map x2
Sticky Sludge x2

One Handed Melee Weapons:
Master Spear of Expertise x1
Master Spear of Misfortune x1
Master Axe of Fury x1
Master Axe of Perforation x1
Master Hammer of Perseverance x1
Master Hammer of Retribution x1
Master Mace of Misfortune x2
Master Sword of Dismay x1
Master Dagger of Warding x1
Master Dagger of Enervation x1
Master Mace x1

Two Handed Melee Weapons:
Master Halberd of Venom x1
Master Halberd x1
Master Warhammer of Enervation x1
Master Great Sword of Misfortune x1
Master Staff of Venom x1

Fine Great Axe of Slaying x1
Fine Great Axe of Expertise x1
Fine Warhammer of Speed x1
Fine Great Sword of Speed x1
Fine Staff of Speed x1

Ranged Weapons:
Master Longbow x1
Master Bow x1

Fine Bow of Warding x1
Fine Bow of Precision x1
Fine Longbow x1
Fine Crossbow of Perseverance x1
Fine Crossbow x1

Black Powder Weapons:
Master Duelling Pistols of Flight x2
Master Handgun x1

Fine Hunting Rifle of Surprise x1
Fine Hunting Rifle of Enfeeblement x1
Fine Pistols of Havoc x1
Fine Handgun of Enervation x1
Fine Blunderbuss x1

Master Heavy Armour x2
Mastert Shield x2

Fine Clothing of Leadership x1
Fine Light Armour of Disciples x1
Fine Heavy Armour of Toughness x1
Fine Amulet of Innervation x1
Fine Clothing x1
Fine Light Armour x1
Fine Amulet x1

Pendant x2
Helmet x2

Magical Formula: Rune of Commanders
Magical Formula: Rune of Deviation
Magical Formula: Rune of Disciples
Magical Formula: Rune of Clarity
Magical Formula: Rune of Havoc
Magical Formula: Rune of Pain
Magical Formula: Rune of Rogues
Magical Formula: Rune of Shielding
Magical Formula: Rune of Focus
Magical Formula: Rune of Luck
Magical Formula: Rune of Misfortune
Magical Formula: Rune of Recovery
Magical Formula: Rune of Devotion

Master Formula: Rune of Hardness
Master Formula: Rune of Lucidity

For details on all equipment in our armoury visit [article=22789564]The Armoury[/article]


Would you like to join the Ravens of VGG? Head to our main discussion & recruitment thread for more information!
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Caroline Berg
United States
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...124 to run fleeing from the mountain. ...125 to use a rope to climb the steep cliff. ...126 to quickly cast "summon stairs." ...127 to dodge under the falling rocks.
No injuries at all? Aw yeah!
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"The Ravens of VGG - 2016-2019"
United Kingdom
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Normal difficulty is not much of a challenge to the veteran Ravens these days.. the special story missions would be different, but as long as we can reach and support each other the Ravens are top tier!

Kristof alone is probably capable of killing a whole Normal warband on his own now! He can kill most Henchmen in 2-3 blows (which is only half of the attacks he can do per round)!

The Tick might only have one arm but I have 3 stacking Melee Resistance abilities on him, so by the time he's getting hit for the third time he's taking nearly no damage! This is how he survived 3 rounds of combat taking hits from two opponents. Normally a warrior can survive about 6-8 'average' hits, The Tick can survive about 20-25! arrrh
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Nate Parker
United States
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I see we now have Master Duelling Pistols of Flight x2. If only Sir Percival Percival were still here to see them. Do they have his family crest on them, perchance?
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