Dave Dobson
United States
North Carolina
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Plankton Games is pleased to announce the release of Doctor Esker's Notebook, a new kind of puzzle card game. The game was created by David Dobson, designer of Diggity and the popular computer game Snood.

The Game:
Doctor Esker has vanished, leaving behind only a mysterious book full of puzzles written in his own hand. Nobody has cracked his cryptic codes yet. Are you up to the challenge?

The game consists of a deck of 73 cards which contain nine devious puzzles to solve. You can play through the puzzles solo or together with family and friends.

Great for a party, a game night, or a lazy afternoon. Play time 1-3 hours. The puzzles are of many different types, making use of numbers, words, geometry, logic, symbols, pictures, and many other intriguing challenges. No two puzzles are alike, and you'll need to think in many different ways to complete the entire deck.

The game works equally well as a solo challenge or as a fun activity with a group. Many folks have played through the whole deck in one game night as an escape room-style event. Some people like leaving it out on a coffee table and coming back to it day after day with new insights, using it more like a tavern puzzle. Some can power through unassisted, but most have needed to use the extensive and easy-to-use online hint system, where you can get small hints or big hints tailored to whatever help you need. Portable but deep, Doctor Esker's Notebook provides a fun puzzle challenge for ages 13 to adult.

How It Works
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