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Subject: Do you find these BANG! custom characters balanced? rss

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I am sure about half of the communities who play BANG! together have invented more custom characters. I am going to write down my ideas here. I have two questions about them:
1. Are they unbalanced? Are they too powerful or not powerful enough compared to the official ones? If they are not, have you got any ideas how to balance them?
2. Has an expansion already included a very similar character? You don't have to answer this (optional).

I won't give them names in this thread, I am just enlisting their life points and their abilities.

Neutral characters:
* 4, he draws a card every time a Beer card gets in the discard pile from another player's hand, either played or discarded
* 4, during his turn he may choose to discard all of his cards in hand and draw one less card from the deck than his previous hand
* 4, any other player can ask for permission from him to regain a life point. If he agrees, he draws two cards from the deck (my favorite!)

Offensive characters:
* 4, once his turn he can play a BANG! as an Indians!
* 4, when he shoots a player with a BANG! card, he can decide if his opponent wants to defend himself with Missed! or BANG! cards. No matter what he chooses, his opponent can always use any card with a Missed! symbol (Barrel, Sombrero, Dodge, Bible) except Missed! itself
* 4, if he shoots anyone with a BANG! card and that player applies a card with a Missed effect (Missed, Barrel, Dodge etc) to defend himself, he may "draw!": if he draws hearts, the effect of the Missed card is ignored (an offensive version of Jourdonnais)
* 4, he draws a card every time another player defends his attack with a Missed! card (this applies to Missed! cards only, not the ones with similar effects)

Defensive characters:
* 3, every player can only cause him one life point damage a turn. That player can still play a card against him that would make him lose a life point, it just won't have an effect. This ability applies to indirect attacks like Indians as well, although other players still have to cope with those cards
* 4, he starts with 3 life points. Every time a card is discarded or stolen from him (Cat Balou, Panic, Brawl, Rag Time etc), he regains a life point. He can't regain his highest life point using this ability.
* 3, as soon as he has no cards in his hand, he regains a life point
* 3, he may choose if he draws two cards as normal or draw only one card and regain a life point (he might be too powerful in 2-player duel when beers have no effect)

Thank you for your future replies and advice.

PS I am not sure if this is the right category to ask this, this is my first thread
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I have noticed I have accidentally included Colorado Bill from Valley of Shadows. Sorry for that, I didn't know that character existed in an official expansion.
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